D.O.C.I.S. stands for: Determined, Observant, Colloquial, Intelligent Stratagem. The endeavor goes far beyond regular publishing. Not only in the way publicists are involved in the governing and influence of the organization, is one-of-a-kind: so are the approach to publishing itself and the future shifts the stratagem leads towards.


The publicists of D.O.C.I.S. International, are selected based on the uniqueness and diversity of their talents. Everything they stand for and everything they create, becomes part of the unique brand, which will be designed for him or her, according to the D.O.C.I.S. standard, fully personalized. (Are you the Aristotle of the 21st century?)

Methods of Publishing

It is our art, to publish one creation of a publicist, on multiple forms of media, but to not make it a re-creation of the exact same thing. They are complements.

  • Books
    Real books are preferred over eBooks, for our exclusive product, but we surely publish both, because everyone has their preferences. I have a lot of ideas for designs of hardcovers, but have not found a suitable partnership to manufacture this, yet, so currently it is paperbacks only. This will become collectors-item-hardcovers.
  • Video/imagery
    It can be anything that suits the taste of the publicist. From a short and informative video, to a movie with several sequels: we can all reason it out 🙂 .
  • Audio
    Does a podcast suit your creation? Would you like to do something with music? We are limitless 🙂 .
  • Digital environments
    From a portal, to a (local and/or online) video game… I assume that I do not need to elaborate further on how anything you want to publish, can be published.
  • Tangibles
    Perhaps, a stand somewhere, suits your creation. Or maybe you are looking for someone – that is me – who wants to go beyond the extra mile, to build a prototype of something you have been doing independent research about. Those are just a examples. Like I mentioned before: we are limitless 😀 .

A tangible contribution, to our evolution

Currently, D.O.C.I.S. International is a publishing company. That is because I have to start somewhere. The beginning stage of my endeavor requires a lot of publishing. So much that it might take a while, before this organization expands, so a sole proprietorship in publishing, is perfect 🙂 .

The tangible I am working on, currently solely on paper, is an independent island. (There, it will still also be publishing, as well as doing manyyy other things.) Any news about that, will also be published via this same company. It is a quick solution to the environmental and economic that is ahead of us, which will be damage control to the ones I will be able to save.

Part of the overall strategy, is to fit the endeavors of the publicists and partners who become part of this company, into the endeavor that defines this company. In that way, we are all pioneers, writing history together!