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The Nosce Te Ipsum series describes a parallel universe in which you, dear reader, have full authority over planet Earth. You have important decisions to make in regard to your preferred direction for society. Especially now that one of your former allies has double crossed you…

Aside from entertainment, the series is written to independently research international public opinion on a wide range of topics.

The Hypothesis reveals the truth behind the perception of Old Fangs in the previous episodes, shows how Ήολιε Κητ has been treating those who think differently under his regime and have you decide whether or not you play along with those (evil) plans, to be able to save your planet.

Title: The Hypothesis
Subtitle (series no.): Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 5
Author: Lil Fangs
Theme: Culture
ISBN: 9789082936889
Type: e-Book
Publication date: March 30th, 2019

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