Right now racism is used as a tool to abolish white cultural heritage and push through the liberal ideal of having more control over people’s behavior. This divide and conquer strategy is a problem because the way the public is reacting to it shows that it’s working. In this post I separate true racism, an ages old problem that still exists worldwide, from the liberal agenda.

Liberals are Worsening Racism

Especially to a lot of Caucasians, the rage against racism is coming completely out of nowhere. (Like why exactly now?) The (Caucasian) liberals behind the anti-racism propaganda pushing through the final point on their corona takeover agenda are spreading the idea that all colored people are treated unfairly and all Caucasians are guilty for causing that. Both sides: do not fall for this trap.

Colored people are often treated unequally, is what they should have been saying. That is a problem that is and has been tormenting society for ages but is never addressed. Now that it is addressed by liberals, that is done to divide instead of to unite, solely for political gain.

They are facilitating a discussion about a highly sensitive subject in an extremely unsafe manner. This can escalate like never before.

In a video I made recently – in Dutch – I talked about hot topics on the Dutch news, which are George Floyd, racism and Zwarte Piet, and to show where a certain idea comes from, I pointed out four types of communities I would like to point out again, this time to address racism both in its normalized and amplified form. I try to keep the sub-topics as universal as possible this time. Because (shout out institutional racism) studies on real racism are hard to find, I will mostly speak from experience.

  1. All Caucasians
  2. One colored, the rest all Caucasian
  3. A(n) (semi-)equal mix of colored and Caucasian people
  4. All colored

1. All Caucasians

In this group of people, a neighborhood in which only Caucasians live, there is a chance that a lot of them have never in their life seen a colored person in person. There’s a chance that they only know colored people from TV. That is problematic because chances are they only know stereotypes. (I’m implying that there are exceptions.)

In normalized form, in all-Caucasian communities, it is often normal – as in no one says “Hey, that’s wrong” – to make (unaware) racist statements. Racism is assuming that people of another race are (very) different than you (and acting upon that).

Expressing astonishment when seeing a colored person in a posh restaurant is an example of racism. I am assuming that this is normalized because every country I’ve been to I’ve experienced this and worse types of racism and I have never sued anyone for it, nor do I know other cases of people suing someone for this “day-to-day racism”.

In a time I am lucky to not have lived in, colored people were not allowed to have possessions and rights because of their race. They were not considered human beings. In the all-Caucasian community, the awareness of this, if the awareness is there in the first place (implying that not everyone knows), is causing a mix of reactions.

Some, and speaking from experience I say the majority, still does not consider colored people human beings. I’d be happy if you’d sign them up for selective assassination because me shooting them in the head would take a lot of weight off my shoulders. Their existence is a violation of the (Dutch) Constitution.

In this same group, and groups 2 and 3, there are also Caucasians who are over-steering. They should not feel guilty for the heritage and inequality of colored people, because – if they personally are not racist – that is not their fault. Caucasians humiliating themselves purposely as free shoe shiners to colored people to brush off their guilt is not correct either. That is again inequality. We should be true equals instead.

2. One Colored, the rest all Caucasian

I think to colored people moving to an all-Caucasians neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to hear Caucasians say: “Oh no this neighborhood is turning into a ghetto,” and other nonsense. Honestly I pray colored people moving to an all-Caucasians neighborhood are never discriminated by their neighbors, but speaking from experience I’ve, unfortunately, never heard of that.

In some situations, I belong to this group. In some I belong to group 3 and in some to group 4. When racism occurs when I find myself in a group 2 setting, no one ever steps in. Knowing my temper when I find myself in a situation like this, I do not express my true thoughts and feelings anymore, because speaking from past experiences things only get worse.

As you may know I used to be bullied by the neighborhood children because of my skin tone. When I cursed back or punched back, things just got worse. The worst of it all is that I considered this normal (really, I didn’t know any better) and even ended up having one of those kids as one of my best friends later on. Selective. Assassination.

In this heated liberal discussion they are likely bothered with questions and accusations a lot.

Something I will mention when I get to group 4, but want to point out here in advance, is that the colored people living in this setting (and I mean one colored family among only all-Caucasian families to be most clear) are often also considered “traitors” by people from group 4.

3. A(n) (semi-)equal Mix of Colored and Caucasian

This group is a 50-50 split of colored and Caucasian families in a neighborhood, school or other group setting, or 40-60 or 70-30 or vice versa. Depending on the other group settings the people in this group 3 settings have been in, the way people respond to racism varies.

Me being most used to being in group 2 if not 3, I pay extremely close attention to the personality of an individual when I address racism. I don’t want to hear a racist talk about racism, because they always say extremely dumb and offensive things, so I avoid the topic around them. (Mind you to some people I am “the blackest person they have ever seen”.) Around others I, if asked, express my feelings.

Sometimes finding out whether or not someone is a racist takes time. At a party I threw – which are always a very mixed group 3 setting – when most people had gone home and we were deciding what to watch (zappende), we came across the Africa Cup and one of my (apparently racist) white friends (used to group 1, 2, 3) said: “Let’s play the n*gga game!” (Taking a shot of alcohol every time you see a colored person…) To which one of my colored friends (used to group 3 and 4) responded with: “What the fuck did you just say?”

Taken by surprise (especially – but I guess that’s racist – because the white guy is a basketball player), I didn’t know what to do. All I could say was: “We are not going to play that game.” It was the last “successful” party I had ever thrown.

In this group there are likely a lot of heated debates going on right now.

4. All Colored

Where race and religion used to be in people’s passports, they are now in their postal codes. Everywhere in the world, people living in “ghetto’s” have to work at least twice as hard to accomplish what an upper class Caucasian can accomplish, just because of how they look and/or what they believe in. (D.O.C.I.S. International strives to level the playing field.)

In all-colored communities, the debate about racism often becomes an “Are you fully against white people or not?” In this debate I, when my opinion is not in minority, am with those who are not fully against all white people. Those in group 1, 2 and 3 have to be aware of this debate and take this into consideration when analyzing the amplified situation.

People fully against white people often consider white people, and not their potential incompetence (while that is something that differs for every single individual seriously not at all determined by race), the reason for everything bad they experience. Along with that they believe that criminal activities are part of their culture and every colored person who pursues anything else and/or interacts with white people is a traitor. They are colored racists.

Those who live in less fortunate situations but do see that not the entire but only some of the upper class (Caucasian race) can be be blamed for most of this (given they are competent), are often a minority within their minority. (Unfortunately the majority misinterpreting their culture, making it possible for the media to stereotype, is the main reason why this minority is prohibited in their evolution.)

Discussions about politics in all-colored communities are often built around “All Republicans/Conservative/right-wing people are racist, they do not represent and do not care about us”, while this discussion is based on a misconception. I, as one of the few, as a colored person (biologically) tied to the Netherlands and its Constitution, can ensure you that to run an entire country solely based on racist sentiment is against the law. (I wonder how International Law goes about that, in that one Twilight baby’s context.)(People living in ghettos too have the right to say that they do not want illegal immigrants to be favored over them. Because the country they live in is rightfully theirs. They must feel at home where their home is.)

Stereotyping is wrong for every single race.

This group, in this context including economically unfortunate Caucasians, likely delivers most protesters.

Why I say Worsening

There are plenty of people who believe everything they see on the news. What is often on the news – made by liberals – is an overview of crimes comitted in a day, in which the percentage of colored people involved in a crime is greater than the amount of Caucasians involved in crime. Because of the news, this stays a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Liberal propaganda gives the idea that most if not all colored people are not good at speaking the language of the “white” country they live in, that most if not all of them are criminals and that most if not all of them do not at all understand “white culture”. It is widely accepted that people act upon that misconception. This includes teachers assuming unknowingness, law enforcers assuming criminality and do on. The neo-liberal race doctrine is the most racist happening since the Second World War.

The what I call “neo-liberal race doctrine” is “Oh you have to call colored people African Americans, you have to call Indians Native Americans etc. (And white/Caucasian Americans are just “Americans”),” with all the stereotypical assumptions that follow. No one truly asked to be differentiated.

No, not all colored people listen to rap music. Assuming they do is racist. Hence, playing rap music when a colored person is around when you usually don’t – even though it may have been done with the best intentions – is racist. Treating a person based on their demographic is the worst thing one can do. Just be yourself.

These anti-racism protests, mass scale mediated by the most racist class, is causing divide because it assumes and enhances divide. The greatest problem caused by the neo-liberal race doctrine is that it encourages people to only interact with people of their own demographic.

“I’m not a racist, I vote left,” is one of the sickest statements I have ever heard. Because people can vote left and still be racists.

Something else terribly racist and sexist is institutions having to meet gender and race related quota. It should be about competence.

The 1% I am Part of

There are relatively not many people who do not fully belong to any specific group. I belong to this group. Though I will, I don’t want to polarize, but I think this group of people is discriminated the most.

When the topic of racism is brought up among colored people and I say I am discriminated for my race, I often get “But not as much because your skin is not that dark,” causing me to be discriminated “by my own kind”.

Me liking adrenaline enhancing activities like speeding, fighting and video games I like is “not for (colored) females”. (I’ve never seen a popular colored female gamer.)

The language I use is “white”, while, especially for my Dutch (a class I used to fail for years in a row solely because of racism), I’d say it proves elitarian language is not bound by race. (And oh boy I’ve been unleashing the Rotterdammer in me lately…)

My ambitions are “schizophrenic” (= not for my demographic). “Power is not for women.” “Power is not for colored people.” “Power is not for Surinamese Creoles.” Those beliefs are both discriminating and racist.

My taste in people is “schizophrenic”, for according to the neo-liberal race doctrine I should only surround myself with people who look like me, while I want to surround myself only with people who think like me. Why may I not be deeply in love with a giant (like beyond world record giant) extremely handsome and intelligent, philosophical middle-aged white Dutch male who went to a private university and likely has Surinamese Dutch (as in white Surinamese) roots?

In all-white settings, I get the worst service, am often assumed to be ignorant, am rejected things without a proper reason and so on. (All worsened disproportionately since I went missing.) This, indeed, causes me to hide my thoughts and roots. If I, instead of addressing more general societal topics, in the beginning of my public writing, would have addressed racism, I am sure by “oh not another one of these” ignorant racists I would have been regulated into full silence by now. That I’m colored doesn’t mean I have to talk about racism and praise family life et cetera.

Other people in this racial and aspirational 1% are Donald Trump, Thierry Baudet, Geert Wilders, Mark Rutte, Meghan Markle, Desiré Bouterse and so on.

I think, to simmer down the rioting and actually get improvement into practice, other people from this racial and aspirational 1% and I should gather and discuss this, because we have likely experienced all sides with our own eyes.

Zwarte Piet

The news about George Floyd going viral in the Netherlands has unleashed the debate about Zwarte Piet early this year. (In Belgium as well¿) Though, because it is often misunderstood, the debate makes me nauseous, but I’m glad the debate is now held when it’s not when Sinterklaas is celebrated.

The Floyd case was addressed during a political debate, which drifted off to the general topic of racism – and I think partly because of via Inner Crown awareness of me expressing how I truly feel about this highly sensitive debate in the live chat – then MarCatje stated that the feelings of colored Dutch people have to be taken into consideration. It is what I’ve always been saying.

I fully agree with everything Forum voor Democratie stands for, except their standpoint on the Sinterklaas tradition. The discussion about the tradition is that Zwarte Piet’s blackface is offensive and that therefore the tradition should be changed.

When I was a kid, living in a group 2 setting, I used to celebrate the Sinterklaas holiday and used to dress up as Zwarte Piet, but always refused my face to be painted because I found that ugly. I preferred my own skin tone (and believe everyone celebrating Sinterklaas should do the same). This caused a lot of racist comments from adults.

They say the discussion is older, but in about 2013 I became aware of mass anti zwarte piet propaganda. It felt like the end of racism could be in sight, but the way most people go about the discussion is a great misunderstanding. I too did not understand one part of it, but around the earlier mentioned debate, MarCatje cleared something up for me: apparently there are people who do not find Zwarte Piet ugly.

Blackface is a problem because blackface is ugly to (the majority of) black people. You look a lot better having your own natural skin tone. The, still very much unsettled, Zwarte Piet debate states that the “traditional” look of Zwarte Piet is offensive and the festivity should therefore be changed or canceled completely. (This while at the beginning of the “tradition” Zwarte Piet used to be white and in the (former) Dutch colonies where Sinterklaas is celebrated as well, there is no emphasis on skin tone, hence Sinterklaas is often black there.)

The great misunderstanding in this debate is that all white people who have ever celebrated Sinterklaas are now labeled as racist and are now often continuing their tradition while defending that they have nothing against black people and think they look better in blackface (while no one does), while all most colored people are wondering is: “Why does that ugly blackfaced pedophile have to be blackfaced per se?”

The problem is more of acknowledgement than it is the of blackfacing itself. In Addendum 4 and my most recent YouTube video, I (sarcastically) propose Royal Quality Piet-free Places as a solution to settle this debate. Because if people want to be stubborn and unacknowledging in their “traditions”, then at least allow me to not be hurt and thus do not expose my eyes to that dumb ugly pedophile. Or everyone just keeps their own skin tone and I may be Sinterklaas…

Among the colored people against Zwarte Piet, a lot if not most of them are offspring of slaves owned by the Netherlands, born with a Dutch passport, who have no other place to call home legally and real estate wise (thus to say “Go back to where you came from” is absurd). (Elia and Hanenberg were (“a brand of”) house slaves.) I can’t describe how much it hurts being involuntarily exposed to the unacknowledgement of racism, while being discriminated in every way possible. (Not allowing me to eat in a restaurant for example is not possible unless being that severely carelessly racist to get oneself in trouble.)

One of the lines in a traditional Sinterklaas song is: “Ook al ben ik zwart als roet, ik meen het wel goed,” meaning “Even though I am black as chimney grime, I mean well,” implying that colored people do not necessarily mean well because of their race. (Also debunking the “he is black from the chimney” because the line is not “black because of chimney grime” but “black as chimney grime” lol one of the most stupid arguments.)

And on the “If Zwarte Piet is racist then “Caucasian custard” (blanke vla) and “Jew cookies” (jodenkoeken) (traditional Dutch foods among the abolished “negro kisses” (chocolate on the outside, soft marshmallow on the inside) now called just called “kisses”) are racist too”: yes, they are. I say while I used to devour Jew cookies like crazy back in the day because they are super delicious. It is one of the few cultural things in which Dutch heritage surface, so to consider them “the worst thing ever” is incorrect, but to point out a race/religion/(sorry but I really don’t even understand how to categorize Jewish people) is racism/discrimination. I’d say let the Jewish people decide what to do with “Jew cookies”. (When will we see an orthodox Jewish person who speaks English, Dutch, German, … on TV please?)

On the sideline of this debate there is the masochist liberal elitarian Caucasian enjoying the dispute.

What You Should Base Your Next Vote On

Like I have pointed out multiple times now is that a political decision should not and in actuality (because people like Trump, Wilders and Baudet are not necessarily racists for there is a difference between not getting too many “new” people into your country and looking down on someone because of their race – they too want to see black and white live together in peace and unity) can not be based on racism.

What you should ask yourself is: do you prefer:

  • A hierarchy-free world
    By this I do not mean that everyone will be equal. Though propaganda will say that there is more equality than ever. The type of democracy where everyone gathers on a square, screams out their wants and needs and as a collective effort people will get what they want somehow, while the present Caucasian elite will stay on top forever and take responsibility for their actions less and less and less. Countries will not have borders anymore and people will not have identities anymore. People will be living like pigs in a mass production farm. If that is what you want, then vote left.
  • A new radical hierarchy that does not piss on your country’s flag
    Though it may piss on some of your country’s people – mainly racists – your true heritage will not be defaced. There – if this is done the D.O.C.I.S. way – will be a new elite way at the top: the new hierarchical 1% will be multi-ethnic with het FangCatje all the way at the top. All countries and races will live with and among each other in peace and unity. There will be a true end to racism and sexism because we will rightfully prosecute and murder all racists and sexists. Yes, this hierarchy takeover may be preceded by World War IV, but honestly there is no other way to protect your freedom and I see no other way the right could win with yays.

Bingo of popular “Zwarte Piet isn’t racism” arguments, by the Zwarte Piet is Racisme group. I’ve been told all heart-shattering arguments in person.

Addendum (June 11th – June 18th)

Not making viddyay.

On the Dutch Airbnb case thing: the question here is not should we be against monopolies, it should be why are they so fed up about their wallets (and as answer you should start about how unnecessarily expensive privatization is).

Practical gain must be negotiated as a result of protesting, otherwise I ensure you things will only get worse.

If you were treated equally, what would you like to accomplish? (Some really want change and some just want to kick against things.)

I don’t want to be marketing, but this is a very good moment to introduce the D.O.C.I.S. International Think Tank.

Do you trust me? Do you trust yourself?

I’ve become a great Slavoj Zizek fan lately. If I could convert him to Fangyism that would be the ultimate yays. 🙂

The CHAZ (or CHOP now…)

What are your thoughts on the “Chaz”…? (For me it’s: ewww anarchy. Es like a rival state to Planet Fang. I’d say if you don’t go home within 24 hours I’d bomb the entire zone. Classless hippies. It has nothing to do with racism. If you want change, change the rules legally instead of ignoring them collectively because this is not helping anyone. Is their spirit as distorted as their political preference? To demand resources from the state they are against is insane. Autonomous…)

[In case you’re wondering why I sent that death note: because it’s easier to find written digital evidence than to dive back into the logs of my devices being tapped. (Digression on police visit.)]

And of course bombing that hippie festival was a sarcastic exaggeration, but if I were in charge I do would use some sort of “If you don’t listen, you’ll ruin it not only for yourself but for your fellow hippies and innocent citizens as well,” kind of underlying threat.

Because even though this is not serious at all – if they’d last a month that would just be hilarous in the sense of “Ha people are really that crazy¿” let alone a year man over twee weken vechten ze elkaar zelf de tent uit op dat kluitje – it is insane that people have the audacity to do this and not at all see that there is zero chance a spontaneous anarchy can last (my god do not tell me this was planned ahahahahaha) without the support of capitalist authority. (In reference to the anarchist colony in the Netherlands.) Above all I wonder how someone can feel happy and at peace in such a situation. (Er zijn echt super veel Duitse pro anarchisme films zeg ik in referentie naar herinneringen aan links onderwijs op de middelbare school niet te noemen hoe dat op de universiteit escaleert.)

Stelling: every leftist at heart has at least a little bit of appreciation for anarchy.

If I will live to see more years, this is the type of sh*t I’m up against. (Daarom zeg ik dus steeds van voordat de oude garde weg is laat me nou even op die stoel gezeten hebben.) As a hyper-totalitarianist, I am way at the other side of the spectrum. In my ideal society, wealth and status are based on the amount of responsibility someone exercises (I say exercises and not has because, like scientists in a crisis saying “I can’t do anything” having responsibility doesn’t always mean that it is taken). In the context of completing history, I want to see upper class white men kneel for me meowww. I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire existence and you know ittt.

If those anarchists mobilize their own police – this will be an international problem soon enough – in their summer of anarchy, I will have to mobilize my army of knights which will show no mercy. I stand for equality and not for shifting the racial imbalance to the other side. Those rich left extremists better go stand with their fellows.

If this all happened on some no mans land grass field no one could hear or see them, everyone would be fine with them staying there for the rest of their existence. (They have no other future anyway. (And now bombing is cheaper than cleaning up all that ugly graffiti.)) Maar dit nu is een verstoring van de openbare orde die door nog een stel incompetente overheidsfiguren wordt genegeerd. Om dit soort redenen geloof ik niet in de Westerse democratie. Mensen doen gewoon waar ze zin in hebben en niet waarvoor ze ingezworen zijn. Als anarchisten die het systeem van binnenuit aan het vernietigen zijn. Waarom mobiliseert rechts niet?

On Abolishing Police

To abolish police as a whole can never be a good thing. If police were one race – and given that I heard that colored officers “are no longer black” let’s consider thar – abolishing police is racist. It is, however, becoming more urgent to review the nature of individual’s personality, following the Fangyist doctrine.

There are two types of protesters: those who really have their own opinion and are using their right to protest as a way to express that, and those who are completely lost and want to vent their anger. If police have to step in during a protest, those just voicing themselves will avoid them and those completely lost will attack them.

In a “good cop, bad cop” context, a good police officer avoids the use of strong authority as much as possible, only striking after the protester has given him/her a reason to, whereas a bad officer would strike based on prejudice.

When I said that resisting arrest should be legalized again, I said that to prevent a lot of innocent people prosecuted and to create more breathing space for the use of excessive force. Still, for order and safety, the demands of police officers must be obeyed and guilt or innocence are to be discussed in court. Guilt or innocence is determined more easily without prosecutions for resisting arrest.

Even though I’ve had extremelyyy bad experiences with law enforcement while innocent and obedient, to abolish law enforcement as a whole because racism exists is not solving the problem, but giving criminals carte blanche to do whatever they want. I’d question the nature of those who started that part of the movement.

And the economic argument for abolishing police is really stupid and empty. In Privatizationgate I already explained inflation in case of giving budget money to people instead. (The budget sum gives, in the end, only an idea of relative importance in comparison to other items on the budget list. Real value of money is ever-changing.)

And free college education is both unaffordable in the context of class size increase and the amount of thoughtless robots it will produce. (The leftist politicians backing this must have an expensive drug addiction and a financial well running dry, because why else…) We should be thinking about learning in the field to obtain a degree. And tangible basic income.

A Correction

When I mentioned group 1 and people being less inclined to point out racism, I was talking about enlightenment on real racism. Of course, in group 1 there too must be those extremists who are quick to draw the racism card when words that do not suit the school standard are used. While real racism is about words used in context. Words that would not have been said if the person were Caucasian, that is real racism. Someone’s skin tone does not make someone different. (And unfortunately we live in this liberal race doctrine world, of which the standard is set by Caucasian, so I say treat everyone Caucasian as long as we’re still living in this race doctrine, after which we’ll treat everyone like competent and responsible beings.)

Just to give an example of real racism – and I learnt this today but this storm had already blown over hehe – Biden saying “You ain’t black” (with the emphasis on ain’t like he usually talks like that) if you’re black and don’t vote for him is an extremely racist thing to say. It namely means that Caucasians are free to choose between left and right and colored people are not, which is treating people of a different race different, which is racism. (That is the true white supremacy.) But him ending almost every statement with “, man.” is already racist, because he does not always talk like that. Biden is extremely unfit to be president, because he clearly does not understand the issues he will be expected to at least lessen if not solve, and he is exactly the type of racist I’m pleading against, where no one corrects him. You feel me? (And that he talks like an overly authoritarian parent is just plain annoying man we (I’m saying we because the US is the political center stage of the world) can’t have that for 4 years, people, please, I’m trying to decrease my (internal) raging.)

I freeze up into a politically correct mannequin when people start speaking to me in broken Dutch/English, start saying things like “I love chicken,” and do other things they usually don’t do. Because while that person is thinking: “I’m really hitting it off here(. She must be into me),” I’m trying my very best not to punch someone in the face.

Institutional racism – including people believing that intelligence is not for people of my race and wanting to excel is not for people of my race which is a form of stupidity that is not limited to a group of Caucasians only – is a problem because of the personalities of the people with institutional authority and not because of the institutional rules itself.

Ah and I’d like to point out that I’ve had my own “left extremist”-ish “hippy”-ish phase (not more than smoking weed, seeing everything as a conspiracy and being anti climate change but still finding that washing clothes at 30 degrees does not solve that and questioning the rationality of capitalism), that I too once believed that my vote “should be based on my color”, engaged in stereotypical behavior thinking that that is the right way to learn about who I am et cetera. The isolation I’ve been put into – including the leftist extortion – has been good for one thing, namely me learning to know I’m better off without most people and knowing that there is only one correct political direction. Only one contains the element of true love, which can be overwhelmingly strong at times and include unpopular decisions made for a good long term cause.

I’m talking a lot about racism now because growing up in a family drenched in “Your skin tone puts you in a disadvantage” rhetoric, I considered the suffering I did go through (not because of incompetence but seriously because of people working against me because of their own prejudices) as a part of life I cannot solve. But now that the discussion is held I really hope I can join this debate on a proper scale because I’m in the middle of the confirmation and denial of racism.

A funny thing about me not being involved in any conversations, interviews or debates with actual people is that my words can be taken out of context extremely easily.

Anti-racism and Anti Discrimination Law

I think if the US Constitution would have Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution added to it, it would be more solid, I think. Also that it doesn’t allow for Regentesse is quite un-yayed. 🙁

On Defacing Statues and Other Property

(Namely) in Europe, there has been a new iconoclasm. An act of stupidity for many different reasons.

First of all, what does destroying/defacing public property bring you in your fight against racism? It does not change what has happened. Also, an attempt to erase history is an attempt to worsen racism, I’m saying speaking from the perspective of someone whose ancestors were not seen as humans because of a misunderstanding and who is tied to a “white country” as a result of that, who is tired of people finding it normal to say, “Go back to Africa.” If history is erased, people will never understand that I am entitled to be in Europe just as much as they are. The only thing that can come from destroying a statue of a controversial historic figure, if it is a catalyst for anything at all, I see, is more misunderstanding by actual racists. Out of nowhere people are doing barbaric deeds on behalf of a race, in name of a criminal, while just like a month ago we were all worshipping COVID-19 religion. Not everyone is like that…

Secondly, there is ne-ver a proper reason to deface property you don’t own. Defacing or destroying non-owned property under the Fangyist doctrine means instant death penalty. No civil mind would do that.

And finally – and I’m saying this to myself – those signs of slave history do not have to be considered 100% bad. Though the awareness of people considering and having considered (part of, given I’m multi-ethnic (if I’m not Belgian/Italian (moment of silence for discrimination of Italians in northern Europe), then at least I am Surinamese Creole (negro), Dutch Surinamese (caucasian) and Surinamese Amerindian (native), which have completely different racial histories)) my race as lesser and them acting upon that causes an ever-lasting (until my thirst for blood – more de-intensifying my anger – is satisfied) physical pain, without the dark pages of history, the world would have never been a multicultural place. To wish it never happened is to wish myself away. Even in inequality, we were living together in some form of harmony and back then, too, not everyone considered negroes as a non-human race.

What I think is the darkest side of this story, but I’m not too read in, is that after slavery was abolished, after countries became independent and capitalism was enforced, there was no compensation to the public treasuries of former colonies for the wealth that was built up by slavery. Suriname could have been the most wealthy country in the world.

Let me Regentesseee

Will there be a protest for every black person who dies? Not every black person is perfect so to pursue that is irrational.

Lefties are afraid to lose their voters so they are not doing their jobs and ignoring their responsibilities, for which they should be punished with – given the revelation of their true nature – not being allowed to engage in economic activities hence death. Please allow me to slay these demons.

