Every single day, a leftist looks a little bit more insane to a right-winger. Every single day, a right-winger looks a little bit more evil to a leftist. Will we go on like this forever? Let’s talk about political schizophrenia.

Left versus right

For extra provocation in your discussion, I will take my position and defend my beliefs. In today’s society, it is a signal of virtue to always speak your mind – for some reason – but usually, in face to face discussions, I don’t do this. This because when a person doesn’t want to see that I have fully debunked his or her standpoint, I feel the strong urge to suffocate that person until he or she stops breathing. I therefore prefer to stay away from people who make me want to do that. Does that sound familiar to you?

Anyway, let’s start off boosting objectivity by discussing the benefits and flaws of each side of the political spectrum.

Leftist flaws and benefits

Please write down what you consider the benefits and flaws of today’s leftist politics. On my list, the benefits are:

  • Much influence in authoritarian businesses and institutions.
  • Strives to structure life based on a doctrine of new discoveries. (Though their methods and findings are trash…)

I consider the flaws of leftism that it’s:

  • Fully driven by profit.* (If not financial profit, then growing fanbase.) [* Capitalist profit: willingness to exploit people, steal, sell lies, exaggerate, sexualize, act based on opportunism and not act based on the change you wish to see et cetera, to gain wealth.]
  • In favor of socialism (“Some people have it bad, so everyone has to suffer.”)
  • Uses climate change, gender identity, racism et cetera as words that kill discussions in their favor. (Cult.)
  • Fully disregards the long-term negative effects of their short-term decisions.

It took me quite a while to come up with benefits. And morally speaking, the benefits are actually not even benefits. But anyway let me elaborate.

Much influence in authoritarian businesses and institutions

I say “Much influence in authoritarian businesses and institutions,” because if you support the left, chances are very high that your vision will reach major businesses and institutions, or will at least be supported by them. Practically speaking, this is a benefit. Morally speaking, though, businesses and institutions are supposed to be politically neutral.

Strives to structure life based on a doctrine of new discoveries

I say “Strives to structure life based on a doctrine of new discoveries,” which is both good and bad, and does not mean that being right-wing is being against the scientific method. Leftism concerns itself with how absurdly great the number of people on this planet is, and with that is very focused on mass management. That’s why leftism is, for example, so in favor of mass production. Even though cheap wood pulp is used to mimic wheat fiber, everyone can get a loaf of bread for a low price. Most people who would get mad about that would get mad about the fact that they’re being lied to and not because of what they put in their bodies anyway. The doctrine they are using, however, uses things like gender, race and country of residence as main determining factors, while those things do not define a person’s individuality. I think it’s better to look at someone’s level of intelligence and the person’s balance between estrogen and testosterone. Leftist findings take into consideration whether or not something is profitable or not, which is causing a huge amount of people to be kept alive artificially (by medicinal technology, artificial seeds, controlling the weather, controlling the natural process of climate change et cetera), in full disregard of the quality of life. This is backed up by the first flaw I named.

Fully driven by profit

I say that the left is “Fully driven by profit.” (If not driven by financial profit, then it is driven by a growing fanbase.) Though the right-wing loves capitalism, I have written this down for leftism, because leftist policy is driven by capitalist profit only. If there is not a huge amount of money being moved around for political policy, the left is not doing it. And the leftists who don’t care about the greater good at all can just say “it is to stop racism” or “it is to stop climate change” to give themselves a bonus. That is why I define capitalist profit as the willingness to exploit people, steal, sell lies, exaggerate, sexualize, act based on opportunism and not act based on the change you wish to see et cetera, in order to gain wealth.

In favor of socialism

Another flaw I find that it is in favor of socialism. To the brainwashed leftist, socialism is of course a good thing. It is either a good thing because he or she is trained to say that it’s good to give up everything for someone else regardless if the other person will actually do good with it or not. Or it is because he or she is disadvantaged in the capitalist system and needs socialism to survive. I don’t think it’s fair to make everyone suffer to give people wealth who may not even do something purposeful with that wealth. Therefore I prefer self-responsibility and strategies that make self-responsibility more durable, which is what the right-wing stimulates.

Uses climate change, gender identity, racism et cetera as concepts that kill discussions in their favor.

