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The previously unpublished episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I, I have unpublished, because of a part of the same reason why I published and republished it: the back story about how other parties have falsely limited me in social, legal, medical and financial fields, is described very extensively. This was, however, not the “main content” of the book. It had become a very weighty part of the story, which is why I later decided to unpublish it: it was not the intention to put the emphasis on myself.

This is not the type of story of which to say: “This is such a fun story! You should really read this!” It is republished, because the chapter in my life under this limitation, is not “finished yet”. The only way to solve this, for me, is, unfortunately, by taking legal measures. The back story describes my case. Maybe one day, this will be an interesting read.

Title: The Unpublished Episodes of Nosce Te Ipsum I
Author: Lil Fangs
Themes: Biography, Psychiatry, Injustice
ISBN: 9789082936803; 9781724022967
Type: e-Book; Paperback
Publication date: September 24th, 2018

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