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There are plenty of things on which I have spoken too soon. Starting with the new books. I’ve started writing Society, the best work I have ever written. In this post named “Too Soon?” I elaborated on that and made plenty of other sharp statements. I guess I spoke too soon about new releases and such, because the blog post I typed for today in over 4000 words, just vanished into fucking thin air. (Shut the fuck up about back-ups because I saved the post as a draft and it’s nowhere to be fucking found now. I want to be able to trust technology the way it’s supposed to function. 🙁 ) I’ve never been so discouraged to write a book now. I’ll still show you what I had this far. The original “Too Soon?” was so good that I will now abuse my memory to try to write the exact same I wrote, because I really made some important points. The introduction is already different, though, because I’m telling you why I’m fucking pissed right now. My brain is in rampage mode, so I’ll definitely be sounding aggressive and be more brief than in the original. (This is about this blog post and not the book.)

In the original, in the introduction, I said that I was addressing my dear aether, which doesn’t judge me because it’s aether and that’s why I love it so much, and that I told the aether some things too soon. I was seriously about to write – xxx – et cetera when it happened. It would have been online by now meow I took like 8 fucking hours to write it. So instead I’ll just click update every time I’ve finished a paragraph. I, by the way, always write my titles first and summarization of words and then start filling in my message. You would have had your post by now if it weren’t for all these kanker idioten all over the world who are fucking trying to break in to my fucking websites man go fucking kill yourself before I do.

Too Soon 1: Plan B

I declared my plan B too soon. I stated that I would like to become a Dutch politician for my plan B. But there is so much dirt to dig up on me, now that my schizophrenia case is STILL not resolved, I shouldn’t do this. (By staying in Belgium I just prevent it from escalating. God the things I’ve put online since I got here. If that happened while I was in the Netherlands…) I don’t even know if Catthierry would like this. Because joining him would be chiller than starting another new party. Especially when I agree with him so much. (Though some people still have to realize it’s not a white supremacy movement.) I wrote this more extensively, but my dear original post is gone oh my god I want to cry. 🙁 (Those who enjoy this kind of suffering of mine. (Ever written 4000 words of original content in 8 hours? Shut the fuck up.) Enjoy your last fucking week.)

Instead I should be focusing on D.O.C.I.S. International being a business that is way involved in a political party. It’s odd that I haven’t thought of that before (or considered it impossible after my faux pas).

Too Soon 2: New Nonsense & A Realization

The media started a new cycle of bullshit right in the middle of a global pandemic, accusing my Catthierry of being bribed by people from Russia. (Who? Saying “the Russians” – in this “tolerant era” give me a fucking break – is so 1941 – 1991.) What do people have against Russia? Is it because Putin is the most attractive world leader ever? (Apparently he is single? ) Can you, dear aether, wire some money to my account and tell people that I’ve been paid by the Russians (oh and China) to promote communism? At least then I can start acquiring my dream wardrobe.

Catthierry has brought feasts to the table of these media people, man. But now he has put them out of business (opens in new tab). Meonald should do the same. He should allow only I to ask questions on behalf of the American people. (Though I’m not American… Does a little Latin American count as well…? 🙂 (I know it officially doesn’t count meow kusje.)) I should bring Elia PR back to life, while I’m bored out of my mind, media and entertainment are fucking trash and I’m not Regentesse yet. I also want to cradle people who have been harassed by news media like it’s a normal thing to do. The kids are doing it, too, now.

Like I said in the previous paragraph, it’s crazy that I’ve never thought of being able to exchange thoughts with Catthierry in private. I guess it’s because I prefer to stay away from people in relationships. But thinking of it now I don’t know why someone would consider this hairy, smelly, deep-voiced, radical, colored extremely introverted person a threat to a connection of eternal love. On top of that, not every one out of two people in a relationship is psycho. But IF that’s the case I just don’t want to be the cause of someone going through that shit. Because I really don’t like adultery. I don’t want to interfere in people’s happiness. Though if it’s stable happiness I can’t be a threat anyway.

When I – sorry but the only person who is really putting good content out there on all platforms – think “What happened before this picture was taken?” My instincts are not at all like “Nope nope nope I don’t even want to try to imagine the thickness of the façade meow that shit is depressing on top of what already was depressing”. It really makes me want to find a sexy Antwerpian businessman and seal the eternal and get a dog and a mortgage and bring my children to school every day. For the record: I reject the idea of what people all over the world consider good relationship standards right now.

You know I like studying the behavior of people who browse my blogs, to read the exact same posts they’ve read and then imagine their experience of my words. But strangely enough I’ve never done this for… Catthierry. Lol. It’s odd meow I’ve been writing about him for so long now and not once really considered it possible to collaborate in any way. Because I’ve seen him live from “breaking news” to “breaking news” for so often now that he really seems the most unapproachable person ever, aside from Meonald. (Let’s make D.O.C.I.S. International a temporary voicing platform for people with rational “right wing” ideas? Until I’m Regentesse because then we’re putting things into practice instead of voicing them.) Overall CatT – es also odd that I’ve never even abbreviated his Fangname but here it is now – has a support group and all that, so I never deemed it truly possible for him to leave that behind for D.O.C.I.S. International.

But either way – given that I’m cool enough 🙁 – we should reallyyyyyyy exchange ideas! We can be friends, right? (And include Tishe in our squad? Perhaps PewdiePetje? Bz¿) We can have a peaceful heated debate about why Wagner sucks and Burgmüller and Satie are the shit, right? And afterwards beat each other to near death? And then play some quatre mains to cool down? And then, in 7 minutes, create a plan to legally take over the entire world? As nudists? Regardless of the intensity of being perfect height twins brings, right?

Since that e-mail, I’ve been studying his face more attentively to see if I can see that he has read my words and what kind of impact it has had. Is it just me, or have my words brought more color to his skin? And I wonder of it has been of influence in silencing the media to death the way a disobedient child is put on the stairs until it has simmered down. In it, I (I guess rhetorically¿) asked: “If the trias politica is a total mess in every country, who steps in?” The unofficial answer is D.O.C.I.S. International. The official is kings, queens and presidents. (Not governors.) May I please be Regentesse? 😀

What a digression. The “too soon” here is just the media starting a very wrong new news cycle of bullshit at a very inappropriate moment. If you’re not talking about finding a cure to the corona virus, covering living room olympics or in any other way contribute to solving this global crisis, don’t say anything. No, you’re not entertaining people by spreading lies, because news and entertainment should be two separate fucking things.

Too Soon 3: May 5th

This section consists of two parts (as well), about why May 5th is “too soon”. Starting with the most important thing: Belgium has extended its lockdown to May 5th. For an exit strategy, there are two questions that have to be asked (no they were not formulated by minister De Jonge who doesn’t even know what the fuck a sample that represents the country is. It was Goddess Fangs):

  1. Is the situation in hospitals stabilized enough to reopen the country? (New cases are inevitable when there is no cure and on top of that, the amount of traffic accidents etc. will also increase.)
  2. What standard are you going to use to determine whether another country has taken the right measures? Because you have to be veryyy strategic about when to reopen the country for non-essential travel, aether. (Are you going to associate yourself with a country that finds itself too superior to switch to Zoom government meetings? (Meow when I heard Catthierry sneeze once I gasped so loud that I made a bird fly away. 🙁 ) Wtf Zoom Tweede Kamer? Geef een goed voorbeeld dan.)

As long as I’m not legally appointed Regentesse (I say “live up to those words” in that one video, a.k.a. get me legally appointed), as long as there is no cure and as long as we’re not D.O.C.I.S. Admin’ing, you’ll see new heights after relaxing your lockdown. No matter how intelligent it is hahaha. So better get the exit over with. Though you need to realize that once exited, it’s a lot harder to get your citizens back into lockdown, because now they know what it’s like.

On top of all this, where do (Dutch) news media “the people want to go back to work” from? I have a case study that low-key proves that most people hate their jobs.


