Dag liefje πŸ™‚ β™₯

My next post can’t wait until tomorrow. A rerun of yesterday’s technical briefing about “the covid app” has got me feeling like a pet on New Year’s. I’m itching to end all of this.

I’ll list my responses chronologically (I just made notes when I was listening, but didn’t write down the point in time so sorry for that meow):

  • 4 separate apps? Why not one app? It must be possible in just one app?
  • “The new normal” should not include a COVID-19 app. That would mean that we’d never experience true freedom again.
  • So test capacity will be ramped up by developing a “little needle in finger” test people can do at home, like people with diabetes can. But should that test then not be used in practice already, before even starting the discussion about this app or these apps?
  • How to force implementation, in regard to “hobbyists” studying the app’s open source source code? (If you can find errors, you should become part of D.O.C.I.S. International. πŸ™‚ )
  • So out of like 700 applications, 7 made it to the final round, but in the end 0 met the requirements. Why then “implement the new insights” (that it should be open source and that privacy rules should be met et cetera…) in only the 7 and not 700, if they all malfunctioned?
  • Sending everyone attending a festival a notification was mentioned. How many notifications can someone get in a day max…? This sounds like a cause for paranoia.
  • Simultaneously, in the transition from no app to an app, people could have already been infected. And someone can sneeze against a metro pole you touch 2 hours later, without getting an app notification. Having the app doesn’t mean that you know when you have it. Having the app also doesn’t mean you have it when it says you might have it. The app is neither a cure, nor a solution, but just a new cause of trouble.
  • Using bluetooth instead of gps is a lottt less effective. And in a p2p context, bluetooth is just as “privacy sensitive”, so the app might as well just use gps.
  • It was said that – after all that fucking marketing and PR – they might conclude that it’s better not to develop an app at all. But why then, since 0 apps met all requirements, still restart the project? Using a diary instead sounds like a great solution, in regard to the response of the perfect class. πŸ™‚
  • So one app is for someone filing their own medical record after he/she did the “needle in finger” test and found out that he/she has corona? And then a separate app will be used to notify others or something? Or will the separate apps still communicate with each other?
  • It was stated that no information will stored centrally, but that must be a lie. First of all because people will use an app to add to their electronic medical record. Secondly, all the information of who has crossed each other when and where must be stored and saved for at least a month, to make notifying others possible. Remember the incubation period of like 2 weeks? (Within that time the user can pass so many other infected people.)

My conclusion: the government should have its own app developers (not for a covid app, but in general meow this was a fucking waste of tax money), testing should only be done based on the visibility of actual symptoms and the lockdown should not be de-intensified as long as there is no vaccine. (But still there must be an exit strategy ready. And it really can’t be that fucking app. Or apps. Shit sounds really schizophrenic.)

Also, I’m extremelyyy curious about that letter the man keeps referring to when he doesn’t know what to answer. It must hold all the answers.

I look forward to seeing today’s action. πŸ™‚


07:37 (AM) [CEST]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

A Summarization of my Day

Feeling like a trapped pet on New Year’s really made me want to get out for a walk and clear my mind a bit. Usually I don’t come across so many people jogging. Surrounded by trees, I felt more free to take off my gloves. (A face mask I only take with me when I enter a closed space.) I wonder how much of the covid measures I’ve been taking are exaggerated. Also, I think the actual number of deaths may be way higher than reported, because if someone like me, but then without a blog, were dead, no one would know. I also wonder how many suicides there have been since the outbreak.

The New Normal

I thought that sun gazing would be difficult because I hadn’t seen the sun in ages. But somehow at some moments I was able to stare right into it without even squinting. It made the heaviness of my pet feeling disappear a little. I was more able to live in the moment and feel like everything else that has entered my perception via digital media, “pamphlets” (in the supermarket) and people enforcing covid police state policy, didn’t exist.

Back home, I really felt like going outside again, because it was such a beautiful day today. And my body has been protesting from lack of dairy (calcium) and meat cravings (eiwitten). So I got some Greek yogurt, feta cheese, lamb and spare ribs. I was really dying to eat spare ribs meow omg. I also bought asparagus(es?), a lot of fresh tuna because the last time that was sold out and I love tuna, sunflower seeds from the kosher section hehe and more chocolate to make brownies with because I hope to make my dream reality. πŸ˜€ In reference to yesterday. The brandy I bought is for both cooking and sipping, so I can use my other brandy/cognac for sipping only. I really liked the bottle. πŸ™‚ The bottles of water are in the bag that way because at first I put them on my snelbinders like I did before, but at some point my snelbinder sliced the packaging and two of my bottles fell out on the ground. So with one hand holding my bike, I had to take another shopping bag out of my bag hang that on my steering wheel with the other bags put inside. I have bad luck extremely often.

Hopefully this bad luck doesn’t include being rejected by FvD, because, after fangirling since 2018, and the plenty rejections I’ve experienced since then, that would be absolutely unbearable. After coming back from my walk, before going back outside, I drew the no trespassing sign. Especially when blogging for lilfangs.com, I very often described how I want to live in a rural area. The sign shows more about the style of living I wish to have. (There’s a lot of revolting to do.) And why I tried so many ways to earn a lot of money quickly. Today, I got an e-mail that I can now request investments from 1 to 5 million euros. But I hope to one day do this with donations only. Because I don’t want more debt than I already have.

Bad Bitches Only

After grocery shopping. I washed most of the dishes – the kitchen was next level messy – while loudly rapping along with my favorite Tyga classics. It’s quite funny how I listened to his music a lot from 14 – 18, which was when I was a virgin. Rapping, “Got a sign on my dick, bad bitches only.” It’s not in the playlist I’ve been playing very often for very long, but I added some more music to that as well. (244 songs in total now, but the embedded preview doesn’t show that, likely because of load speed reasons.) After I lost my virginity, my taste of music switched more to SIR’s Seven Sundays (album) type of sound.

I, by the way, also bought window cleaning spray and more stuff. I bought it after seeing a window cleaner’s crane at my building in the morning. Usually we get a letter for that? I didn’t know it was an essential profession, but I’m happy for it meow they needed it…

After doing half the dishes and eating some yoghurt, I took a long nap, followed by making a very satisfying and simple dinner. (I used Delhaize’s spareribs met cola recipe once again (opens in new tab), with garlic and chilli flakes added to it.) I was hungry and before very tired, so I didn’t let it marinade as long. It was still tasty, though. πŸ™‚

spare ribs and mashed potatoes by lil fangs yaymeal

Awww yessssss

I haven’t watched corona debate reruns yet and am more in the mood to do some exercises and go to bed now. So I’ll do that tomorrow. Meanwhile I reallyyyyy hope to see CatTishe. 😻 Es an odd wish during this crisis, but I think I can be of great overthrowing assistance. πŸ™‚ #Regentesse

Dag liefjeee β™₯


P.S. MarCatje, Catthierry and I should be piano band with Tishe as lead singer (I don’t know if he sings but his voice is ultimate meows 😻 ). The FangBand haha.
P.P.S. I wonder what kings think about Eurobonds. They are entitled to veto and appoint Regentesse. πŸ™‚
P.P.P.S. What is the difference between February – March and now that governments feel ready to start arousing their people with “end of lockdown”? Hospitals are not ready? On top of that, the value of R will certainly exceed 2 with the covid app. (Including an overload of excessive data.)

23:53 (11:53 PM) [CEST]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae