The previous post keeps giving me an error 500 when I try to edit it for more text. I’m guessing it’s because the post is too long. So part 2 yays.

I’ve contacted the server administrator about it. For the first time… I’ve been getting the error for so long meow I’m such an odd procrastinator. It was also the first time I added “owner of D.O.C.I.S. International” to the end of my e-mail. Haha meow I don’t have a fancy end of e-mail footer and it feels odd being business owner and doing these kind of things.

Meow I just had the e-mail returned to me. Then tried to send it from another mail address and had it returned again. Even server administrator is ghosting me. Haha why. ๐Ÿ™ Also my business communication becomes worse by the day. I can’t write short texts anymore.

(This is the one I typed after the previous one that was more fucked up and wasn’t delivered either:)

On both of my domains and, there have been frequent error 500’s, lately. For server use reasons, I would like to mention that they are WordPress using websites.
Often when trying to edit a post, and on, on top of that, often when attempting to acces [dashboard], the error happens.
More detailed examples of errors:
Fri, Feb 14, 22:53 – – trying to edit after having recently edited it
Mon, Feb 10, 10:13 – – wanting to access [dashboard]
May I have insight in server logs? I am guessing the plenty of text and media is the cause of the error, but I am not sure.
Kind regards,
Dominique D. Elia
Owner of D.O.C.I.S. International

It says [dashboard] because I don’t want to throw the obvious link here, to limit the consequences of sharing this. I should have written it in German, but my tech German is non-existent.

Haha I thought this day couldn’t get any worse. This is the historically worst Valentine’s Day ever for me. But I said the same about Valentine’s Day the year before that and the year before that. So I guess the worst one in this scope will be V’Day 2021. (:

Anyway, the reason why I started this new post is because I wanted to mention this: if I’d drop out, it feels odd being here. I came here to escape my social circle and get the title. But if I don’t get the title, what am I going to be doing here? I have less of a network here than in the Netherlands and I’m not applying for jobs. But I might have to start applying, if I want to keep this roof above my head. Oh my god. ๐Ÿ™

Es not certain that I won’t make it, but es certain that I won’t become less of a depressed person, so… The thought of losing my study financing makes me feel so naked. I can’t end this without a degree dammit I have a student debt of over โ‚ฌ25000 or something.

Es like am I going to grow my debt or am I going to settle for an unsatisfying income to start paying it off? Or am I just going to jump. Best solution right now would be to marry MoneyMan. That would solve all of my problems. Especially my kusjes related problems. ๐Ÿ™

Ha what do you know about making dinner past 11 PM? Yeah, I’m just about to leave my bed… ๐Ÿ™

Kusjeeeees โ™ฅ


P.S. I don’t know when I’ll take a moment to come up with something new to fill my home pages with. Household tasks are def a higher priority.

23:45 (11:45 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerp