Because of the coronavirus pandemic, D.O.C.I.S. International now focuses on contributing to the fight against the virus in all possible fields, instead of setting forth its previous projects.


May 2020

The Solutions – Concluding the D.O.C.I.S.

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After over two years of constant research and over 500k words published, D.O.C.I.S. International has reached the end of its preliminary investigation. Now, the organization has official solutions to the formerly addressed societal issues and is ready for governmental implementation. I present to you The Solutions - Concluding the D.O.C.I.S.. The Execution of the D.O.C.I.S. As is commonly known, people are less inclined to change their natural behavior when they don't know that they are being analyzed. This was why, unlike the usual organizational transparency, the details of the D.O.C.I.S. have been kept a secret until now. To state effective solutions, the problems must be studied in such a way that their manifestation is not altered because of the analysis. If you have [...]

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June 2020

Addendum 4

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Friday, June 5 update: Instead of "street language" please just say (beautiful) dialect, the way it should be. And parents giving their children condoms is not normal. A random fun fact about me: I extremely seldomly reject a food/ingredient I don't like because I don't like its taste. There is only ONE exception: I do not like oysters. Their texture is like swallowing a tongue. Wednesday, June 3 update: Though this may not happen, I'd like to prevent people from drawing the wrong conclusions over the Summer. If corona virus cases skyrocket over the Summer holiday because of people protesting and rioting, saying that being against racism is the reason why corona virus cases increase is incorrect. Racism is still wrong even if [...]

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May 2020


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Even though strategic communication-wise, I've already made my case on privatization, I was playing around with national budget numbers a little, comparing 2018 to 1977, and saw how severe the impact is. I call this privatizationgate. One of the reasons why privatization was considered positive is because it would allegedly save costs and on the surface that seems true. The national budget of 1977 had 86.6 billion guilder in expenses and 72.0 billion guilder in income, creating an additional debt deficit of f -14.6 billion. The national budget of 2018 had €277 billion in expenses and €285 billion in income, creating a surplus of €8 billion. That seems like a win, but it is not, for two important reasons: 1. Government Hustle In [...]

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Change my Mind

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In order to create a better world, one has to filter out bad people. To the debate about the divide the world is in, in this era, displayed in the previous post, in my eyes, death is the quickest and most effective solution. Change my mind. Why I'm Asking you to Change my Mind Most preferably, we would make the world a better place by putting the least changes to it. If just applying some small changes would turn everything into peace, love and happiness by nature, that would be ideal. Though, now that I've been itching to get rid of my bottled up frustration for so long, I'm indifferent between preserving and destroying everything that is, I would still rather leave behind [...]

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Why Coronavirus Behavior Proves it’s Better to Deprivatize

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The main task of the government is to facilitate a comfortable life for its citizens. Privatization has outsourced the components of the main task to private organizations. (Some countries have never had a time without privatization.) In this post, I will tell you why I think coronavirus behavior proves it's better to de-privatize. As you may know by now, in contrast to the "person Y continues with what person X said" celebrated scientific method, my research method is rather intuitive. Per component I will break down why coronavirus behavior proves it's better to de-privatize, in my view. Health Care Health care is, in most countries, not provided by the government (anymore). It is commercialized, which means that health care institutions can make profit [...]

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