In this decade of enhanced division, a belief system that unifies people regardless of gender, race or religion/ideology, is more needed than ever. A system that is not adapted to modern times, but created for modern times. The new controversies thrown at you every single day, could have you feeling a persistent imbalance. You may have even seen manifestations of this imbalance that may have been almost undetectable a year ago. Without an election, the liberal movement has now (already) completed its capturing of the entire trias politica.

Their unquestionability is their strength. We need a similar type of power, if we ever want to experience harmony (again). The best solution I see is to collectively confide in one person that represents your beliefs. Though rational people can disagree on (small) things, we must operate as one collective that does not question itself now. Confide in Fangyism and its Regentesse. Here are some Fangyist standpoints on controversial topics.

On Anti-Racism Laws

– Race quotas make racism worse. Establish a reporting center instead.

To legislate racial minimums in institutions is irrational. It does not improve the quality of an institution’s results and it does not solve the problem of racism itself.

The composition of office staff or the formation of a school class, should be based on competence only. Never is it rational to say that someone’s race is more important than whether someone is an actual good fit or not.

On top of that, if anything, it makes racism worse. People who believe that (Cauc)Asians are of a superior race, are given nothing to question their racist dogma. “You are here because we legislated race quotas,” will be the new “You’re lucky that this is a country that tolerates your race.”

No. Instead of enhancing the liberal race doctrine, there should be a((n) (inter)national) reporting center for cases of racism. Take away the laws that say that a company should hire a minimum amount of people of a certain race. Instead, if you are a minority and you feel that you, for example, have been rejected a job because of your race: report the recruiter. Report every individual who considers you less capable because of your descent. (Of course emphasis on serious racist motives and not just reporting because you don’t like the outcome.)

Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to report a full 50% of my High School, and the people who tell me “Go back to Africa” without even knowing me, the neighborhood kids that used to bully me, et cetera, because it’s such an everyday thing that it would just be crazy to file a police report for it every time it happens. But I think that a lot of protesters who do really protest for a reason, feel justice for themselves when they can sign the racists that are a threat to all minorities, up for the death penalty.

– Instead of reparations, finalize equal opportunities and rethink currency value

Reparations are, in its theoretical sense, about as effective as one stimulus check: now people want more. Morally, no one today is personally responsible for slavery, so no one should have to pay for it.

Legally, opportunities are already equal. Next up is making sure that in practice, too, everyone has access to the same opportunities. Focus should be on competence only, which could be there without emphasis on race and without emphasis on prior education. Let someone, for example, solve a case that is exemplary for that which he/she is applying for, to make the decision.

I’m including prior education, because in this current system I can do nothing more than retire as a cashier or cleaning lady on welfare, hence commit suicide, while I personally think that I can do A WHOLE FUCKING LOT MORE THAN THAT. And younger generations, especially with the increase in unbearable leftist indoctrination in schools, will need that measure even more than I do.

The mechanism used to calculate currency value is an agreement. If this were a rational one, values could be made more equal of purchasing power, to end cheap labor and disincentivize people to seek their happiness in the West.

On the Justice System

– Fangyist System instead of trias politica

Right now, no one can overrule the judiciary power (without being instantly called a tyrant). If, however, legislative power elected by the public were responsible for the judiciary power, there is a more honest right to disagree. I go in to the Fangyist construction in Liberal Oppression.

– No prison: death or freedom

The nature of a person does not change. Therefore, when he or she is tried, the process must always be visible to the public in its full entirety. Decisions must always be based on the rules and never be based on emotions, especially because rational emotions are included in the rules. When a person turns out to be mean-spirited, he or she should be sentenced to death. No more wasting time, because people never change. More about that in Liberal Oppression.

– Safe crime reporting

Safe crime reporting for “no snitch environments” should be part of a new reporting center as well. A place where the person who reports the crime can be safe, but simultaneously truthfulness can be researched as well.

– People in power may not make mistakes

If you do not do the job you are sworn in to do, you gotta go… Through the Fangyist Justice System….

On Education

– A life’s portfolio instead of a fixed program

Let teachers be guides instead of indoctrinators. Let children decide what they want to learn based on what they are interested in. Of course, common knowledge is important: let it be practical common knowledge they learn, with greater emphasis on developing their individual specialization. General interest on a younger age, full expertise on later age.

On Welfare

– Tangible basic income with life’s portfolio

Those who are unemployed must be working on the reason why they are unemployed, at its core. They should thus be focusing on what is in their knowledge/skill portfolio and make sure that they get out of their situation of unemployment soon and happily. (Purposelessness to become a sin.)

To make sure that welfare is spent on the right things, there should be a points system and a list of fixed items to use for consumption.

On Gender

– No more stereotyping

In the natural physical manifestation of gender, there are only men and women. The debate about what these genders mean mentally has escalated. The Fangyist stance in this debate is the following: just like with race, your biological gender does not say anything about the kind of person you are supposed to be.

I think that the widely accepted stereotyping of genders has pushed people into an identity crisis. So if you can’t park, you are “a woman”, if you like beer, you are “a man”, if you like manicured nails, you are “a woman”, if you don’t care about make-up, you are “a man” and other nonsense. Bring back the occasional tough women and soft men. Once people stop assigning traits to gender, “transgender” people could maybe stop committing suicide because they regret their decision.

In today’s culture, where transgenderism has gone from “accepted” to “encouraged and subsidized”, we really need to rethink the capitalist system, because to this day there is no hard evidence that the power in charge of causality in this universe, misplaced a gender with a mind. Because, again, in the Fangyist view, someone’s natural personality is has nothing to do with someone’s gender. How women are supposed to behave and how men are supposed to behave are a result of nature, in combination with generations of indoctrination.

Because yes, women are given the biological tools to produce babies, and the vulnerability that could come with that, but that those tools are there does not mean that they have to be used. If a woman does not want children, that does not make her a man. Similarly, if a woman wants to work, that does not make her a man. Leadership qualities, too, are not determined by gender. Even strength is not based on gender. On average, men are taller and stronger, but in practice I’m sure that I can naturally beat most of them. (Can you imagine if there were widely propagated transgenderism before women’s rights?) People have to stop stereotyping genders and with that there will be less identity crises. Especially for young, gullible children. (Is it just me, or is it always someone else who first suggests if someone is L, B, G, T, or (…)? Even if it’s just an advertisement or a “concerned friend/parent”? (Or a bully, or a folder, or a protest…))

A Fangyist believes that the purpose of life is not to raise a family, but to overcome life’s challenges. Both the challenges that are posed on the individual and posed on the universe. Depending on your abilities, you’re (a great) part of something greater. Optionally having a family and a routine of consumption is a side-decision.


– It’s not that dangerous

COVID-19 is as deadly as a seasonal flu, which is also deadly to some. But not dangerous enough to take the entire world away its constitutional rights. When the deadliness was unknown, I could respect the measures. Now, though, it’s clear that the chance of dying from COVID-19 is not that high, so to keep imprisoning entire continents is severely exaggerated.

The coronavirus idols have gotten themselves and their political motives in to fascism so deep that it may be hard for them to step back. But the longer they keep this up, the faster their Fangyist legal proceedings will be. Can you imagine this much fascism and media coverage for the seasonal flu?

On Globalism and Nationalism

– Just tone it down

To turn the world into one big country is irrational. To consider your country superior is irrational.

Every country (not every race, because within every race, there is cultural diversity) has its culture. A culture that is not bound by race. Though peaceful minds can get together regardless, a permanent living environment should be for people that overall share the same values. To translate this to a practical example: going on school camp can be fun and peaceful, but after some time people start to get tired of each other: a difference in the specifics of habits/values of people in one camp. In the long run, the same goes for overall different habits/values for people in one country. Turning the world into one borderless country brings nothing but chaos, in that sense.

Even more importantly, it is more efficient and more sustainable to base an economy on resources that are found nearby.

Similarly, to consider your country superior (and (all) other countries “the enemy”) is extremely irrational. What could be considered perfect to you, does not have to be considered perfect by someone else. Superiority, in this context (and in racism) is a subjective truth. Also, to consider a country or a descent “evil” based on coordinates and/or history, is irrational, because that does not determine the nature of an individual. Hence, Fangyists neutrally appreciate their nationality and descent, and find all “country A versus country B” (United States versus Russia, Netherlands versus Belgium, …) pointless.

On Freedom of Speech

– No limitations at all

No one should be, and according to (some) Constitutions no one may be, limited in their freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled his/her own opinion. If someone is convinced of unconstitutional beliefs, in regard to for example race or political beliefs, that as well is noticed more easily when freedom of speech is restored. More about that in Liberal Oppression.

– Cancel culture has nothing to do with justice

To collectively ruin someone’s life and bypass the justice system is immoral. Not only because it violates a basic human right: it also gives people a false sense of purpose. To accept that a multi-talented legend is canceled by a bunch of purposeless sheep is, for a Fangyist, a step too far. We never encourage any form of masochism. If justice needs to be served, that can be done without collectively stirring up emotions.

On Extremism

– A new right to protest

It is irrational that, aside from voting once and then having to accept everything that happens before the next election, the only time the people can voice their political opinions to their leaders is when they collectively, planned, helplessly scream into the aether in an organized protest. A more civil and more effective measure would be to post plaques on the websites of ministries and support these generally or with a similar experience.

– History is nothing more than a depiction

History tells a story about how things got to how they are now. A Fangyist is neutral about history: no intense cheering and no grievances either. A statue is a neutral depiction, therefore it is never purposeful to take it away. (It could even be considered bait for people with unconstitutional beliefs.) At some point in time, slavery was as normal as attacking someone for being a Trump supporter.

Your Elections should have an Addendum


Regentesse Athens goddess

Photo by Hert Niks from Pexels