Liberal Oppression


Liberal Oppression is written to add more depth to the public debate that is fueled by growing political tension. Racism, freedom of speech and the concept of elections are pointed out among the common factors that determine “left versus right”. From my “outsider’s perspective”, as provocatively as possible, I describe the political developments I observe and the conclusions I draw from them. The paid edition includes two bonus chapters and it has statements underlined in red, purple or blue as pointers for your discussions at home, in class or elsewhere.

FangCatje [Preview] – Nederlandse Editie


Het Nederlands (zorg)systeem bleef me dwingen tot psychiatrische zorg. Ik heb wel problemen met mijn mentale gezondheid, maar niet de problemen die zij beweren dat ik heb. Gelukkig had ik een goede psychiater voor mijn second opinion. Ik schreef deze introductie van FangCatje voor mijn intake, en was van plan het als boek uit te geven, om eens en voor altijd de waarheid over mezelf verteld te hebben, maar vanwege de karige interesse vertoond in dit project heb ik dit niet verder doorgezet.

FangCatje [Preview] – English Edition


The Dutch system kept forcing me to psychiatric treatment. I do have mental health issues, but not the ones they claim I have. Luckily, I got a good psychiatrist for my second opinion. For my intake, to make sure that I state my case clearly once and for all, I wrote this preview. Intending to publish it as a book later. But due to the lack of interest I was getting for this new project, I decided not to proceed.

The Unpublished Episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I


The previously unpublished episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I, I have unpublished, because of a part of the same reason why I published and republished it: the back story about how other parties have falsely limited me in social, legal, medical and financial fields, is described very extensively. This was, however, not the “main content” of the book. It had become a very weighty part of the story, which is why I later decided to unpublish it: it was not the intention to put the emphasis on myself.

The U.S.H.R.


This episode serves as the introduction of Project Nosce Te Ipsum. It is made for the potential new D.O.C.I.S. International member. Hopefully that is you :). You will be informed about the types of path you could choose within this project and about what the benefits of participating are. The first self-research questions for the Nosce Te Ipsum Certificate and the Universal Standard of Human Reasoning are posed in this episode, too.

Volta – Part One


Volta shows you the method I use to reflect on what steps bring me closer to making changes and achieving my goals in life. It’s an interactive book, in which I ask you questions, by means of feeding your own Volta. In the end, when you are asked to put your answers into a different order, it shows you the steps you need to take, to see the change you want to see, in case you want that.

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