On April 27, 2019, when googling one of my books to see what other people would see, I first noticed that my books were published on an online shopping platform D.O.C.I.S. International is not distributing its books to. It was heart shattering to see that someone or some people have been taking advantage of the blood, sweat and tears I am putting into becoming financially independent from my family.

I felt powerless. I can’t afford a lawyer and I have no community of supporters (as far as I know). Though the sight broke my heart, I tried to ignore it, because I saw no chance of winning. When I thought I had seen it all, less than a month ago, I saw that on top of that, someone has made a Google Maps page for my business, claiming that it is registered in Leiden while it is registered in Capelle aan den IJssel, with my personal phone number on the page. I tried to change it to the right address, disregarding that someone has put my personal phone number on Maps without my permission, but it kept being changed back to Leiden.

Until yesterday, I’ve been trying to ignore the pain of this (zillionth) betrayal. But now I have taken the first steps to getting justice for myself (not even beginning about the psychiatric and family related injustice I have been living though, which I would like to add to this case, suing everyone at once), interacting with the middle man. I have made Google and Bol aware of a little of what has been happening to me via their platforms. Which side they will choose, I will see soon enough.

I’m suspecting that my family is behind this. They hate my writing and are not afraid to break the law (for money). Their attitude is the main reason why I’m presently staying in Belgium. Going through all of this and more, all by myself, is enough to get a restraining order for them. I can never see their faces or hear their words again. Some people think my business is bad because I’m not getting investments from relatives, but the problem is that they hate me and they hate what I stand for. The amount of dirt they have put on my name, internationally, is almost impressive. They love to tell me that I will never be successful and will never be richer than they are. With this case, I hope to point out the D.O.C.I.S. view that communities are better off being based on personality and aspirations, instead of on blood. In this case, for me, it is the externality sealing the Volta. (I can be wrong, but I’m quite sure there is no one else in the world more against me than they are. (D.O.C.I.S. International is NOT a family business. (And neither was Elia PR.)))

That I’m staying in Belgium, at my student address, while I have the Dutch nationality, is making the case a lot more complex. Especially because I have no friends supporting me in this battle. Hopefully I will receive support at some point. I need to get searching for a lawyer…