The books I want(ed) to publish, have no assigned deadline. I thought maybe May 5th. But I don’t want to, in contrast to what I used to do, put more focus on making a deadline than to take time to tell the story in full detail. So there is no deadline. Not even a rough deadline. And now that I’ve wasted this entire day sharing my most recent important insights with you, I don’t even know if I’ll ever finish it. I’d much rather just make a movie/animation and a super cross platform video game of which the data can be used for D.O.C.I.S. Admin and the Think Tank. Please relieve me. 🙁 Here is what I had this far: (I am/was planning to release it for $17.77 because my writing has been way underrated. People have no respect.)

Dear Reader,

It has been a while! Since the last release of Nosce Te Ipsum I, Project Nosce Te Ipsum has been canceled due to lack of participation and the online diary on LilFangs.com is stopped for a similar reason. What I do is not and never will be something the masses enjoy.

But luckily I have you, dear. You want to know how the story ends. You will not be disappointed! I hope you still have your answers to the questions from the previous releases, because they determine a great part of Society’s storyline.

The Hypothesis, Nosce Te Ipsum I’s last release, ends with you choosing whether you sabotage the broadcast by telling the truth and put your planet at risk, or obey by allowing your citizens to be turned against you and with that get more time to find a way to save them.

The intention was to get a discussion about the book going, after it was released (and read). If the majority of people would have chosen A, Society would have been about sabotaging the broadcast and the consequences thereof. If the majority of people would have chosen B, Society would have been about your citizens being turned against you and the consequences thereof. But for some reason people are extremely hesitant with responding to anything I put out. (Which is why I stopped the project. I was extremely discouraged.)

Now, because I don’t know your votes and living in lockdown has got me bored, Society has two separate storylines based on A and B, which you should both fill out as if you selected that as an answer to question 35. (You know mixing the full “do not” and shortened “don’t” is just my rebellious style of writing, right? Content over unnecessary determinants.) In the end, your answer to question 35 will still decide how you enter The Self, which is Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book III. Explaining how would be a spoiler.

Project Nosce Te Ipsum is not really a thing to me anymore, though it still lives in my heart. The idea behind it manifests itself in other things I’ve been working on since I quit the project. Its ways of profile building and direct voting are used in my concept of a think tank for D.O.C.I.S. International. And its aggregate data model is used in D.O.C.I.S. Admin, an application that is part of the strategy I wrote to permanently end the crisis the world is in as I’m writing this, called An Alternative Policy to Fight COVID-19 and its Side-effects.

The Universal Standard of Reasoning seems to be disliking anything I do by default. That’s obvious to the both of us (and is causing you to be disliked as well), so finishing that research project seems to be a waste of energy. But if you’re interested – which I really hope you are – we could still finish Project Nosce Te Ipsum its book series and use the data thereof for both D.O.C.I.S. International’s think tank and its strategy to permanently end the COVID-19 crisis (and make sure that something similar never happens again).

Either way, I hope you enjoy reading Society.

Warm regards,



Dear Reader

ΚηTV Live

Path A: Disruption

Path B: Restraint


The Future of the Nosce Te Ipsum Series

ΚηTV Live

In this pitch darkness, the sight of fluorescent yellow headlights showing up in the far distance is making me get a part of my focus back. My mind had drifted off to another attempt to retrace Ήολιε Κητ’s steps. Less than a week ago we were at The Unity Conference about The Leak, like we planned more than 30 years before. And now I’m a prisoner in a flying golf cart being taken to some shady broadcast, while Ήολιε Κητ – who was, just like you and I, member of Order Aurillu from the start – has taken full control of the entire Universe.

It feels so unreal. But it’s not. The headlights are getting bigger. Why is the flying golf cart speeding up and not changing its direction? We’re heading straight towards it. While I cling my hands to the iron bar in front of me and feel my skin being pulled back, I look over to ________________22 on my left and see her look in front of her, into the light, with an unnatural smirk on her face, unaffected by the G-forces, her legs crossed and her wrists crossed over them. Her face is unaffected by the G-forces, but her blonde hair is floating in a perfectly horizontal line.

