Please tell me this pandemic hasn’t made us more powerless puppets in a political game, liefje. πŸ™ I’d really rather believe that reality is truly the way the news portrays it. But did “COVID-19 protagonist” Gates really just call republicanism the reason why the outbreak has gotten so bad? What an interesting thing to claim while people are dying and there is an election to win. πŸ™

Not so long ago, he said that the virus is something completely natural and something we don’t know the details of because it’s new, so knowing if a policy measure is right or wrong before trying it was not possible. And now he’s making the most snaky pro-Biden statement ever. (Gates for VP?) We have become more powerless puppets in a political game. Because people fall for this nonsense.

Reasons why not to vote Democrat/left/Labour

  • They use PR to sneakily spread lies that make themselves look good and stir up hate against their opponents.
  • They waste tax money like crazy. They say they’ll raise taxes on the rich, then say that everyone will chip in progressively and in the end the middle class carries all the weight. Future generations will have to carry that burden.
  • They prefer identityless countries. They are working to wipe away the national identity of their country and instead encourage a culture of monolithic multinational corporations (they are earning from). Apple iPhones instead of hot dogs?
  • Before you know it they will replace all forests with huge iron windmills, biomass power plants and vinex neighborhoods. Feeling one with nature would become a thing of the past.
  • They encourage stigmatization. Both political sides of the spectrum have their identity related complexities. But they base all their strength on “We have a gay male, a black female, a hispanic male and a transgender female,” regardless of what they stand for.
  • Having a voice will become harder each day. They block out all alternative sound by using strict rules on what may be said and what may not be said on the large media networks they own and education programs they construct. The rules applied are always in their favor. I’m having a hard time finding a network that doesn’t block me out (so I have no choice but to create my own).

I’m saying this not only because I’m extremely concerned about my future. There are hardly any media where a message like mine can reach anyone. So consider this a form of persuasion you really have to see? If my reasons didn’t convince you, democrat/left/labour is the right choice for you.

I hope this crisis won’t result in people hating the republicans/right/conservatives even more. Because it has been hard enough on us already.

Around family and friends I had to lie and say that I’m on the left because their hate towards the right is so extremely toxic. Feeling hate towards any political direction (say whatever you want but the left really spreads more hate because they own all mass media networks) should not be a topic of conversation anymore.

That would be impossible in the political game we have become puppets in, though. Because then the left would never win and they are extremely sore losers. To translate this situation to Scandal language: Obama is Olivia’s father and Gates is Jake. COVID-19 is one big B613 mission.

The Future won’t know about Slavery

Something that also greatly concerns me personally is that if this culture of globalization is pushed through further, future generations will never know about the history of slavery. I’m not saying this because I want to divide black and white further. On the contrary. I want people to understand each other better and understand their overlap in ethnic histories better.

It is already elided from education programs. If we let this go through then the only identity you will have left is the color of the iPhone you’ve bought with your 9 – 5 salary. Ethnicity would then only be understood through stigma. “Black is where the rappers come from” kind of stuff. Being stigmatized hurts. Especially because once we were all kings and queens. The future has to know this.

The Game Outcomes that are being worked Towards

This crisis is taking a toll on independent businesses. Need I say more?


No one wants to go through that? Do we have any say in this?

The left may be convincing people with their sneaky PR, but in the end no one wants to be their slave. I hope.

Excuse me, after seeing that Forbes article – I couldn’t even get past the title that includes the words “COLLEGE”, “PRODUCE” AND “GRADUATES” – I had to hold my pillow while staring at the ceiling for a while, trying to convince myself that my writing is an effective contribution to this fight. It’s 09:40 (AM CEST) now. I started this post at 06:30 (AM CEST).

So yes, democrat/left/labour has an election to win. This pandemic, likely created by them, is destroying what was left of independence in our economic system. Monolithic multinational corporations are less than unaffected by this crisis. The EU is squirming around for more territory. (Those damn imperialists.) “This all started in China.” And colleges receive a suggestion about their “production”.

I’m guessing the outcome democrats/the left/labour are/is working towards, is not only winning the election, but completing the transition from a nation based to a globalized world in an irreversible way.

I can already imagine that not long after Biden becomes president, VP Gates announces that there is a vaccine against COVID-19 that will include a location tracking micro chip and we will all be corporate slaves forever. (I’d literally rather die.)

This far – without D.O.C.I.S. International in the front line is how I see it – all republicans/the right/conservatives can do is damage control. In regard to economic game theory, democrats/the left/labour make(s) the first move every time.

What I’m working towards is international national independence. I hope I’ll be able to tell me this pandemic hasn’t made us more powerless puppets in a political game. It’s clear what has to happen to make that happen? (I need your endorsement meowww.)

I need to get out of this Straitjacket

This figurative straitjacket. I can do way more than this. But instead I’m wasting my time here writing this article. Thanks, parents.

The world very desperately needs cleansing very fast. Meanwhile we need better entertainment because the only entertainment the democrats/left/labour people got planned for this pandemic they planned years in advance is anti-Trump propaganda which is getting extremelyyyyyyyyyyy monotonous and annoying. We need Temptation Island Fang. Where are my Catjes at? πŸ™

On which side of the political spectrum are the leaders that have become sick during this crisis? Mr. Brexit? Coincidence? Nah. Did he get it after he was tested? Yes.

This all sounds very schizophrenic, so I dare you to prove me wrong, if you are democrat/left/labour. From a very long distance.

I can’t get out of bed, liefje. πŸ™

Something I noticed when I was playing Papers, Please! the other day was that when I was checking the papers of an extraordinarily pretty girl, my mind behaved a lot differently. There was an odd pressure.

I really wanted her not to be illegal. I was hoping it so much, but simultaneously my mind was doubting whether such perfection could exist. After double checking the papers more than often, I let her through. She was clean. I wonder if I’m treated in a similar way. I feel like that. It feels like grief.

I emphasize not ringing the doorbell. Knocking, too, will make me get a panic attack. I recommend talking to me in the hallway. I’ll recognize your voice and open the door for you. Warning you for a violation of social distancing rules in advance. (Because I will hug you.) Do not get yourself tested meowww.

I hope one day my words will lead to actions meow. πŸ™ My patience is infinite, but my yays are not.

Ah, yes, by the way my political views got me and quite a lot of other people (“my fellow patients” with similar views) in trouble in the psychiatric ward. Which is why I was more inclined to keep my views to myself all this time. I’ve rarely felt safe enough to express myself ever since. If I’d record myself saying these things, I don’t know what would happen. (But anything feels safe if Tishe is around. πŸ™‚ )

I want to eat but the more I do that, the sooner I’ll have to go grocery shopping again meow I prefer being in bed. Shall I just make dinner? (Ugh meow I also need to do a lot of cleaning but I’m not in the mood. πŸ™ )

I keep drifting off to sleep meow I feel 80. πŸ™

Holy sh*t I just found my old Tumblr

I was such a wild virgin. Wow. Just wow.

I’ve made a new Tumblr meow follow me.

Lol my last post was actually 5 years ago I see now. Still it feels like 10 years ago. Meow I was still hoping to live towards a Regentesque standard of living, as is visible in my reposts.

Anyway I made my Point

Yes, we are puppets in a political game. But we don’t have to be powerless, if we work together. Especially because this is conscious sneaky genocide? I can be prosecutor? I’d love to do that. (Finally something to do.) Are we prosecutor and witnesses getting together, then?


I wonder if Boeroes would “n*gga door” me? Stereotypical 2020 Boeroes still don’t allow colored people to enter their house through the front door. The designated door is a negre doro. N*gga door. I wonder if they would n*gga door me? I also wonder what they eat? They are an utmost reserved species.

I remembered my grandfather telling me that he visited his Boeroe r e l a t i v e s in Suriname, wanted to enter the front door and they were like: “What are you doing? Walk around the house.” And he did. I’ve neither met nor seen these relatives. As far as I remember.

Also, all this time I assumed that it was clear that those special meows who I frequently ask to come and visit me… That I’m not expecting to ever say goodbye to them after that first hello. I’m just claiming these meows? Who else should I spend most of my time with? Exactly.

Meow I don’t know how long we should stay here before moving to Suriname? Also I don’t know how advanced n*gga door people are? I want to claim the country? Like alien vessel or threat message via fax? I’m against vinex neighborhoods, but Sipaliwini is something else mayne dayum. I have palace plans. Don’t enter the country unless I’ve given you permission, to save yourself from future headache. Should I build a palace in each country affiliated with D.O.C.I.S. International? If they want this wild meow as affiliate?

As far as I know, what I’m trying to manifest has never happened in history before. To summon a couple of wild meows telepathically. They’ve known me for years, show up at my doorstep like “This is all really random meow I’m keeping so many secret,” then we chill here for a little while and both leave, towards some luxury wild meow place like my non-antiness has been craving for for 23 years now.

I’m not made for a monogamous life meow. I want bad bitches.

sexy wild meow tumblr

This type of bad bitches. (Got this image from my old Tumblr.)

You know how they say heaven is a place with 72 virgins? I want to wake up on top of 72 bad bitches. In my Regentesse palace. Fuck a family.

This quarantine has got me so bored. How much shit moest wijken voor deze pandemie leugen is echt fucking gestoord. So tomorrow’s post will be devoted to incoherent rambling about bad bitches. While shooting down new lies if I spot them.

Kusje x

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels