I want my god damn freedom back. My naivety got me to believe this shit was real for weeks. Yes, that people are dying is real. But the explanation they give for it is complete nonsense. This shit does not add up at all.

If I wouldn’t have written that essay, would we still only not be shaking hands? The symptoms of COVID-19 are extremely clear and there is no cure to it, so what’s the point of testing people? Even worse: why the fuck are people paying to be tested? Where does that money go?

How come there was such a huge crowd of hospital personnel who had time to applaud for a leaving patient with Rocky music playing in the background?

With that corona app, will people have to pay to be tested as well when whoever shows up at their doorstep after they have been notified about their “potential illness”?

Hey I understand that space has to be created to allow technology to evolve freely, but at least just be honest? Why are we seeing soooooo muchhhhhh Bill Gates?

At first I thought: “Okay, yes, if his charity was helping during an epidemic when no one else did (?), to then share some of your insights, okay that could be reasonable? Warning people years in advance… Well I warn people about dykes not being eternally stable structures, so okay that could be reasonable?”

But, of all the large organizations and national governments who should be authorities in this crisis, why is his foundation dragging this entire thing? He is going to end up in my sister’s child’s history book as the COVID-19 protagonist? He is not a doctor? Whose side is he on?

I agree with the world population having to be cut down by at least half, but this has to happen in all layers of society everywhere. Who likes standing in line? That may end, yes. But people who consciously support this lie have to die along with the passive brainless haters in lower layers of society. We have an open shot at creating an actual utopia now.

There are no publicly visible governmental debates this week? What the fuck? This is crisis? There is a lot to discuss? Weren’t you busy working on a shitty app? Hey that shit has become more than a boring but very addictive soap series meow it’s one of the very very very few forms of entertainment I have left? As little as the microscopic amount of patience I have left.

The people who have never stood in line in their entire existence are experiencing this crisis from a completely different angle. For them it’s more like: “I don’t see the ants anymore? Something is happening to my ocean of money?” They don’t know what harde, waterige maar toch smakeloze Albert Heijn meloen tastes like. Come down from the Olympus and show me yourself?

When D.O.C.I.S. International reaccumulates wealth, you will not lose your possessions – unless you are snake – but your future assets come with a different kind of price tag. And you will better know what it’s like to live like an ant? I’m an ant on the outside but not at all on the inside? You will never use a corona app regardless if it will be here or not? There will be equality in that sense under D.O.C.I.S. International.

See how happy the people on the featured image of this post are? They are sure as hell not using a FUCKING corona app. It is the definite key to true happiness. That type of freedom is not a thing of the past.

I definitely want to rent a car and drive around the country and stuff this Summer? If I’m still powerless bed petje by then? But never with a fucking corona app. I want my god damn freedom back. 🙁

How can people know when the outcome of a research project will be published, while allegedly not knowing what the outcome is?

Before people start calling me psychotic again and my mother calls the police etc. on me again: I’m just thinking out of the box. Trying to seek other explanations for the present situation. These are all just guesses. There is still a chance this all started with an animal market in Wuhan and then came to Belgium etc. in a figurative game of international tag.

I’m just saying there’s no way I’ll spend the rest of my life wearing a face mask? I want to shake people’s hands again? Does anyone else find that the way Willy always reads his speeches from paper/a teleprompter looks like he figuratively has a gun pointed at him?

The most remarkable of all of this, by the way, is that Van Dissel claims that the cause of doctors getting corona is not the patients. Multiple times he has said that doctors get the virus from outside the hospital. A hospital is a corona hot pot? Are you telling me I’m safer in a hospital? While they barely have protective gear in hospitals?

My mouth is happy

You Only Live Once

Also, breaking news: I had my first exchange of words ever with a traditionally Jewish person today.

More information will follow after I’ve unpacked my groceries and prepared myself noodles with fried eggs and okra. Sii I went to the toko today. Without gloves and a face mask. You only live once. I want my god damn freedom back.

I really missed thisss

So yes omg. I unloaded my shopping cart next to the fietsenstalling. It was standing there while I was calculating how to put it on my bike without everything tyfing om. Then a Jewish male wanted to take the cart. He was putting on his gloves and face mask standing near it.

So, though my scepsis about this pandemic is growing, I thought: “If I don’t tell him this, it is going to weigh on my soul forever.” So I approached him and told him: “Dit mandje is nog niet schoongemaakt.” (I couldn’t find the word karretje before the third time I repeated myself.) He was like “What?” with intonation of grote verbazing, I mean serious ” 😮 😮 😮 “. I speak quite fast when I’m nervous meow it was quite an impulse?

While excessively, slightly sarcastically because I mean this hygiene OCD thing can all be nonsense, touching the shopping cart, I told him that I just used the cart and it still had to be sprayed with disinfectant like happens to every used cart, so I pointed towards where the clean carts are and brought my cart to the person who was cleaning carts.

Question: what if I have a Sony Ericsson from 2001? In regard to corona app.

I bought duck rillettes. *giggles in French* Dynasty warriors and I want to be able to sleep. That was a sentence made by clicking on the word suggestions of my phone. But yeah and I bought some duck rillettes to eat on toast while I’m sipping wine in my bath tub. *laughs in non-ant*

I also got things like floss wire, cup cake mix, speculaas (please come visit me meow 🙁 ), boekweit meel (?), laurierblaadjes, verse tomaten en geitenkaas. For dinner I’ll be eating breaded lamb chops (bought some lamb today), home made hash browns and broccoli.

Also, I mean before I see my words in practice being taken way out of context once again, favoring being indoors over being outdoors is great, that may be forever. I’m just annoyed by the cleaning OCD, spending the rest of my life wearing a face mask, the news being way too corny lately and people giving a death stare when coming too close to them. Ah and of course the contact tracing apps.

And also, I’ve been having nightmares with the same motive of Bill Gates showing up next to my bed ready to kill me, quite frequently.

Oh, so, by the way, to make a long story short: what I’m saying is that instead of this eenie meenie mynie moe death dealing “Russian roulette” thing we’re living in (because are random groceries also tagged with the virus¿), we should let it be decided by the way people answer my questions. Because now we could be losing very vital people throughout all layers of society.

Fun fact: right before the virus came to Europe, I was planning to get my legs waxed. I already hadn’t shaved them since November or so. I wanted to wait until wax salons would be opened again. But, especially because they will be heavily overbooked whenever the lockdown is ended (ugh), I shaved them right before I filmed myself the other day.

I’ll never finish what I was saying, in reference to Regentesse 2, if I’m not asked insightful questions. 🙁

Question: killer virus is stopped by a layer of fabric? Maybe the Dutch scepsis was right? Because the cause of the virus is the swab? Also doesn’t De Jonge have that low key sexy villain vibe?

In regard to my essay, ese, I point out that the crisis is a serious growth opportunity for my business. It’s just honesty. Instead of the EU fucks who want to make all sorts of deals in the name of “saving humanity” while they’re just filling their pockets?



By the way, when I was missing, it was proclaimed that the church I went to before “I started going downhill” had convinced me to do extreme fasting. That was not true. First of all, I didn’t even believe that Ahn Sanh Hong (apologies for spelling etc) is the Messiah. I was just there to learn more about interpreting the Bible. How can I say Christianity is bad if I don’t know the full scope of the Christian interpretation of the Bible directly from a Christian perspective? Secondly, ik ben heel meegaand maar absoluut niet snel overtuigd. I’d never let myself be talked into fasting. It must really be my own independent decision.

The truth is – from my side of the story at least – that I stopped eating for days, right after my parents’ interference in my freedom of doing business got me feeling helpless. And they just let me starve. They blamed the church because they didn’t want to tell you that they are terrible people.

Food makes me happy, but sometimes I feel so bad that I don’t want to be happy. Then I don’t eat (and of course don’t cook meow I abruptly stopped cooking for my family then after I had been cooking for them daily for a while “because they were all working hard and I was always sitting around the house doing nothing”). But eventually I always pick myself up. By freedom I mean the concept of freedom and independence eh not being able to spend more of my parents’ money unless it’s my inheritance.


Lol all those ugly subsidised weak energy having ass windmills.

Freedom people in water yays

Photo by Bayu Jefri from Pexels