Fake copies and incorrect information on Google Maps are not the main motivation behind this process anymore. They are now stated as side-effects of disinformation spread in 2017. I will be my own lawyer throughout all of this. Meanwhile, the present steps taken require a wait.

A Case Restatement

The statement of this case, I have altered, for the illegal things done to my business today are a side effect of the illegal things done to my personal identity in 2017. What is on the home page of this website is the most recent obstruction of business progress. But the main damage done to my name and all aspects of my (future) career is a result of the viral lie spread about me when I, reportedly, was missing. (While in fact it was an attempt to permanently distantiate myself from my family and the unrightful surveillance they had put me under.) Therefore, the damage done to my name in 2017 is what should be the main motivation behind this case, considering the fake copies of the book I wrote about that and false information spread about the registration of my business (and more), side effects of the first false information spread without any consequences.

I will be my own lawyer, for I know my case best and I love to defend. For efficiency, I am attempting to make this a compound case.

The Network of Case Motives

If my name were not damaged in 2017, people would have been less inclined to not take my personal identity seriously, for I had never been a victim of disinformation before (as far as I know). It has harmed me as a person. Life has not been the same ever since.

Therefore, the main motive for this case will be the violation of privacy, disinformation and mistreatment by my family, the Dutch psychiatric system (the privatized organizations involved and malfunctions in psychiatric law) and the Dutch police.

As described in my first book that is sold illegally (The Unpublished Episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I), I needed the book sales to distance myself from their perpetuating mistreatment and get attention for this across the Dutch border. Never would I get a fair trial otherwise. But neither sales nor attention for this book (until I discovered that it was sold illegally).

Now that I am a student in Belgium, presently residing in my student apartment that is my postal address (for – especially because I do not receive any revenue – my business is not registered here (yet)), I hope to succeed in making this an international court case. Presently being subjected to Dutch law less, I feel I can prepare this case with less worry about being harmed for that.

What social media businesses and Google are doing to me as a result of what happened to me in 2017, being media for people spreading disinformation about me and blocking new content of mine without giving me a chance to defend myself, as well as the false reason why I was missing resulting in a greater motive for me to be digitally sexually harassed via these media, is a side-case in this case. It has been less emotionally damaging than the previous, but is making it almost impossible to gain interest in my new business.

And then, of course, there is the violation of copyright on Bol.com (and Amazon).

Present Steps Taken

Currently, I am awaiting information from Bol.com about their proceedings in cases of copyright violation. (For the record, Bol is a great sales platform owning a great market share. In between writing deadlines I had just not gotten a moment for their sign up process yet, in contrast to other platforms.)

As for law related information, I have asked my professor in the subject of law some questions about international law.

Hoping for cooperation. (As a microbusiness, I am quite powerless.) More frequent and more detailed updates can be read in A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft.

09:50 (AM) [CET], Antwerp

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels