Something I miss in life is – no offense – cognitively challenging content. It is the reason why I exhaust myself putting out new content: the bar has to be raised urgently and I see no one doing something even close to what I do, when it comes to being challenging.

How long does it take you to read 10 pages? When reading Seneca, I can take a full hour to read 10 pages. Is reading quickly a display of intelligence? In the context of overall ability, of course, but in determining whether someone is of exceptional intelligence, I think not. Because I like to take the time to digest every sentence I read. When I write something, I do that in such a way that the reader can spend hours philosophizing on every individual sentence. That is what I miss from others. I can’t blame them, though, because the system encourages people to “keep things simple”. Too often correct test answers of mine have been marked wrong because the language I use is too difficult.* I miss philosophical nuance and elaboration.

As I’m preparing to break down Liberal Oppression, since I promised a new video online tomorrow, I have become overwhelmed by my own content. My intention for the first video about Liberal Oppression was to introduce the concept of the book (why I’ve written it, what it’s about and what the colored lines are for) and “digest” the colored lines in the preface.

What I’m facing now, though, is this question: am I going to make a separate video for every single colored line in the book?

After dinner, I shut down my laptop and set out my little paperback and my notebook, preparing to break down Liberal Oppression. I prefer not to stare into a screen when I break down my thoughts. So, at first uncertain about whether to start off making notes by writing an introduction for the video, or to break down the first colored line and write the introduction when I’ve done all of that, I decided to write down my “digestion” behind the first colored line: “economically heavyweight (countries)”.

begin of digestion of

The elaboration is far from finished.

The words written down in the image are my arguments for choosing the words “economically” and “heavyweight”. And they are still far from where I went in the supplement – created for my readers to extend their “digestion” – in which I ask you: “Some countries influence the world
economy more than others, which is why I call them “economically heavyweight”. What are your thoughts on this terminology? Is this an invite to extreme nationalism?” Can you see how many words I need to write until I get from explaining my choice of words, to the controversy about extreme nationalism?

Meanwhile, I thus have chosen to type my preparation for the video about the preface, instead of writing it with a pen. But still, my video would become so extremely long if I declaim the framework for the discussion I’d like to facilitate. It must be explained, so it is clear how my words are intended to be interpreted, but with such a long explanation, I will be sucking the life out of your discussion. So now I’m struggling with this dilemma: with the resources I have available to me, what is the best way for me to explain my book, while sticking to its purpose? (Writing another book about it ahahahahaha. It would be a(n unhealthy) lot longer…)

If I could only “chair” an actual debate… Seriously, though, I don’t know how I can have “a lecture” about the first chapter online by tomorrow… 🙁

liberal oppression paperback edition

🙂 …

* For a Latin test, back in High School, one of the questions was: “Is Seneca against going to the gym?” Seneca has stated that exercising the mind is way more important than exercising the body, so my answer was not yes or no, but: “He would not be a fan of going to the gym, because he finds exercising the mind more important than exercising the body.” A big red stripe through my answer: “No. That he says mind over body does not mean that he is against going to the gym.” Just like I said… (In my opinion the answer can’t be “yes” or “no”, because the answer is based on a derivation. He had not stated his actual thoughts about going to the gym.) (And my history teacher literally marks my answers wrong just because she finds that I use too many words, while there were no word limits given.)

Update: though the thought of making so many separate videos is more exhausting than usual (20 colored lines in the preface), it is best if I make an introduction video and then make a separate video per talking point, thus per colored line. (Maybe I should resort to Patreon?)

Or maybe if I focus on getting you to talk instead of focusing on why I write what I write, I can keep things shorter and fit everything into one video. I prefer to upload 7 videos instead of 100…

So, yes, I will make videos per chapter instead of videos per colored line. The video I will record and upload tomorrow will be an introduction of the concept and some example discussion statements. Friday the 17th I will upload the video about the preface and so I will upload a video every Friday, 7 times.