“Is this normal?” I ask her, trying to stay calm, but the way my voice shot up three octaves at the end of the question reveals my underlying state of total panic. She turns her head towards me, replies “Yes,” with a friendly smile and returns to her previous position. So extremely calm. Not only does this make me realize that she is not Human or Fangyist, but a robot with extremely advanced AI: she was not the program director for FangTV. I was. (Rulers have a very diverse set of tasks.) My memory is fragile because of the nectar.

But the feeling of the palpitations in my chest is definitely real. Turning my head back to look in front of me, the headlights are so close that I’m blinded by them at first. The flying object with fluorescent lights at the front, which seems to be another flying golf cart, coming straight towards us, is not slowing down either.

In the moment that the golf carts are so close to each other that the headlights nearly touch into a fatal crash, in the cart right in front of me, I see you in the exact same position: holding on to the iron bar in front of you, while your jaw is locked and your lengthened fangs and gums are exposed, and an identically looking, calm ________________22 next to you. Seeing you here makes me feel even more mixed emotions. The emptiness of this odd sudden prisoner life, the state of total panic of what the fuck is going on and the butterflies I feel in my stomach when I see you.

Is this how we die? It’s always on my mind how I definitely want to be able to look at you one last time before I take my last breath. (Breathing out my last breath if I’m at peace with dying, breathing in my lest breath if I die in a state of panic.) Right now I’m gasping for air through my teeth. I want to scream a first and last declaration of love to you, but the fear and shortness of breath make it impossible.

The carts come to a halt. Radiant baby blue tiles as broad as the two golf carts facing each other light up in the darkness one by one, creating a path to a large building shaped like a red carton soda cup and a straw into it, all made out of lights that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. In large flickering colored neon lights, “ΚηTV Live” shows in the middle of it. A split second later, right above the entrance door, in white lights, the tagline “We never sleep!” pops up.

Red Carton Soda Cup

[Too soon? continues here.] I consider it the best thing I’ve ever written this far. I’ve already been procrastinating: I wrote it last night. When I finished the passage, I figured the red soda cup building in the dark aether would be a good cover image. So when trying to find a way to not have to look for black paper in the supermarket (because I’d rather not go outside if I don’t have to), I remembered that I still have an unfinished draft from when I was in EMC (and that apparently that was drawn on half a sheet of A2 paper) so I didn’t discard that draft. 🙂

So I have paper to draw the cover on now. But I’d rather have a team of yayed people do this (the cross platform application) for me because I’m need of a break of tele devices for at least 6 weeks. (Like I still want to make use of speakers for music and the stove and stuff.

If you consider me random chimp event I guarantee you that I will kill you overpowered gladiator style with a cheering crowd and all that shit. I’m just good at everything, except reciting disputable outdated “facts” and random 4 from the next section.

Example Sentences: “Opinion”

Before that, I have five randoms. One: I’ve been using “parole officer”, “nurse” and “case manager” for a Dutch psychiatry term I think I should better refer to as “bailiff”. Two: another reason why I want to move to Spa is because I’ve been walking around nude for a couple of days now and I don’t know what my neighbors think of this. (I’m just saying because I often got complaints from my relatives.) Three: did you know I’m not supposed to live in Europe? I need 3 times as much water to wash my hair. I should actually live in Suriname. There’s too much water there. Four: I wanted to share my yays with Tishe, but my business e-mail address has been blacklisted. I doubt him doing that by himself. Especially because all of my other e-mail addresses are not blocked????? What did I do wrong? If you want e to improve, at least enlighten me, dear aether, because I have no clue what I did wrong. 🙁 Es wrong that I don’t expect a reply to my yayed personal messages. 🙁

Random five: waaayyy “off topic”, but I learnt something the other day:

“Women” find erections not yay? They find them repulsive? I’m not saying that I’d want to satisfy every erection I’ve ever seen, but – yes okay this is comedy (es funny how I always find it funny until “the punchline”) but generally speaking – first off it’s something semi-uncontrollable. Or fully uncontrollable¿ I don’t have pp so I can’t 100% relate, but personally I can “activate” arousal by mental command and only if someone is that attractive to me I can’t control not being aroused. I guess for men it’s about the same?

I repeat, I’m not saying that I’d want to satisfy every erection I’ve ever seen. But it’s never repulsive to me? Okay I’m used to being treated like dirt, so what I consider a compliment should maybe be more constructive, but in a way someone’s biological system being like “reproduction yes” for me is quite flattering to me. That I make that appearance to someone.

When that happened to someone with grey hair, which I had never seen before, my system was like: “HE HAS RISEN. IT’S A MIRACLE. 😮 ” Especially because I was feeling the same way, but for me it’s not visible in that way. And (yes, “off topic”) Victor can’t hide his Victor. That is i m p o s s i b l e. I couldn’t help but fall in love. Then I remember the camera being directed at us. And then he left. Hebben jullie dat toen in de Kampioen gezet ofzo? Everyone is trying to play the media “us against them” game, so I’m just asking. (And we’re on the other side of the spectrum, where them is us and us is them.) (I had never seen it before, then, but I also remember HBR event a couple months later. And suddenly my porn suggestions were adapted. So now it’s not that “huh?” to see anymore. But when does pp stop then? Because I thought that grey haired men didn’t have naturally active pp’s?)

See, this was not in the original “Too Soon?” but meow I just want to be transparent and still accomplish my missions. For relaxation, I was reading example sentences for the word “opinion”, wondering what the stance of the sentences was going to be. I found plenty of yays:

You always did have a high opinion of yourself. [No doubttt.^2 (When I say I don’t, I’m lying to shut my haters up.)]

In the first place the historian describes the activity of individuals who in his opinion have directed humanity (one historian considers only monarchs, generals, and ministers as being such men, while another includes also orators, learned men, reformers, philosophers, and poets). [I wonder about MarCatje.]

The rise of public opinion as the most powerful political force in the world. [Is why once Elia PR.]

He was anxiously sensitive about the opinion of others, eager for their sympathy and regard, and, in general, impressionable to their influence. [Es me.]

After all, public opinion may just as easily be stirred up in favor of war as against it. [Interesting just because of the “may”.]

Public opinion is a powerful force, and if it is generally a force for peace, then the web magnifies it. [I’d say “catalyst”, but “magnifies” suits better indeed.]

And Pierre felt that their opinion placed responsibilities upon him. [Taking away focus. 🙁 ]

Of a fourth opinion the most conspicuous representative was the Tsarevich, who could not forget his disillusionment at Austerlitz, where he had ridden out at the head of the Guards, in his casque and cavalry uniform as to a review, expecting to crush the French gallantly; but unexpectedly finding himself in the front line had narrowly escaped amid the general confusion.

Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. [Sii privately is where one says the truly radical sh*t. Es funny how my private is public and public is private. In my blogs and books I’m wild catje. When anyone in public asks my post 2017 opinion, 99% of the time I hold back 99% of my true opinion.]

In my opinion perpetual peace is possible but–I do not know how to express it… not by a balance of political power…. [Regentesseeeeeee]

Her familiar way of dismissing her opinion made Katie bite her tongue to keep from saying what she wanted. [In reference to 2 sentences ago.]

The very fact that the nineteenth century has not produced many authors whom the world may count among the greatest of all time does not in my opinion justify the remark, “There may come a time when people cease to write.” [21st century is worse.]

I enjoy sharing my thoughts more than I enjoy writing science fiction. But I like both. But I want to see money or any other kind of acknowledgement or notability or whatever for my effort. Guaranteed. Otherwise I won’t finish Society and the Opinionist. eBook.

So here’s the deal: you give me Tishe (alive, healthy and sexy as usual) and an opportunity to exchange words with Catthierry. And photo ops with the both of them. Then we can talk yays. Get it done before notability month ends.

Dag liefje ♥ [tot zondag]


23:40 (11:40 PM) [CEST]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae