Good morning liefjeee,

It is finally here! The second part of Evolving Individualism in the 9 – 5 Economy. Not only does it show that over 70% of case study participants prefer their lives to change into something (a lot) more independent, instead of living a routinous 9 – 5. It also gives even more reasons why D.O.C.I.S. International’s policy against COVID-19 can be considered something positive by many. Especially after Phase 7.

Ready for Change

I have pulled another all nighter to compose this. Now it’s bed time for me meow I will further elaborate when I’m back awake. (But first I’m going to update my websites and my ResearchGate account with this.)


08:00 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

Meowww I have never woken up to such peace and quiet before. That’s quite the plus meow my heart and brain are happy. Usually it’s cars, people, sirens, trains and construction site noise all day. Now when I woke up the quiet made me think I slept to the next morning. But es just quiet. A positive side to the full lockdown, asside from efficient virus taming.

I will later inform my subjects of the release of the essay, as I promised them.

Before going to sleep, I saw that at question 10 I wrote down an incorrect interpretation. The interpretation must be that happiness and purpose are separate from having a job.

And meow people might have noticed that after I did the case study, my displays of depression and random fits of agitation increased. That is because so many people – waaay more than I expected – ended up in group 4 and while the group 1 style routine of life is what the majority of people have to live with. That made me so sad. 🙁

Also because all my life people have been telling me that I should stop thinking that I can make any global changes to the routine of life. They told me I’m stupid and lazy for every fiber in my body deeply hating the 9 – 5. This made me think that most people are from group 1. But most subjects are actually more like me than I expected. That is hopeful to my business, but extremely sad for the routines of life they have been stuck in for so long.

When I get myself to get out of bed, first, I will cook some rice in one pot and beans and corn in another. Dinner…


17:07 (05:07 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae