Become a Publicist

The term “publicist”, is usually used in public relations or law. The forms and strategy of publishing here is, however, so unique and diverse, that there is no official term for “what we do”. The word Publicist, interpreted as “he or she, who publishes”, describes us the best 🙂 . You will not regret this!

Being a publicist for D.O.C.I.S. International, is the same as planting a healthy seed in very fertile soil, in the best time of the year: success is inevitable. Not growing is impossible! And it could easily be combined with your current occupation, when your brand is in its beginning stage. When it thrives, you do not need that occupation anymore, if that freedom is what you strive for…

Currently, the start-up version of the organization, functions as an assistant in alternative conceptualization. What you create, will be published and branded in a way that is unlike anything or anyone else, which will make it history in itself.

Part of this organization’s stance in preferred business communication, is that we do everything together in person, for as much as that is possible. More about exact ways of operation, will be explained to you personally, after you have submitted the form below, if your aims suit the strategy of this business.

The expanded version of this business, includes an alternative parliament and senate as its board. It consists of publicists only, and leaves much room for many forms of expertise, as well as many types of apprenticeship. I hope you will fill out the form below, and that we will have an introductory meeting 😀 .