It’s quite on short notice and I don’t know if people will just look at it or act upon that which I’m carrying out, but I intend to finish up planning The Volta Valentine’s Party today. The spontaneous idea I got yesterday morning.

I really hope the effort won’t be for nothing. I worry that it will be all for nothing like similar impulses of me in the past. But now the identity of my business is clearer, there is a translation tool on the page, there are plenty of security measures taken and I’m taking into consideration that most people have to keep their Fangyism a great secret. So I hope we’ll be yaying together meow it will be the best day ever.

If I’m still not in touch with any supporter by 9 PM on Thursday, the event will not take place. There’s no way I’d live stream celebrating Valentine’s Day from my apartment by myself. I’d be far too depressed to act happy in that moment. Please don’t let me experience that pain. πŸ™ To be in an emotionally safe environment and do all kinds of fun things (I think they’re fun…) for a day will be such fun. πŸ˜€ Like if you’re there before the dancing party starts, we can do morning yoga together and you could see the first Council meeting live. If the Council is willing to be Council…

You’re all very intelligent and adaptive people so this could happen. If it is so that I may not be reached out to for how smooth (and lonely) I am, then you could still help me organize this by doing the things you can do of the things I’ve written down.

Si the previous is very propagandist writing. I live to see Fangyism as more than an on-screen concept and I’m dying to have some fun, so I hope you’ll understand. In my view it’s used for good, but those who will be excluded from the party because they don’t understand Fangyism will probably say that this is the worst event ever. Life.

If Tishe would like to help me set up protocols for during the event itself then that would be very yayed. Because I’m doing this all without knowing if I’m missing out on things. My Strategicus I need, too, to know what other things to ask in the registration process that will follow at the event. Actually the entire council I need. For we can take big steps for the Fangyist identity with this. Meow I hope to find out what’s possible. πŸ™‚

If V’Day 2020 is another day spent in severe loneliness then I’ll resume the ideas I had for the 12th. I really can’t help that I’m this smooth my meow I don’t want to lead you on. In my view people can exchange words the way I’ve been doing in all my blog posts, without being in a relationship and without that being considered for cheating. But to some in this society having a friend from the opposite gender when being in a relationship is considered a crime, while I think that’s absolute nonsense, so I guess some will never understand that I shouldn’t be a threat to anyone’s love life. I don’t want to live if I can’t be myself.

I’m going to continue sleeping for now and attend the financial markets lecture later, in the morning. Maybe I should eat, though… I kind of missed out on dinner. But I’m not hungry anymore, so I’ll just go…

Kusjeee β™₯


02:37 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpen

As you may have noticed, this website has been updated overnight. πŸ™‚ After watching some YouTube videos until 5 AM, instead of going to sleep, deciding to pull through until I have to leave to attend a lecture, I chose to work on The Volta Valentine’s Party. The only tasks left for this now is updating the home page with it.

Right now I’m at the lecture about financial markets. I’m enjoying myself. πŸ™‚ I didn’t know that the first commodity exchange building ever is here in Antwerp. And the concept of “financial architect” has drawn my attention.

I wonder how my Fangyist theories about finance will sync up with actual financial theory. There’s an assignment about current financial affairs and I hope to be able to use the Surinam and oil related news for that.

It continues my liefje I’ll be paying attention.


11:42 (AM) [CET]; Antwerpen

Lecture Yays

The conclusion of the lecture was that many financial concepts which today are treated like brand new and hyper modern are in fact centuries old. I came across Babylonian book keeping once when I was trying to figure out the differences between Babylonian and Israeli Talmud, so it was something I was not unaware of. But I’m glad that there was a sober view on financial concepts, instead of the nipple rubbing praising stock markets and commas the way so many people blindly do today. That businesses and the government were quizzed as “have nots” was the absolute highlight. πŸ™‚

The concept of “financial architects” (I don’t know the actual term (yet)), who overview finance on a level that is above the government is the main reason I’m so interested in economics. I remember saying “If money causes trouble, why don’t we try a new system?” around the crisis of 2008. I now see that only architects can push through a change like that. Can I become one? Or are they perhaps interested in lil Regentesse? πŸ˜€ Seriously though, we’re consciously living from crisis to crisis, while the entire system we live in is a choice and not an obligation.

That we’re living in 0%and even negative interest now, literally called “unknown territory” (si in English πŸ˜€ ), in combination with the fact that “there’s a new crisis coming up” is seriously being marketed and speculated about governments having unsolvable debts, students having unsolvable debts, we are already in crisis, but like stubborn children, people don’t want to acknowledge it and would rather continue playing this game. They’ll do it until nature can’t handle this nonsense anymore, for people can exploit the intangible, but tangible resources are finite. The party would be a good moment to announce the crisis haha. (Will it make demons get rid of themselves?)

Party Remarks

I think I’m about done with party planning. For an outfit I’d either like a turtleneck dress and a cape with a hoodie, or an all black rider’s outfit (like ruiter like the horse sports person sitting on a horse), with golden accents. And black shades? πŸ˜€

If this is happening, which company…

By the way if all companies fall because they were funded with loans, may they continue their existence as component of D.O.C.I.S. International?

… which company doing digital event bracelets would like to sponsor this event with digital event bracelets all over the world? GPS and keeping track of how much food and drinks, plus dietary preferences are information that have to be stored in the bracelet.

I hope the locations will have lockers and showers. I recommend bringing extra clothes. Ha es 36 hours meow so napping and showering are for sure allowed.

In the attendance test, your height, weight, physical gender and whether you identify yourself as big eater, average eater or small eater, will be used to determine the size of your meal portions. You can choose the meat, fish or vegan menu. Snacks are of all kinds and available to everyone. (Val ik in herhaling? Ja.) Here’s the yayest part of the attendance test:

Attendance Test

To be allowed to attend the party, aside from having Fangyist ambitions, you need to get 8 out of 10 of these questions correct:

Q1: What does D.O.C.I.S. stand for? *
A) Daily Online Chatting International Site
B) Determining Observatory Colloquial Intelligent Stratagem
C) Determined Observant Colloquial Intelligent Stratagem
D) Dominerende Observerende Collectieve Infiltratie Strategie

Q2: What does Fangyism not stand for? (Select incorrect statement about Fangyism.) *
A) Keeping life exactly the way it is right now
B) Infinite room for self-development
C) An alternative to any present governmental system.
D) The higher the intelligence, the better.

Q3: What is the order of main “abroad” locations posts have been written from? *
A) Curacao – USA – Germany – Belgium
B) Suriname – USA – Germany – Belgium
C) Suriname – USA – France – Belgium
D) Suriname – France – Belgium – USA

Q4: Fangs was born in… *
A) 1972
B) 1968
C) 1996
D) 2001

Q5: The potential flooding of parts of the Netherlands and Belgium is a serious concern to Fangs. *
A) True
B) False

Q6: Fangs writes in English, because… *
A) English is her first language.
B) She may not speak Swahili.
C) There are more people who understand English in comparison to the amount of people who understand Dutch and scale is important for the severity of her message.

Q7: Planet Fang is… *
A) Fangs’s fantasy world.
B) The name D.O.C.I.S. International intends to give its future corporate land.
C) The 6th planet in our solar system.

Q8: Select the incorrect end of sentence. “A Graeyniss does not… *
A) …find it very important to have impressive stories to tell.”
B) …concern him or herself with the problems in today’s society.”
C) …approve of homosexuality.”
D) …necessarily have grey hair.”

Q9: In the Fangyist context, a Volta is… *
A) …when a poem changes in context.
B) …when life changes from awful to awesome in one day, by making drastic changes.
C) …the strength of electricity needed to charge your phone.
D) …another word for Sun.

Q10: D.O.C.I.S. International’s long term goal is to… *
A) …be an international publishing company.
B) …make mankind go extinct.
C) …facilitate criminal activities.
D) …introduce a socio-economic system parallel to the present (governmental) system, temporarily using books to raise awareness.

Because what’s the point of someone going to this party if he/she doesn’t understand what it’s about? I don’t trust people like that…

Rest of Todayay

I feel like recording a video, so I’ll be getting to that now. After that it’s preparing a dinner of salmon yays, doing laundry and sleeping. I’ll be back when I have new yays.

Kusjeee β™₯


15:21 (03:21 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpen

This was how I went outside today.

And this is the storage issue I mentioned quite some time ago.

I just deleted 56 GB of videos, to create space for new videos. God I really miss my external hard drives. πŸ™ Why, Germany? πŸ™ I hope the drives are catching dust at a police station. If only someone were to donate to these digital yays… Haha is there a data crisis, too?

Kusjeee β™₯


16:52 (04:52 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpen