Project Description

Volta shows you the method I use to reflect on what steps bring me closer to making changes and achieving my goals in life. It’s an interactive book, in which I ask you questions, by means of feeding your own Volta.

In the end, when you are asked to put your answers into a different order, it shows you the steps you need to take, to see the change you want to see, in case you want that.

To make my method clearer, while indirectly raising awareness (as well as an initiative to take real action) on several of the pressing challenges the human race faces (for these are things we are all subjected to, and they might influence our – or at least my – perspective on life), I use myself as an example subject, to show the method in practice, showing you what challenge in life I’m currently facing. May Volta give us the change we need!

Title: Volta
Subtitle (series no.): Flipping Life Over, Like It’s a Pancake (Part One)
Author: Lil Fangs
Theme: Self-Analysis
ISBN: 9789082936896; 9082936879
Type: e-Book; paperback
Publication date: January 30th, 2019

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