A lot of time and resources are wasted on the current debate about racism, and the counter-effective political objectives behind it. As I discuss Liberal Oppressions chapter about racism and nourish your discussions, I will tell you why I just said that.

A pattern with negative effects shows in society. Politicians create multiple approaches to solve this problem. The media raise awareness on the potential measures. Through platforms, the public makes clear what measures they prefer, and things change. In my view, that is how politics should work.

But today, a pattern with negative effects shows in society, if the media decide to raise awareness on this, there is public outrage. Then politicians suggest ways to solve this and/or suggest ways to silence the public outrage and the most profitable option is chosen. Today’s macroeconomic process of legislation is dysfunctional. Do you agree with that? Or do you disagree?

Under no circumstance should federal property be vandalized. Vandalism never brings positive change. Do you agree with that? Or do you disagree?

Things only seem to be getting worse. That via authorities, on an international scale people are told that the reason why their lives are terrible is racism, is, in my opinion, extremely irresponsible. Because it is simply not true. On the contrary, it is making the problem worse. Today’s problem with racism is not that there was Western slavery quite a while ago, the problem with racism is that because the person who invented the light bulb was white, some white racists who spend all of their precious time watching Netflix think that they are just as intelligent as Edison by default, just because they are white. The discussion that is wasting our time actually strengthens that misconception. I am certain now that having discussions about racism is a waste of time. Just show them different. That is the best solution, isn’t it?

“Morale is the root cause of every socioeconomic problem,” is last week’s statement you have discussed. Patterns in crime, single motherhood and systemic oppression, for example, as socioeconomic problems all seem to have in common that a large group of people in the same location-based community consider those things “normal” or “bound to happen”. Based on my own experiences, I can tell you that crime and single motherhood are neighborhood-based issues and not race-based issues. I am not familiar with and don’t know anyone who is familiar with people guilty of felony and misdemeanor crimes. What was your conclusion?

Next week’s discussion statement is “Shared values cannot be enforced,” and we will be talking about political schizophrenia. I will see you then.

Oh and in reference to my previous video. It is well known that the living standard is in a steady decline for every next generation. The problem is that people just say “Oh that’s science” and don’t attempt to solve it. If you don’t solve it, I will.

Also, apparently Floyd was not murdered by a gunshot but allegedly the officer kneeling on him could have been the cause of his death, I heard from my buddy. As someone with combat experience, I can tell you that it is then more likely that he died from whatever drugs were in his system.

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