“International Estafette”? A better title than “Temptation Island Fang, Corona Edition”? Or not?

Remember the 5 phases introduced in A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft? The first day’s challenge is a combination of (ctrl + f -> day 1 -> 3/7 -> read from step 1: A Reading) A Reading, the Council Displays and phase 1 – 2 of An Alternative Centralized Policy to Fight COVID-19 and its Side-effects? Signing contracts, introducing the main goal and the sub-goals, and a “create your profile” sign-up for the audience.

The second day, the day off, includes teambuilding exercises. Then research day. The plan is to fit the entire policy, mainly focused on gradually reopening the economy, in a week, because we’ve fucking had it. We’re tolerant of the people killing us right now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to never see their traumatic faces again when this is over? I’m not going to give you my entire day-to-day plan because I don’t want to be plagiarized once again.

Please e-mail me back soon liefje?

white canopy tent near coastline

Photo by Suzukii Xingfu

3 Graeynissis may visit me without any trouble?

2 Boeroes¿

1 pinda?

*tv commentator voice* ahahahahhahaahahaha?

Of course no EU fisher’s boats in British waters? Fuck off you spoiled brat? Allow Great Britain to be self-sufficient? Why is there even still a debate about that? What a god damn waste of tax money? Espexit?

Just give it all to me? Problem solved? New car? Hey wil je auto?

I assume that you already know that I never want to see my mother again and nothing in the world can change my mind about that?

Kanker narcisten?

How many times could I have been dead by now?

The indifference is 100% mutual?

I’m not dead so don’t talk to me like I’m dead?

Explain the point of large scale testing without a vaccine?

Is there still a lot of Bill Gates heroism planned for after the pandemic?

I’m so fucking sick of the news?

I don’t want to see the faces of coronavirus anymore?

I’m getting more and more convinced that the cause of the virus is the swab?

I know who’s behind this? I was wrong in the past? Anonymous was right?

Coronavirus was a plan to create a New World Order police state?

Dogs will be trained to detect coronavirus?

If Belgium starts using those I will ne-ver leave my house again?

They think WE are dumb so we have to roll with Temptation Island Fang?

Please liefje? :'(

Als je me wil zien dan kom je toch gewoon langs?

Ik snap al dat gelul niet?

What’s the name of that parasite in Rick & Morty that creates all kinds of loving memories that actually were never there?

Look at my yaymeal? It was tasty?

I’m so done I’m done with being done? Let’s march?

The rich want to upgrade their money machines aka humans?

Fuck proletarianism?

Stop immigration?

Papers, please?