Haha meow it’s Saturday. “Pre-Easter Sunday”. I’m giving myself the Easter weekend off of impulsively marketing my ideas. (Hoping to still see growing numbers though meow that stuff is addictive. It’s too bad I still depend on advertising though. Though I’m also starting to wonder if this is a waste of money… Though the numbers are yays meow according to Iconosquare the average engagement rate per post is 3.22% and for me on Facebook – which isn’t even performing as well as Instagram is for me – it’s 24,69% [203.3K people reached, 50.2K post engagements]. But more details about that will follow when my campaigns end on Tuesday.)

I’d love to give someone else the control over my social media accounts, so I can focus on other things. (Same goes for my websites.) I’d love to have “a crew” in general. And I’d love to have friends in general meow I’m old and lonely. ๐Ÿ™

Meow I’ve been loosening up lately, to such an extent that I now speak my mind more. Today I broke another barrier – and making “fuck Wikipedia” videos was already quite a step in the process of loosening up from years of silent harassment in isolation haha – when I expressed my frustration in the live chat of a live stream.

Things I said were (recollection):

  • “Is geen mensenmassas meer echt een/het probleem?” [Like seriously if there were no concerts, packed lectures, nightclubs, political gatherings et cetera anymore, would that really be a problem? It’s one of the few things I love about this lockdown. I know Seneca would agree with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]
  • “Ahahahaha jan” [Someone named Jan said “Patrick has to hand in his passport”, which I found hilarious. Thierry was making serious statements and the guy was complaining about that, wanting to talk about beer and other superficial shit.]
  • “Wat Thierry wil past niet bij de meerderheid van de Nederlandse bevolking.” [I’ll get back to this in the rest of this post.]
  • “Patrick is NPC” [Ahahahah the most troll-ish comment I’ve ever placed. He’s the stereotypical default empty-minded Dutch person.]
  • “Patrick stfu” [Because this man kept interrupting with nonsense meow it was so annoying.]
  • “Thierry is op vijandig terrein.” [I didn’t know that he didn’t knew. ๐Ÿ™ ]

While I was catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, I suddenly saw that Catthierry was going to be a live guest at GeenStijl live something a couple minutes later.

The setup was painful to watch and I detest “beer sentiment” (unless it involves Tishe meow I don’t know why I’m saying that and speaking of that lol let me get some Liefmans as I’m writing this ahahaha (meow by “beer sentiment” I mean that type of sentiment one learns at college parties (“friends for life blah blah”) and then carries out through the rest of his/her existence)), but I love Catthierry’s rhetoric.

The live stream is vivid evidence that the majority of the Dutch population is not at all ready for what he aspires. Likely a lot of people assume that he will become the new prime minister (because it can’t be Rutte for the 1000th time, right? I’m 23 and have consciously lived through only Balkenende and Rutte). It would be great to see him carry out his beautiful vision in practice, but the question is if he would get the space to do so.

Most people barely keep themselves occupied with politics, and if they do, it’s to see who has made the least controversial appearance in the media to decide who to vote for. Especially from the way the other people present paraphrase his words, it’s clear that they have no idea what he is talking about, let alone knowing why he is talking about those things. The same goes for everyone else who does not support him. They, for example, think he is pleading for a whiter Europe, while he is pleading for a more purposeful Netherlands (as in if immigrant has no aspirations in the country then why live in the country (D.O.C.I.S. is why live at all… 🤫 )).

Just like in the end there is no “D.O.C.I.S. curious”: there is no “Thierry curious”. You’re either with or against, for it’s not just a few agenda items: it’s a full interpretation of life. One can either agree or disagree. If one is criticizing it, the host he considered someone he could team up with (he didn’t know that he was snakeยฟ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) for example, one is against. Those who don’t study the meaning are against by default.

To hear Thierry state his vision once again, this time in a beer sentiment infused environment, was cute to see. (Like he’d bring up immigration politics even in a nightclub. 😂 We can be friends for life. 🥺 ) But I thought he knew that GeenStijl was enemy terrain. Yes, GeenStijl is not as celebrated as NOS or AD, but it still it still gives the exact same “media opinion”. Only in a more “beer sentiment” way.

Did Catthierry not sense the undertone the previous times he was interviewed by that guy? ๐Ÿ™ (Also “Hiddemeister” is mocking and not positive.) That makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™ I thought he knew that there is not one “large” Dutch news source that fully sides with him. (Aside from me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But did that sink in just now? ๐Ÿ™ Meow I want to send him a message, but one it will be sad and two I don’t like when I send messages and get no response. But I’d like to be his propagandist. ๐Ÿ™

I wonder if “Baudet loses his temper” will now be the next exaggerated headline. At first, when seeing the setup, I thought it would indeed be cool to have both a simple-minded person and Catthierry as guests. But when that guy started talking his NPC beer sentiment bullshit I was fighting myself not to throw my laptop out the window. I guess most Dutch people like that NPC pleasant uncle shit. Why is the system constructed in such a way that if Catthierry would rule, those people would be included in his policies? They don’t understand it anyway.

But, though in time of corona I think this is out of place, it’s very interesting to know that Catthierry is into boxing. I am terrible meow I thought he was going to say tennis. But I think it explains the balance between his patience and his vivid expressions. (I’d love to fight him. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ) It’s crazy to see how those NPCs found it so hard to understand why the “we doing the best we can” attitude of the ruling government is unacceptable at a time of crisis. That he’s trying in the first place is something I admire, but even I find that there is no hope for NPCs. As D.O.C.I.S. International, I just want to “own” all enlightened people, to make sure they don’t hurt themselves by interacting with NPCs. That’s literally all.

I’m going to do a couple of sit-ups – because I feel like I’ve slept for 3 days straight – and go to sleep meow see you later.

Welterusten liefjeee ♥


P.S. If I’m correct I haven’t stated this before and I really have to. It’s about time we either see Catthierry’s approaches to his 4 big themes in practice, or never hear from it again (but I don’t want to live in a world where that does not happen). NPCs just want to talk about it meow I’m getting tired of it. I had the same shit when I was under psychiatric surveillance and living with my parents, every time being asked: “But do you feel good? And do you hear a voice in your head?” At some point you start feeling bad regardless. There’s nothing else to talk about with them.

P.P.S. My definition of NPC is for the left people who say “Donald Trump is bad” by default and for the right “Donald Trump is the best”, while they both have zero further arguments about why they have that opinion. Furthermore, NPCs love simple things like whatever movies, series and music are trending. They can only hold conversations that consist of recycled oneliners. And if you’re an enlightened person with a complex perception on life, they will portray you like you’re a weird person stating untruths. Death to all NPCs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol happy Easter once again.

02:47 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae


For all promotions I have, the original image on my account shows the same or even more likes. Except for this promotion (which is shown 99% to people age 13 – 17 (I paid for 13 – 65+ยฟ)). The number is less meow that’s unsatisfying. ๐Ÿ™ (Just like never passing the over 6500 likes on my first post.)

On top of that, after all my ads, the ad for entrepreneurs under 25 was rejected because it was considered political influencing. Firstly, the ad is not for influencing but for agree vs disagree debate (in progress). (Seriously if you don’t agree with me I don’t want you to change your mind. I’ll tell you why I think you’re wrong, but don’t join my camp.) Secondly, if that was political influencing – while it is on no political agenda (except mine, but I’m not a politician) – then why were the rest of my ads approved? I was surprised by how well this was going. But just like when lilfangs.com got blocked on Facebook and like when the Wikipedia shit happened, misinterpreted protocols put me in a disadvantage once again.

My appeal was submitted more than 24 hours ago. I guess the “within 24 hours” is delayed because of corona.

I still haven’t slept meow but I saw Rainn Wilson at Reno 911. I’ll be with PillowTishe. X


P.S. I hope I’ve fixed that annoying error now.

08:00 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

Heyy liefjeee ♥

How was your pre-Easter Sunday? Are families coming together regardless of quarantine? Am I the only one who finds it a relief not to be socially obligated to do that because of quarantine?

I mean the loneliness hurts, yes, I wish it were otherwise. But I’m still glad my eyes are not perceiving the house I lived in for so long and the sound of heated debates that came with it. (And to not have to discuss my absence is the absolute best meow I don’t have anything else to talk about anyway.)

I don’t know how to tell the people I’ve been reaching and trying to reach “Hello, I’m here to stay.” I don’t even know if that’s possible. Especially because everyone except I has an entire new group of friends now. And the biggest lie, that of “Don’t reach out to her” after I was brought back to home isolation after being missing, has permanently changed things for the worst. I can’t blame anyone for following that rule, but I’ve never felt more betrayed in my life. I don’t know if recovering from that is possible, but een kusje would definitely stop the aching of my heart. My selection is based on sweetness, vision and ambition. (And sometimes just coincidence.)

Of course kusjes in this time of social distancing is a taboo [unless you’re marriedยฟ]. Belgium has over 28000 cases of corona virus infections now. As for intensive case capacity, it’s occupied below 60%, which is good. Good as in the scary idea of way too many patients in a hospital seems not to be in sight for at least another week (unless serious new daily record heights).

Now, internationally, governments are trying to keep the streets as empty as possible and physical economic trade is laid still almost entirely. What are the intentions for the long run? For some reason a vaccine seems like something obtained way at the end of the year soonest.

Meanwhile the curve is being flattened, but still the overall growth is linear if not exponential. So are we just going to sit inside until everyone is dead? If not from the virus, then from (more physical than mental) boredom. Are there perparations for telling people they will spend the entire Summer in lockdown? Because what is the exit strategy now? And how will the globalized world be resumed? (The exit strategy in my essay is quite yayed.)

Excuse my doomsday tone. ๐Ÿ™ I just need een kusje. I guess I’m hangry. And frustrated from NPCs on my mind. I’ll get back to that. Meow I’ll be cooking dinner.

Kusjeee x


P.S. The recurring internal server error seems fixed now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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