In my opinion, the left is killing science by saying that all the aspects of social science that they have politicized, are absolute facts. While the main point of science is that everything proven by science can be debunked. In discussions about transgenderism, climate change, or the newly politicized coronavirus, it is a waste of time making that clear to a mainstream leftist. Leftist science is a cult.

Fully disregards the long-term negative effects of their short-term decisions.

I say that the left “Fully disregards the long-term negative effects of their short-term decisions”. This because the left makes big plans that cost big amounts of money, that will have an immense influence on the quality of life in the future. All they need to do is say “climate change” or “racism” and trillions of euros or dollars (I mean on that level of currency value) are being moved around, but at what cost. To give an example of this, it has become law that my generation must make all of the Netherlands carbon dioxide neutral. Another example is “defunding” the police. That’s like saying my arm is itching so I’m going to saw my entire arm off now. With no strict halt on criminality, do you have any idea how chaotic future society will be?

Leftism is not driven by vision. It is driven by opportunity. Its US election strategy is a perfect example of this. If it takes this long for Biden and his team to pick a vice president, and if that choice will be determined mostly by race, then it is clear that they have no plan for the American people and no plan for the rest of the world. From observing the man in general, if despite him being a racist and having no plan at all he still makes it through, the left may be lucky if he doesn’t die before the election. Seriously, the man seems to be running out of life juice. I wonder: what are the protocols in place in case he doesn’t make it?

Do you agree with the things I’ve said this far? Or disagree with me? What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? And of course, why?

Also, before I continue, I have a question for you:

Doesn’t at some point everything become conservative? Like with watching sports on television and celebrating Sinterklaas, things that are new today can become conservative. I mean can you imagine that TikTok wouldn’t be banned and that decades from now we will still be living in quarantine, and then when someone wants to ban TikTok, the opposition says: “No, TikTok is part of our culture and our values. The ancestors of our ancestors love TikTok and so do we. It may never be banned.” I wonder: when is something conservative and when is it stubborn?

Right-wing flaws and benefits

Now, please write down what you consider the benefits and flaws of modern day right-wing politics. The benefits I have written down are that it:

  • Stimulates accountability and self-responsibility
  • Stimulates order
  • Is structured in its influence
  • General willingness to debate

The flaws I have written down are that it:

  • Swears by capitalism
  • Is less willing or unwilling to make the exception to play the leftist game to permanently) defeat the left

Because the right wing is defined more clearly, there is less to elaborate on here. But I will:

The right is very strict in following the rules, and with that it is clearer who is responsible for what and it is easier to hold people accountable for their actions. Awareness on the fact that one can be held accountable for their actions under strict measures stimulate self-responsibility and order. With this, in Western right-wing politics, as long as you don’t bother other people, you’re free to do whatever you want. I fully support that.

Another thing I love about right-wing politics is that you know what to expect from them and you know what not to expect from them, theoretically speaking. That is what I mean “Is by structured in its influence”. You expect them to uphold the law, you don’t expect them to take half your salary for no clear reason.

Overall, I have noticed that people on the right side of the spectrum are a lot more willing to have discussions about the controversial things they stand for. This willingness likely stems from the left using their own system against them, but still, it’s a benefit. As you may have noticed, I’m a right-winger, but I am not a conservative. I don’t think conservatives can be nudists. And if I’m very honest I wouldn’t care if het Sinterklaasfeest were abolished. Also, I don’t believe in the nuclear family. I think it’s bad to assume that women can’t take care of themselves and I think it’s bad to say: “The reason why you are doing badly is because you grew up without a father”. I believe that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. In some cases it is better to grow up without a father. Or without a mother. Or without both. Having them in your life doesn’t mean that they make your life better.

I don’t believe in transgenderism either, though, and even my skepticism about homosexuality is growing. (And by skepticism I mean that I think that people who are homosexual can still be attracted to the opposite sex, but just not to the mainstream ideal version of the opposite sex.) Though I would gladly be a part of something, I’m not a conservative. And if liberal means that supporting black lives matter (which is a pejorative name for an organization) and being hateful towards president Trump can be considered, then I am not a liberal either. I like president Trump because he has a lot of professional experience outside of politics, which makes me consider him more qualified to be in charge of policies that have its influence outside of politics. In my view, economists and field experts should be the ones determining politics, supported by philosophers.

I can’t be a conservative. I’m just glad that I can have a reasonable discussion with a conservative, and that I can watch videos from conservatives and think: “Finally, someone who at least is making some sense.”

A downside of the right wing is that they swear by capitalism, while capitalism needs external interference to stop it from boosting immorality. If everyone were good-hearted, this system would work, but unfortunately most people are mean-spirited talentless demons, and the system must stop them from thriving. Another downside is that they are less willing or unwilling to make the exception to play the leftist game to permanently defeat the left. In a way, that is very good and kind of them, of course. But at some point you must stop saying: “Oh no, the left took my lunch money. Now I can’t eat,” and tackle that bully. Yes, the left is a tyrant, but with the overall abilities of a five-year-old. Just lift the toddler off of its throne.

While the left is being fraudulent, lying, deceiving, bribing and bending the law in its favor, the right is currently standing by. I would say be the tyrant they claim that you are, because otherwise your children will not have a future. Even your own future can be terrible if you continue to allow the left to go its way, so you must take some out-of-the-box action right now. To say this in provocative Dutch: “Kom toch eens uit die slachtofferrol.”

Metaphorically speaking, right-wing politics are like a holy path in a forest. It is fixed, shaped in a certain way, no one is allowed to go off of it and everyone who walks it, walks it peacefully. But Western right-wingers principally do not interfere in other people’s freedoms. So when the right-wingers walk the path, and they see leftists running through the woods, all they do is say “You are supposed to walk on this path, you crazy leftist hippie,” and continue to go about their day. Now, quite a distance away from the path, a fire is starting. The left is reinventing the wheel, figuring out how to put out the fire while it has already started: a completely lost cause. So the right-wing must put out the fire, otherwise the entire forest will go up in flames, and the path will be gone forever. The question now is, are you, right-winger, willing to go off of the holy path? And of course what do you think of my analysis of right-wing politics in general?

Political schizophrenia

That the right seems crazy to the left and the left seems crazy to the right, is what I refer to as “political schizophrenia”. I wonder, what do you think is the best way to overcome this? If you believe that it should be overcome at all… In the bonus chapters of paid edition of the book we’re indirectly discussing, Liberal Oppression, I tell you what my solution is.


Coronavirus has become something highly political. (I want an award for my serious face in that video where I said that you should be prepared for governmental measures.) When the year of corona started, it seemed as if we were under a serious existential threat. The policy I wrote was driven by the idea that if we are all doomed to die from this virus for which there is no cure, then people’s responsibility should be restricted to only taking care of their households, therefore not going to work, so that we all basically die responsibly. But we’re months in now and if it were that exponential, we would have all been dead by now, so the virus is not that deadly. This makes me want to ask you the following:

If you had to choose between two things: Either you go to SeaWorld or whatever you consider fun with granny for one day, where you have good conversations with each other, you take pictures with each other and you have one last chance to ask whatever you want to know from them. Or you wave to granny from behind a window an hour a day for a full month. Sure, you’ll do more than waving, you may have things to talk about, but when there is lack of cognitive exercise and you don’t create new memories together, you will run out of things to talk about within that same month. In regard to quality of life, which of the two options would you pick?

Enforcing values

The discussion topic for this week was the statement: “Shared values cannot be enforced.” I wonder if you have also concluded that that is a true statement. For me it is a true statement, because I believe that in their hearts, people have certain tendencies, and though the system can try to force them to behave otherwise, in their hearts, people never change. In that way, genuinely and effectively, shared values cannot be enforced. To cite Seneca in one of his letters to Lucilius: “For no amount of wisdom enables one to do away with physical or mental weaknesses that arise from natural causes; anything inborn or ingrained in one can by dint of practice be allayed, but not overcome.”

Instead of attempting to enforce shared values through propaganda, I think we should select people for life on what values must be shared, what values may be variable and what values are unacceptable. What do you think of that?

For next week, in regard to complaining about politics and life in general all the time, I have two questions for you: “What do you want? And how do we get it?” We will also be talking about the chapter about The Fangyist Dream. See you then.