Hey liefjeee ♥

This morning, I went to the grocery store to add to my ration. As mentioned in an earlier post, there are only 2 moments left in this pandemic crisis when I will buy groceries. One of them was today. Not because we’re in phase 3 of what I predicted that will happen without Regentesse as crisis manager. But because that moment is very near. Just like how I started rationing and making videos to raise awareness, way when toilet paper and plain flour were available at large. My ration could use some re-stacking after quite some days. Better now than when things get worse.

So this morning, at 8 AM, I went to the grocery store.


To Delhaize, because that store has my favorite brands, I’m not on a budget and it has a larger assortment. And I was planning to use the self scan checkout, but at the store, when I was wandering around in search of shopping baskets, I found out that the use of shopping baskets is prohibited due to the crisis. So I had no choice but to use a shopping cart and go through a regular checkout.

I was early, so I haven’t caught any of the large crowd action, but seeing the crush barriers at the entrance gave enough of an impression. I’m glad I was early and I’m glad I was masked, sending a warning message to indifferent people (though I assume that group of people is rather small here, since the entire country is in lockdown) and a reassuring message to the plenty of masked seniors that were in the store when I was there.

Some items on my list, like flour, yeast, nuts, thyme and pancake mix were not available due to the crisis. But other things I was extremely happy to find, such as a mix for making naan bread (only having to add water and oil), soy butter, potatoes and fish. It’s also remarkable that all rice was sold out, except basmati, which is my favorite. And spaghetti was plenty available. In the end, choosing a shopping cart was better for me either way, because I was stacking large. I’m talking:

€174,95 of pure untamed yays

I didn’t take the amount of weight I could carry into consideration. I found it more important to collect enough to last a month with. And to add some variation to my ration. Because the only types of fish I’ve been eating this far are cod and salmon. Now shrimps, tuna and frutti di mare have been added to that. Fish, because this far I haven’t heard nor found anything about fish being infected with corona virus. Fish have way different lungs, too.

Usually, it takes me less than 5 minutes to walk home from Delhaize. But this time, I think it took me at least 30 minutes. At least it felt like that.

Having to take a break and let my arms regain strength every 10 steps.

At some point also opening one of the little bottles of cola I bought, to lessen my thirst and guarantee myself that I wasn’t going to faint. If I were with Tishe, we would have gotten home in the blink of an eye and I would be carrying only the red bag. 🙁 But now I carried the red bag on a shoulder and the other two bags in my hands. It was heavy, but good exercise and I made it home. 🙂

Not fun fact: I saw masked ambulance people at the entrance of a house when I was walking home. 🙁

Fun fact: I found that kosher cheese store while I was on my way home. When I stopped to take a break for the zillionth time already, I suddenly noticed the store entrance. Last time I searched for it, I had walked too far. Kosher cheese could be a lower risk way to eat cheese during this health crisis, because of the type of rennet, but it’s still animal dairy. It’s too bad vegan cheese doesn’t taste good.

Big yaaaays. (& Still getting my glasses fogged up from breathing.)

Usually, I take a picture of what I’ve bought. But I’ve filmed it, because I wanted to record a video update of my 27th day of quarantine. I took pictures for the thumbnail and everything. (After buying LA Noire on Steam after seeing a message that that wishlist item was on sale. 😀 A game in which not having a computer mouse won’t be as frustrating. And I had to solve a technical problem with my camera of the lens not wanting to work. I kept showing a black screen while the lens cover was off, and the online suggestions didn’t work. But while camera noob me wanted to take off the lens to better view the problem, I was pressing the buttons near the lens, which didn’t get the lens off. Then I thought to my self: “Haha that was a noob move. But if the display now works again from randomly pressing these buttons, that would be hilarious.” And it actually worked ahahahahahah. 😂 )

Only to realize today is the 26th day and I hype sevens, plus I’m exhausted, so I’ll film tomorrow. Also I’ll choose a shirt that makes me look less large meow this is comfy, but doesn’t accentuate my yays about losing weight from quarantining.

Now I’m going to put my shrimp in marinade and take a nap. Tonight, I’m having sushi for dinner, (Because of cravings and because I bought it today and a day less fresher fish means loss of tastiness.) But the pack of shrimp didn’t fit into my fridge, so I’m going to let that marinade for tomorrow. For tasty breaded shrimp yays. 😀

My alarm went off at 7, but I woke up before that. I like how my sleep schedule varies but still has a pattern to it.

I’ll be back later with sushi yays. ♥


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