Good morning liefjeee ♥

Welcome to Fangs’s Hair Studio.

Let’s get ittt

I’m so tired of taking care of my natural hair (already). Meow it requires so many products and time, and still it always looks mweh because I save up on products and time. Going through my rommelhok yesterday, I found extensions enough for 17 braids.

That’s not much, especially for the thickness of my hair, so it will likely look odd, but at least I won’t be bothered by my natural hair for at least 2 weeks.

Es unfortunate that I don’t know how to make fish tail braids, because then this hair would be enough. And my partings look terrible, because usually my mother does that for me.

But meow I’m going to put my clean dishes in the cupboards while my natural hair dries – I just washed it and pre-braided “the model” – and then get to it. It will likely not take as long as usual. Usually I take at least 24 hours for this, but I usually also make like 100 braids. (Maybe not literally 100, but it feels like that.)

After that, I’m going to make dinner. Hopefully early. I’ll be making hutspot and zuurkool. The most (northern, though hutspot is like a stolen Spanish dish¿) European meal I’ve ever made.

I’ll show you the results. 🙂

Before I go, here is a collection of relatable, funny and/or odd memes and a random screenshot:

Kusjeee x


08:50 (AM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

I’m doneee 😀

The yaaaaays

I was done braiding around 11:30 AM already. I found it too early to start cooking, so first I cleaned my house meow I managed to tame the mould in my shower.

After cleaning, still too early for cooking, I decided that I should go to the supermarket soon. I’ve never had so much money in my account since I got here, and I’ve built weird drinking habits since I ran out of bottled water. (I’ve been saving my last bottle for emergency purposes.) There are other things I’ve ran out of as well, I hope I can just get at the supermarket. If there was extreme hoarding here, I hope it’s over now. I’ve been living like outside there is zombie apocalypse already, but it must not be that bad.

I’m not leaving the house without a face mask, so, as described in an earlier blog post, I made a face mask and have made a photo tutorial for you. 🙂

In my mind the design didn’t look as kinky as this, but I like it a lot. Often things don’t turn out as good as I picture them, but I’m happy with the way both my hair and my face mask turned out. 🙂

In retrospect, it’s better to use paper over aluminum, because the virus lasts longer on aluminum.

I’m going to get cooking. 🙂


15:51 (03:51 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

Dinner was yays 🙂

I still had a can of cocktail sausages left from way before this quarantine stuff started, not over due, so, though I’m actually pescetarian now, I used half of that can and will use the rest for when I make Surinamese-ish rice and beans.

My sauerkraut is brown-ish because I used caramelized sugar to tame the sour. The rest of the uncooked cabbage is in the freezer now, for some other moment I decide to make this. Something smoked, like bacon or smoked fish, seems essential for a tasty combination.

The real German sauerkraut has a lot of meats in it, which I unfortunately never plan to buy anymore. No more meat for this catje. (There is oneee exception though ahahahaha… 😉 ) Though I already miss a juicy rare steak so much… I will compensate my rare meat cravings with rare tuna, I hope. 🙂

I really wonder what grocery stores are like during this quarantine period. Belgium seems to manage the situation very well meow. There are less reported cases than yesterday today. (Though reported cases does not literally mean all cases.) And the country has over 2500 intensive care beds ready, of which presently less beds are occupied than in the Netherlands, while the Netherlands are like 100 people away from reaching their max of like 600 intensive care beds.

I seriously am so lucky to be in Belgium meow. Not only because there is a much more intelligent strategy used to keep people alive here. Also because I can be all by myself, which lowers my chances of becoming infected by 600%.

No 1001 people coming over, no house parties, no doing slavery chores for anyone anywhere, no family PDA, no being so annoyed that I just have to go outside, et cetera. 90% of my social circle is in the “Ah, it’s just a flu. (Downplaying.) Drinking from your fish tank helps. (Believing forwarded whatsapp messages.) Without a quarantine, it will be over within no time. (Very wrong meow with half quarantine you’re going to be at it for years.)” group of people. So thank the almighty supernatural force that determines the universe its coincidence, that I am here and capable of silencing my social circle to literal death.

Catching up with my YouTube subscriptions was fun (and extremely cringy omfg). Making a very extensive shopping list was also fun. (Hoping everything will be available. I intend to last a month with what I’ll buy.) Now I’m going to have some fun sleeping meow I’m so exhausted.

Good night liefjeee ♥


20:22 (08:22 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

By the way, by weird drinking habits, I mean that I’d fill a large jar with tea, save the theezakje for second use, drink as not much as possible, knowing that I’ll let it go cold. I drink cold tea instead of water because I don’t have bottled water. But now I’m drinking from my last bottle, because I’m going shopping soon…

& I assume every country keeps its citizen corona patients? I wouldn’t worry about that personally meow if my lungs would die out it’s no use going to the hospital. The stuff given in modern medicine would likely kill me faster. There’s no cure, so even if I, as a Dutch nationality person, could be treated in Belgium, I’d say “no thank you very much”.

I need to work on my Belgian accent for when military people are going to start checking passports, and then say “Amai ik ben mijn identiteitskaart vergeten. Kan ik u op een andere manier van mijn identiteit verwittigen?” or something like that. No just kidding, I would just take the L in that situation and explain that I’m business student and if you were in my shoes you would have chosen to stay all alone as well.


21:25 (09:25 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae

The cocktail sausages have found better purpose: late night munchies (though this could have been dinner time). Sauce es mayo with mustard.

In case you ever wondered how severe my level of low key autism is:

It’s this bad

That is what I need to last (another) month in comfort. (Frozen veggies is not on it, but it is engraved in my mind so I don’t need to write that down.) Asterisk here means that it’s large and will have to go in to my basket first.

The objective here is to fit everything into a stroller shopping basket, so I can use the self scan checkout instead of using a bigger shopping cart and standing in line at the cashier. At some point I will thus have to hold my six pack of water bottles in my hand while shopping. The letters indicate the sections I will most likely find the groceries in, and which order of aisles I should follow to be most efficient.

I’m so tense for this haha stupid news media. Also hyped because I have 2 barkie for careless shopping, which doesn’t happen to me often.


P.S. Ahahaha btw in my in-head-hype-man-self-peptalk to calm my nerves, I told myself: “Als er gevochten zal worden om boodschappen, zullen er doden vallen. Heb je wel eens iemand een bejaarde door de winkel heen zien slingeren?” Jokingly. Of course I don’t fight meow I’ve literally never used pencak silat and judo outside the dojo.

22:42 (10:42 PM) [CET]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae