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To exterminate the virus, the disease and the horror on the financial markets right now, I have formulated this policy with clear goals, centralization and controllability.

For greater exposure of this piece, I have brought more life to my ResearchGate account, hoping that the right people may come across this. My policy could make a huge difference to not only the effectiveness but also the comfort in which we can end this crisis.

But my RG score is very low because my network is minuscule. I have no street cred. 🙁 So please click “HELP ME INCREASE MY STREET CRED” to view my ResearchGate profile and tell a friend to do the same!

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504, 2020

Front page content Feb 3rd – Apr 5th

By |April 5th, 2020|Categories: Notability Month, Updates|Comments Off on Front page content Feb 3rd – Apr 5th

This post is here just to keep a record of what was on the front page of this site until I make room for “marketing” Opinionist.. The messiness shows how not much of a fuck I give about what people think about web aesthetics. (Though Opinionist. is pretty asf.)

Download it here.

404, 2020

Jobs that should not Exist

By |April 4th, 2020|Categories: Notability Month, Updates|Comments Off on Jobs that should not Exist

Good morning ♥

This extremely unpopular opinion is brought to you by the unnotable LIL FANGS. Jobs like influencer, ghost writer, uber driver, AirBnb anything, lifestyle coach and anything (else) that induces you to go to a coffee place where everything is made of sustainable cow shit to edit shit for your “job” on your MacBook Air seven days a week, should not exist. It has been shortly mentioned in my previous 2 posts, but today’s post will be devoted entirely to jobs that should not exist.

D.O.C.I.S. International will launch the beta version of Opinionist. today, to get this debate started.  […]

304, 2020

Look Ahead

By |April 3rd, 2020|Categories: Notability Month, Updates|Comments Off on Look Ahead

If there is one thing that I personally find very notable, it is that people are, in their policy related statements about looking ahead, are assuming the pandemic curve to start making a downward motion and perpetually mention that in the decisions they are communicating. But in the situation that is before our eyes, we experience nothing like that at all. In this post I’m sharing my non-notable thoughts about how to look ahead and how to communicate that to concerned citizens who deserve to know the truth, in Fangs’s notability month.

Look ahead for some non-notability, or close your eyes

Let […]

204, 2020

Fuck Wikipedia.

By |April 2nd, 2020|Categories: Updates|Comments Off on Fuck Wikipedia.

I’m a lazy student who doesn’t need to put in any effort to be able to pass a test, but, though my answers are correct, I’m given bad grades because I’m lazy. Against my will, I have been put through years of psychiatric surveillance. My arguments about why they were wrong for diagnosing me as psychotic, someone with a learning disability and a schizophrenic have been ignored completely. My fate was in the hands of incompetent people with way too much authority. When people wanted to delete my Wikipedia page, I defended myself once again and my arguments were ignored […]

104, 2020

It is here.

By |April 1st, 2020|Categories: Ex animo|Comments Off on It is here.

Fangs [05:03 (AM) CEST]:

It is here, liefjeee. The first page of my network of Wikipedia pages is online. I’m starting to feel like I’ve accomplished something (reminder to self that I mention wanting to do this without social media and why). In other news, my grandmother has left the hospital and now lives in a retirement center.

I, by the way, way disagree with Wikipedia’s biased definition of pseudoscience. Connotations are something the individual should (be able to) interpret him/herself. People should not be told how to think. The difference between pseudoscience and regular science is verification and […]

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