June 2021

Starting A New Life With You

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Для понимать меня намерение, вы есте требовающийся понимать меня точку зрения. Я есмь в ситуацию спорный. В весь земной шар, я есмь считаюшийся похожий на центр личностов жизнов. В то время как я не есмь заменитость и я не стремлюсь стала заменитости. Я стремлюсь жить жизнь руководства скрывающия. Начиная после 2016 (две тысячи шестнадцать) сущий способствовать развитию это стремление, но большинство всегда не соглашаться c мной идеалами. С тех пор нежелательная огласка. Но моя цель есть тем не менее таже. Личности знаят что я намереваюсь «начинать ноый жизн вместе с ними», по мне содержанию что есть скрывающия но знающий. В то время как я слышаю что человекы телепатишеским говорят делы сексуальный и злой, начиная после 108 (сто восемь) чисел. Это может быть потому [...]

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June 2020

Liberal Oppression

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Paid Edition Colored Text Issue / Supplement Liberal Oppression is written to add more depth to the public debate that is fueled by growing political tension. Racism, freedom of speech and the concept of elections are pointed out among the common factors that determine "left versus right". From my "outsider's perspective", as provocatively as possible, I describe the political developments I observe and the conclusions I draw from them. The paid edition includes two bonus chapters and it has statements underlined in red, purple or blue as pointers for your discussions at home, in class or elsewhere. In a series of 7 videos, I facilitate your debate. Find the Free Edition in your [...]

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April 2020

It is here.

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Fangs [05:03 (AM) CEST]: It is here, liefjeee. The first page of my network of Wikipedia pages is online. I'm starting to feel like I've accomplished something (reminder to self that I mention wanting to do this without social media and why). In other news, my grandmother has left the hospital and now lives in a retirement center. I, by the way, way disagree with Wikipedia's biased definition of pseudoscience. Connotations are something the individual should (be able to) interpret him/herself. People should not be told how to think. The difference between pseudoscience and regular science is verification and falsification. That's all you need to know. Anonymous visitor [15:03 (03:03 PM) CEST]: Waking up to people wanting to speedily delete your Wikipedia page [...]

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March 2020


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Anonymous visitor [06:30 (AM) CEST]: Good morning liefje ♥ Hopefully you're feeling better now. I realized that the word clairvoyance could be the best word that summarizes your intensified perception since the beginning of the outbreak and your concern about your hospitalized grandmother. You are going to continue working...? Fangs [07:47 (AM) CEST]: Good morning ♥ I'm feeling a lot better. Almost as calm as before yesterday's discovery. (It's so random to have such a big delay in receiving those messages, as if I'm living in times before there were cars.) Calm enough to be indecisive about whether I overreacted or not. So I can/could be taken to court for not paying certain bills. The possible consequences of that case are not yet [...]

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Haha what

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Fangs [01:40 (AM) CEST]: Haha what. What do you mean by "it"...? Now I really don't even dare to go outside anymore, though I really crave more mandarins meow the last mandarin I have now is scheduled for today's breakfast. & Haha wow meow yesterday I said "April starts tomorrow", but I meant that for this disaster year I'm more expecting March to end with a greater bang of disaster and then all of April being the after effects of that. That in these last 2 days of March something 10 times as worse than corona pandemic happens and it already f*cks up all of April way before it begins. Today is the first work day of the first week of April... (And [...]

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Sunday Chat

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Fangs [10:46 (AM) CEST]: Liefjeee ♥ 😸 Anonymous visitor [10:46 (AM) CEST]: Liefjeeeeeee ♥ ♥ ♥ Anonymous visitor [10:47 (AM) CEST]: We are chatting now? :o Fangs [10:47 (AM) CEST]: Siii I'm trying out a new post format for today. :) Fangs [10:47 (AM) CEST]: How was your night? How's your morning? Got any plans for today? Anonymous visitor [11:00 (AM) CEST]: My night... Well, your nightmares kept me awake for a little while, but overall I've rested well. It was a good night. My morning is all right. I just ate some cereal. I didn't have plans for today. When we started quarantining, I still had a little inspiration for what to do with my days, but now I'm such a bed [...]

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