A recent cost-benefit analysis has led to the conclusion that the Liberal Oppression discussion series will be ended prematurely. I will tell you why and I will tell you what content will be published instead of the discussion series.

Why the Liberal Oppression Discussion Series will be Ended Prematurely

D.O.C.I.S. International is that free source of inspiration where ideas can be claimed from and one appears to be better when not associated with the organization. The greatest benefit of the discussion series was having an opportunity to push the organization’s philosophy in an interactive way. But now that the most accessible and relatable topics have been discussed, though I personally find the three final chapters the most interesting, as was the same with the Nosce Te Ipsum series: without active participation, it’s just not worth it. To be doing things that are quite incomparable to anything that has ever been said or done before, and receive nothing at all in return for the effort, is quite unsatisfying. It’s very embarrassing, to be pushing all this content and all that has come from it is fatigue. The dissatisfaction has become strong enough for me to not be able to force a smile in front of the camera anymore. There is no positive difference between continuing the series or not, and not continuing saves me the increasing heartache from doing it all for nothing, so the Liberal Oppression discussion series will be ended prematurely.

What Content will be Published instead of the Discussion Series

Nothing. The silence that was here before Liberal Oppression was published, will be persisted unceasingly, until the relieving end of society. It is very important that the near-elections screams for attention coming from left and right are met with a rightful silence. This is all pathetic. As a vulture of democracy, I am convinced that the good, happy, fruitful life starts when the system has fallen. And by that I don’t mean when the system falls by insanely fascist leftists attempting to be “positive” historic revolutionaries. I mean when the system put in place by leftist “revolutionaries” falls and finally leadership driven by real love and intelligence will thrive. That is when the dear Titan who owns the other half of my heart (if not with him then I’d rather die alone [hereby I’d also like to adjust my ceiling theorem to “quite impossible but still please do it”]) and other fellow fully conscious actors will take center stage. If not, I will see you all in hell.

This organization exists not to act to the likes of the masses. On the contrary: I’m an agitator. To have the right people select us and have us select the right people, I do what must be done. Regentesse or die. Instead of the Liberal Oppression discussion series, there will be published nothing at all.

You’re telling me you’re not missing me? I’m genuinely happy on my own. If you appreciate my presence – including freedom of speech (and freedom of association) – I would gladly accompany you, but not without your genuine acknowledgement.