Liefjeee ♥

I hope you had a nice Easter Monday. Mine was. 🙂 For this post I don’t have much to mention, aside from two questions on my mind ordered from most to least random and two remarks.

  1. Corona + mosquito season will be very trippy?
  2. Is everyone who contacts a politician screened? Because that would be yayed.

I’m going to cut down on screen time and writing, because I want to give my eyes a break. And everything I do here feels quite pointless. I barely remember what living was like before I started blogging and I’m very eager to explore more of that.

So, though I want to keep posting a daily quote for Opinionist., I’ll post an update one day and then take the day after off, blogging alternately.

See you Wednesday liefjeee ♥


23:47 (11:47 PM) [CEST]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae