D.O.C.I.S. International aspires to be a softly guiding entity in leadership, not enforcing specific actions in controversies. (It is why there is currently no advice given for the crises the experts are managing.) Raising awareness for “het donorregister” could, however, be seen as an act of “interference”. It is intended as a bipartisan initiative, but raising awareness for the due date could be seen as D.O.C.I.S. International taking a very outspoken political stance, given that this is done instead of keeping silent and just letting the due date pass.

I vividly remember dr. Baudet pleading against making people donors by default, basically calling it a violation of individual sovereignty. The majority of the house of representatives, however, voted in favor. Without taking too much of a stance  – to find my arguments for and against you’d have to do some digging – I consider it my civic duty to raise awareness for February 3rd of this year, to make sure that post mortem people are treated the way they want to be treated. (Doing this in English because those who are not native in Dutch are more likely to not know about this.)

If you have the Dutch nationality or are for any other reason registered at a Dutch address (e.g. illegal immigration, being an expat or having a holiday home), declare your preferences for “the organs and tissue donation registry” (“het donorregister”). 

Visit https://donorregister.nl (TODAY!)

An important correction in regard to the video: after February 3rd, if no preferences are declared you will be considered a donor by default, but this is not permanent. You could still opt to not become a donor after February 3rd. (But will you remember?)

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