The Summer of anarchism versus Fangyism would be fun, right? (Though unfortunate, conservatives have to start thinking in a more movie plot-like way in their handling of this situation because that is the type of sh*t we’re up against this season.) If you’re not a Fangyist, you’re an anarchist, okay. Consider anarchy the religion most people around my age and younger are forced to resort to because of the hopeless image of the future portrayed by the mainstream media.

Throne design in progress. 🙂

Yay 🙂

Someone has to tell these people that they are convinced of false and irrational things. Please let that be me. 🙂

Also restoring order became a task for the military and not the police not so long ago. The most severe disobedient people have been given the freedom to do whatever they want, disturbing the freedom of others.

Some last self defense yays.

I’m awfully good at weapon design. Also, did you know that for Tishe an uzi is like a little handgun? Super cute. 🙂

On Police Reform

Yays for police reform. The ideas proposed can take (unaddressed) errors made by police officers to 0%. 🙂 Screw the democrats who are whining but not proposing anything constructive themselves (is that all of them¿).

One last thing that should be introduced, though, to make the world a safer place for all, is a voicing platform that serves as the extension of people’s voting rights. What has happened to me as a result of people’s biases, bureaucracy et cetera, namely that there is no official place in the Netherlands where I can go safely, make my case et cetera, thanks to the lies in my file I can’t have revised even though it is my file, is something I think more people are suffering from but have even less room to vent themselves than I. So if the voting aspect of D.O.C.I.S. Admin – which is not in practice (yet) – were extended with a forum and a protection program, I think the world would be safer than ever (after fascist anarchy is exterminated). 🙂

On Timmerbonds

NO. Are they just going to make up new (…)bonds until the majority votes “yes”? That is extortion. They said no to Gretabonds, they said no to coronabonds, so why would Timmerbonds get a yes?

The problem with continental bonds is that every country’s economy is different and getting continental bonds is like designing clothing based on the average size of a group of people: it will fit no one perfectly. Changing the name of the continental bonds won’t fix that problem. Ending the Euro(pean Union) would. Look at how they are spending (though a stronger word would apply better) their annual budgets….

The Last Days

I’ve been on this planet for only 23 years and this is my first time consciously observing a huge turning point in history, so I can’t speak from experience here, but I think all Fangyists all see that a new layer of tension is added to the left’s narrative, this time – but not the first time in reference to climate catastrophe et cetera – so full of lies that we won’t tolerate a single new lie from them.

Namely that everything is now racist and everyone is (including young children are) forced to follow that doctrine. This may not end up in the history books because then the sense of reality of future generations will be so much worse than that of the present generation in power. They are already getting way carried away with that barely deadly virus…

Like I’ve told you many times before, there is no changing these people’s minds…

On the Brooks Case

Hey no officer may face the death penalty for doing that. 🙁 Unlike the Floyd case, this was self defense and not murder. Imagine the man who had the audacity to steal a weapon from a police officer, to manage to taze the officer and drive off while drunk.

The officer shooting the man had been kind during the entire initial process. When the man started resisting arrest (which is already an insanely irresponsible thing to do (though when it’s resisting arrest could in some cases be a grey area, here it was very clear)), the officer shooting the man when at risk of being tazed had no other choice for restoring order. When choosing to fight two police officers, you know the risk you are taking. The officer even tried CPR on the man he just shot, which sounds traumatizing to me.

Sure, it’s sad the man had three kids, but given he was passed out drunk in a drive through, he does not sound like a person suitable to raise children. Neither having kids nor pressure from Black Lives Matter (an anarchist organization that idolizes criminals and does absolutely nothing for good hearted people of color) should pressure an officer acting in good faith to be facing the death penalty.

Really, this cannot happen. There is no justice for those three kids besides being saved more emotional scars from a bad parent.

Sending an innocent officer to his death isn’t only awful for the man himself and the people he’s leaving behind. This fear of being prosecuted while innocent and being falsely demonized can affect police officers worldwide.