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Happy Easter holidays. πŸ™‚ Do you also have the habit/tradition of not eating meat on Good Friday? Though I’ve gone back to being pescetarian for a while now and though I’m not a Christian – though I was raised like one – all my life I’ve traditionally not eaten meat on Good Friday. I’ll be eating fried fish, fries and peas later. πŸ™‚

On social media, Opinionist. is doing pretty well (aside from me deleting the Twitter account because it fell way behind). The actual platform is still awkwardly silent. To make ourselves heard as citizens with no lobbyist network, the platform is a stable initiative. But veryyy few people click through to the website and less than 1% of them ends up signing up.

As for ambassadorship I’m rightfully getting hesitance, for this is – as I said in the request itself – a business with a very serious stance one has to take into consideration when joining. Because some employers don’t like people with an opinionated background. They prefer people who do whatever they are told and don’t make a lot of noise. Being politically outspoken is often not yayed. (I think that also shows itself in how relatively a lot less people in Europe and North America respond to my ads.)

In the end, of course, I hope to be the future employer of my ambassadors, for there are plenty of spots to fill in this business once it has expanded to its multi-component form. But now the “how to get there” seems less obvious than usual. I’ve never explicitly noticed how alone I am in this, until now. Because now is a good moment to display D.O.C.I.S. International’s ambitions in an easily identifiable way. The entire plan is here. I’ve published it in many different forms over the course of 2 years now. But translating it from blueprint to reality is not possible without a Council. A Council which has been drafted on paper, but barely knows about it in real life… I’m a severely introverted person haha… So meanwhile the usual socioeconomic system as we know it continues.

The idea of Eurobonds being legislated is a great concern to me. Though if D.O.C.I.S. International were to operate in its multi-component form, things like Eurobonds and the entire European Union would be nullified (at least to its members, if we wouldn’t have a complete support base). If and when it will ever operate in its full form is a good question (lol), so that’s why with Opinionist. I hope to be able to make some noise regardless. There’s nothing else I/we can (legally) do against it.

Somehow I’ve been able to log in to the backend of this website, but the front end has been showing an internal server error (ughhh πŸ™ ) for quite some hours now. I wonder if it’s somehow because of the extremely personal and unsuitable for all audiences personal information I shared the other day. I hope this post will be a distraction of that, though in theory what I stated is not a secret, I find personal transparency extremely important especially for my role and otherwise no one knows it at all.

Meow I’ll be cooking x


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