New viddyay est yay. I think it’s my most fun video this far. Not only because of the inserted videos. For the very personal information shared, too. You should check it out. πŸ™‚

Though side notes: I have to wax my face but I can’t and somehow some inserted clips have been timed wrong while they seemed to be well-timed in the preview. πŸ™ But I’m just happy to have some new information out in regard to the puzzle that I am.

It should have been online yesterday, but my computer froze while rendering and I had to restart the entire process because of that. But meow it’s hereee. If it doesn’t get taken down for copyrighted music and copyrighted video…

Also meow yesterday’s breakfast and dinner yays were the absolute yays.

For the shrimps, though they didn’t turn out as breaded, when I was done eating I went back to the pan like “MOREEEEEEEE” but my batch was already finished. πŸ™ I’m happy that before I started frying, I put some of the shrimps in the freezer. A later version of me in quarantine will be extremely happy that I’ve done this.

And now?

What shall I do now? I want to take a break from staring into screens for at least a couple of hours, but I don’t want to go to sleep. I hope I won’t feel any incentives to publish essays, books and videos anymore because that s**** is taking a toll. I’ve been doing that on autopilot for quite some years now (even before, without any form of compensation. I want to become able to buy f***** expensive designer clothing every day by having earned that myself, but it seems like a lotttttt of people don’t want that to happen. For what I get in return, this is all a total waste of energy, but I’m glad my information is out there, so once I really start doing my thing, people could read back and attempt to understand it better.

I’m going to catch up on the exercise I’ve missed, take a shower and chill with PillowTishe.

New viddyay est yay meow you should really check it out. πŸ™‚


02:07 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

Good morning liefjeee β™₯

Hopefully you had a good night. πŸ™‚ I did(, too). πŸ˜€

Meow I should really stare into screens less. But I also want to finish watching entire viddyay. You really should check it out, too, if you haven’t yet.

I wasn’t in last night’s mood when I made it. πŸ™‚ Last night was just an expression of concern though meow I worry about my financial future because I don’t want to get a degree (as in not having to go to school for 10 more years) or a 9 – 5, but become financially free by being Regentesse creating (financial) freedom for everyone. I shouldn’t need social media for that. Especially because most of its users don’t care at all.

That concern is also less than usual though because this system will never be the same again, so this is a good time for revolutionaries.

I’m going to have some bread and a mandarin for breakfast.

Kusjeee x


09:43 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

Check out my increasing street cred yay πŸ˜€

Hopefully I’m not the only one who finds using the term street cred in the context of academic research (without any degrees) hilarious asf. I’m yayed it’s increasing meow consider this my new Facebook meets LinkedIn account.

Also in reference to my yay viddyay, the obvious answer to getting together is having a Facebook group or something, but I’d rather take it to group hugging in juggernaut suits.

Also, way random statement and questions, but I believe that the Earth is dome shaped (with undiscovered parts) and other planets don’t exist, so I wonder if when people speak of space travel and uninhabitable places, they actually mean going to a place like point nemo at a very high speed and wearing special suits that protect against ratiation after most places have been blown up by nuclear bombs? And that the “space suits” will be worn until radiation has been decreased (by a deviceΒΏ) and new habitat has been built?

Meow I still haven’t left my bed and am high on hunger. Meow I’d kill for breakfast in bed… (hint hint)

Kusjeee x


11:53 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

By the way meow in viddyay when I refer to stoicism, I mean being emotionally unaffected by what is happening. Not that I don’t care, but that instead of letting what’s happening on the outside affect me on the inside, I manage to stay above those feelings and stay able to reason logically instead of emotionally.

Part of me now wants to record more of my gaming… Meow I don’t know… I should take care of my pile of laundry and I napped instead of cleaning the kitchen and playing LA noir as I mentioned in viddyay, so I also need to take care of that. But I’d rather play GTA actually…


12:45 (PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae