The coronavirus “pandemic” may cause a distraction from this, but the problem is still growing. If I’d get a penny for every person around my age who is working hard to achieve a certain standard of living, but has it worse than their parents, I could retire by now. This is a reflection of economic urgency.

The Reflection of Economic Urgency

There are too many people I know and see, who are well-educated, ambitious and working full-time for years, very willing to get a mortgage but unable to. They can’t get out of their parents’ house. Those who decide to rent often end up having to share their home with strangers or friends.

Prices on the housing market, and the demands for qualification, are increasing by the day. Mass immigration is favored over putting local citizens first. And old people (the parents etc. :p) are standing by the sidelines saying: “When I was your age (…),” while the economy has changed incomparably and they know it. I believe that this is the main cause for depression.

This is not written to make people feel down. This reflection of economic urgency is written because my solution has to be heard. (Not giving away the crème de la crème because that power should not be in the hands of anyone else, but what I will tell you will still be of use to you.)

The Politics of this Issue

In my opinion, the most severe aspect of this issue is that the leftist politicians who are feeding this terrible economic climate, are not living in the circumstances they created. From their ivory towers, they still think that using sentimental strategies – painting murals and stuff – have any impact.

This while most people in generation Y and Z have gotten to see the light the hard way. They see their taxes increase, health care costs increase and savings evaporate, while gambling on the stock market is widely promoted as “the gateway to success” and mindless consumerism is promoted as “happiness”. Meanwhile we need to be compassionate towards immigrants and other dysphoria, otherwise we are being too “egocentric”. (While it’s not egocentrism but plain rational realism.)

Every move made by a career politician sounds good for all, but ends up strengthening the ivory tower, dragging down the middle class and making the lower class more dependent (and controllable). I make a distinguishment between “career politicans” and “race politicians”.

Career politicians are the people who do it “for clout”, who only spend time trying to make themselves look good, while they don’t really stand for anything and let themselves be bribed by lobbyists. People like AOC and Pelosi.

Race politicians are people who developed a strategy for their political vision first and became politicians afterwards, such as Trump and Baudet. The desire to make a real difference pumps through their veins.

The problem is that solving the economic problem will cause the ivory tower to collapse, and people are willing to go extremely far (beyond immoral) to prevent that from happening. That’s why we’re wasting our time discussing president Trump’s misinterpreted tweets internationally.

How to Cope

I know what it’s like to be working hard to achieve something, and receive nothing at all instead. That is what you are looking at. My words are pointless if I can’t create my own ivory tower and enforce them. I’m just saying that you’re not alone. There are two things I can recommend to help you cope for now.

Reshape your Family’s Financial Structure

The words sound more serious than it actually is, though this is likely only possible in the middle class and up. Your older relatives have to know that their glory days are over and you determine their future now. You will be expected to take care of them when they retire after all: live in greater comfort when doing that.

Risk is not determined by age. Risk is determined by intelligence. I’m saying that because “the elderly” have to seriously (but cleverly) invest in “their younglings”. The generation that owns property (cleverly, thus not giving away your entire buffer) has to invest in making the younger generation the breadwinners of the family. And by that I don’t mean investing in college/university education, because we all know that that is dead. Focus on (serious necessity-based) entrepreneurship. Either start it or support it. It is the only future I see us have.

The crux here though is that some parents are too narcissistic and some children/young adults are too unintelligent.

Focus on your Passion

Strengthen your skills and focus on the things you are passionate about. There will be a time when all overhyped non-necessities will fade away and economic will be on a true intelligence-based survival of the fittest. Be prepared for this. Please stop talking about nauseatingly unimportant Hollywood nonsense. Focus on your future. Don’t waste your time with anyone who distracts you or drags you down.

Why Fangyism is Inevitable

When old people, unsupported by their older people, had to work their way towards economic independence, there was still plenty of no man’s land that could be turned into neighborhoods and there was relatively plenty of work available. Meanwhile, countries are starting to become built full (causing the price of property to increase irrationally), plenty of jobs are already automated and the labor market is so loose that a college degree is required for work that could be done by someone who only finished Kindergarten. No actual special knowledge is required.

The Earth has not enough space to allow everyone who wants to leave the nest actually leave the nest. Especially not when they all create new people who want to leave the nest. Selective assassination is inevitable, if you want to keep this world a habitable place.

By wiping out all old people, all young people or all uneducated people, the problem is not solved, because those are all not indicators of true intelligence. Society can’t improve itself without good-hearted intelligent people. By wiping out people based on meaningless factors such as race, age, gender and education, you are destroying real potential. Important decisions have to be made extremely urgently. That is why Fangyism is inevitable.

About this Reflection of Economic Urgency

After another day of being bored out of my mind, spending another day playing video games while living in exile, I decided to “check up on my generation” by looking at what memes are trending on Snapchat after months. Only to see that basically nothing has changed, aside from the depressing “I worry about my future a lot” undertone to have become even more depressing. So I decided to write this, even though I too feel like my actions have zero impact. If I’m not your Regentesse, inviolably dictating national policies internationally, I can’t do anything.

Because there’s no way in hell I’ll ever get a mortgage. If I can’t buy a house in all cash, I will choose to die in a dumpster. This apartment I’m renting is just temporary luck. I refuse to enslave myself.

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