Good morning liefjeee ♥ ♥ ♥

I have exciting news to tell you, so I’ve written this overnight. Though this partially feels like I’m rambling and no one is listening, I’m very glad that you do listen to me.

I have 3 yays to share and 2 non-yays. Before I continue, please remind me that I when I’m ballin’ out on zorgtoeslag on the 20th – 21st of this month, I want to become a member of Forum voor Democratie. Now, in contrast to the past, my spending space allows for the expense better. And I guess I’m ready to be part of something. More about that in my yays.

Also, you should know that my Facebook account is blocked. Not because of something I said, I think. It was when I was linking my business D.O.C.I.S. International to Opinionist., by giving Opinionist. a second name, and then wanted to link my personal Facebook ads account to D.O.C.I.S. International as a business (until here there were no issues yet), where I filled out that I operate from the Netherlands, because I have a Dutch VAT number. (The VAT number is the main reason why I Netherlands, aside from my passport.) Then, all of a sudden, I first had to do an “I am not a robot” check and afterwards was asked to upload a recent picture of myself to confirm that I am me. Not only is that last thing quite a creepy question to ask. (Lol Facebook is operating on random internet dudes level.) It also doesn’t say anything, because even if it were a fake account, I could just download more fake pictures off the internet…?

In situations like that, I’m always concerned by not being recognized as the same person, because it really looks like there are 3 me’s. With a wig/clip in extensions, with braid extensions and with my natural fluffy kink, I look like a totally different person. Because it’s like my ethnicity changes along with the hair. But luckily technology/AI always recognizes my eyes, in reference to iris scans at airports. I purposely showed how I take off my wig and how I get ready, to prove that I’m the same person. But just like with the schizophrenia diagnosis, trying to explain it just makes me look more guilty.

On my computer, I didn’t have a recent picture at hand. I just selected the first photo I saw in the folder that opened. The thumbnail of the Volta Valentine’s Party. It will be manually reviewed for confirmation and until then I won’t be able to access my account. I wonder if they’re going to read through my private messages? I have nothing to hide, though. I’m just wondering. Also, I’m wondering how my newest Facebook ad is doing. It’s doing fine on Instagram, which I can still access. (If they forever lock my account and drag my Instagram account along with it, it won’t be the end of the world, though.)

controversial debates should be stimulated instead of silenced opinionist

Without the debate there is no lesson. Without the lesson there is no growth. The truth will always land on its feet, so allow people to speak.

preaching to the mob meme homophobia lesson

An explanation of the previous quote. It will be my next post.

More about that in my second yay. The yays will be ordered from least to most yay.

Yay 1: Supermarket Flexin’

This is the least yay, because it involves sin. I got up at 8 AM yesterday, to go to the supermarket. A random detail is that I had two butter waffles with Nutella and a glass of water for breakfast.

fangs corona swag

08:44 AM. In my usual corona swag. Face masks are more normal now.

I went by bike, because I’ve been struggle walking home with heavy bags often enough now. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cycle home with the large amount of groceries, but at least I could then use the “steering wheel” (English?) and snelbinders to make my body suffer less. I must say that it was relatively busy in the supermarket, in comparison to the last time I went shopping in the morning. There was a line by the time I left.

three large full bags of groceries bike steering wheel

I robbed myself of 170 euros and 94 cents.

fangs window reflection plenty of groceries on bike walking

Somehow I managed to get this on my bike – though I was offered help but refused – all by myself and nothing had fallen.

My tires are completely destroyed, but it was very much worth it. Now is when I start hoarding. If the economy will be reopened the same way it was shut down…

Fangs with plenty of groceries in elevator

ft. babies

fangs living room coffee table kleenex box fruit scale and bananas hanging on belt

I’ve been buying not very necessary things

Like that limited edition box of Kleenex tissues. I already had a box of tissues and small packs of tissues, which I don’t really need that much now (though I use tissues to save on kitchen paper while I have 4 rolls), but in case I need it in the future, I have it. (They say let your banana’s hang because then they’ll stay fresh for longer, so that’s why they’re hanging on a belt. (My first time trying this. I buy my bananas very green so they’ll feed me when I’ve devoured my other fruits. Will that now bring even bigger yays?))

I’ve been “pescetarian vegan” for a while now, but I’ve been craving for real butter to fry with and real cheese (to melt through my pasta dishes) for so long, I couldn’t resist not buying it for much longer. For safety, though, I promise myself I’ll always heat it. So grated Belgian gratin cheese mix was added while still in the pan. (I also have a block of Grana Padano for later use.)

tortellini with spinach on deep white plate

Oh my god.

The food may look plain, but it was great yays. The tortellini is filled with ricotta and spinach. I fried an onion, added spinach (that was first frozen but looks and tastes more like never frozen spinach I am yayed), soy cooking cream, oregano, thyme and cheese mix, and cooked my tortellini in that after cooking it first. It was my first time making tortellini, but not my first time making it because I used to eat that at a neighborhood friend’s place very often when I was about 4. After having walked past the tortellini section here since September 2019, I finally gave in. (Though this is a vegetarian version.)

This is all big yays because I love the way my diet improves after grocery shopping. Before, it wasn’t that bad, but…

surimi sticks sushi shashimi lol on plate ft. soy sauce bowl

In total, I’ve eaten 36 surimi sticks in 5 days. (And somehow I still like them meow I’ve bought 3 packs again.)

Yay 2: New Books

First, I wanted to come out of this quarantine as a pro in jazz piano improvisation. But without a pedal and a full set of keys, I don’t enjoy playing as much. Today, I had great idea for new books and how to market them and stuff. So that will be my new focus. I’ll give you mini sneak previews.

soapy bath, Liefmans kriek, tortellini, chocotoff, candles

I had a good brainstorm session.

An Opinionist’s Commentary on 2020

Even if the reader doesn’t know who I am or what D.O.C.I.S. International does, it will be clear at the end and that won’t even be the focus of the book. I’ll explain what Opinionist. is (as part of the future Versax), the opportunities it brings and what all “statement” quotes I’ve marketed this far mean in detail. For free.

Society (Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book II)

I’ll be publishing indie, just like I did before the unpublished episodes. In my mind Nosce Te Ipsum’s science fiction story is in its sequel, but in reality I’ve only published the introduction. I love the Nosce Te Ipsum series and can’t wait to start working out the rest of it! (In total there are 4 themes that have to be covered before Lil Fangs spawns and the blanks you’ve filled in determine the entire story.) You should know that the suffering in the previous episodes (which will partially continue in Book II and so on), will in the end lead to the biggest yays.

In Book II, the blanks will lead to a governmental policy that suits you best. If you’ve read The Hypothesis, I need to know if the majority has chosen A or B, to determine how the story proceeds. (Es “funny” because for the reality of the corona crisis and the 3rd yay, I also need to know A or B.)

This is not my biggest yay, because I wish I could already show you the final results!

Yay 3: FvYays

After grocery shopping, unpacking, a kaiserbrötchen with tuna pathé, a glass of water, vacuum cleaning and some serious couch hibernation, I woke up to an e-mail from a member of the Forum voor Democratie WebCare team. By then I had already gotten way further than I initially expected. When I clicked “send” on Easter Monday and waited for a few, I thought ” 😮 It’s delivered.” I remembered picking up on Catthierry’s e-mail address in a live stream, but I couldn’t find it back (quick enough), so I guessed correctly. (I was expecting “mail returned to sender”…)

Getting a response to an expression very close to my heart is always quite tense to me. I was trembling from palpitations and anxiety when I opened the mail, but that was unnecessary. It was a perfect e-mail. I was saluted with “Geachte”. ♥

Then appreciation for “someone like me” thinking along for the party as well as society in general was mentioned. (Though psychiatric surveillance has caused me to doubt sincerity when anyone approves my “radical thinking”. (After my first case manager first saying “Yes, I’m behind you” and then on speakerphone with physician “Yes, she is crazy and we should definitely try to take away her rights”. It has had an impact.) I try to convince myself that it truly is sincere.) I’m flattered. I’m yayed. And I don’t even know what it means. Tishe also said something like “we need more people like you”. What is someone like me? Is it my gender? My origin? Is it because I’m wild catje¿ I don’t know and asking that seems like a silly question to ask. (Not really that silly but more like when a girlfriend spontaneously asks “What do you like most about me?”)

Then it was stated that my feedback will be processed and maybe implemented in future moves. The ultimate yay would have been a guarantee, but making it an option makes it perfect. (In reference to psychiatry, I don’t even know if it’s true at all. Which sounds crazy if the yays are as sweet as my heart wants to experience them. I’m trying to convince myself of the best. Time will tell. 🙂 ) I’m very yayed. 🙂

In the e-mail I sent on Easter Monday, I, summarized, expressed that after once again seeing the quality of entertainment getting worse by the day, I can’t help but share my observation on media and vision. I mentioned that I also have a political vision but don’t want to enter politics because of the slowness of the system, I emphasized that he shouldn’t trust any mass media, my random view of how everyone should live under the policy of the party he/she votes for, and then there was a digression.

When I started writing, I had the objective of stating the mass media thing and mentioning my alternative, but (the actual text shows how spontaneous the unintended text was) then I wrote a digression about that national identity should not bring shame, but not superiority either. Especially because the victory on the one side is a loss on the other side. History is a given and an explanation. Then I indirectly stated the idea of Planet Fang and the overall intentions I have with my business (I referred to it as “political entrepreneurship”). And reference to am essay I thought he hadn’t shared yet and that I had seen him before, in the P.S.’es. In about 1100 words in total. I was already happy to write down what was on my mind for a very long time. But then, sequentially: “:o It was read.” ” 😮 It was forwarded.” ” 😮 It was picked up on.” ” 😮 I am yayed.”

On spin

This is a good moment (and funny textual timing) to share an approach to spin from back in my Elia PR days. I’m very passionate about being a spindoctor. (As well as other PR related things and other things.) The word has a negative connotation, which I, for a change, find correct. But only because present spindoctors are doing it wrong. The formula people are using now is “spin before general explanation”. Which does get the message across to even the least intelligent, yes, but it unrightfully influences people’s opinion. What they’re doing right now is, plainly said, “Trump is bad because he is abusing his power and avoiding being put to justice because he’s trying to avoid a subpoena” and then after the influence has already taken place, answer “What is a subpoena?”, causing people to learn a definition in a contextual bias (sometimes causing connotations). Its soap series vibe makes it easy to follow, but it will create many opinionated people who in the end still don’t know what they’re talking about. (I don’t know either.)

So instead of creating the situation where people say “Photosynthesis is when plant SuperHans smiles into the sun and then doesn’t have to eat for a week,” Elia PR would take the long and honest route of explaining theory first and “doing spin” after. Making spin obvious, which is honest, but only to tell the truth/clarify a situation after, leaving the final judgement 100% up to the receiver of the message. In this I would be a spokesperson for individuals. (Not businesses or other collectives.)

I hope that the next time someone calls Catthierry racist, I can somehow be his spokesperson. My appearance itself says enough to those with the simplest level of understanding. (Given that I first (sorry) become certain that living room conversations really isn’t 90% black jokes.) That option of included feedback has been SuperHans-style food for thought. If this all doesn’t work out, my yayest back-up would be being either a member of parliament or a member of the opposition. I could live that life and feel satisfied better than when attending university for longer, getting an office job or working at a supermarket. Though I prefer doing it on an international scale. (Who doesn’t…?)

So meow I should really sign up. Even if it’s just to be part of something. Though I’m so isolated I don’t really know what interacting with other people in a one-on-one or group setting is like anymore. But maybe that’s an advantage. &x1F602; I can see myself being a representative and doing teamwork so powerful that it’s scary.

You know my bad experiences with customer service meow I was terrified. Usually it always goes wrong, which was why the physical reaction. But this has permanently set my heart at ease and restored my faith in people and in life in general. Best tone ever meow I want to be treated like a real life goddess. So biggest yays. 🙂 ♥

Non-yay 1: Unsuitable provision

I don’t know if I can provide ambassadors based on contacts from my past.

Non-yay 2: No more Senate

On D.O.C.I.S. International’s future business structure: The Think Tank already provides direct feedback, so the D.O.C.I.S. International Council does not need a Senate. To let things go past a senate slows things down, so it’s better to pass it through from the Parliament straight to the local subdivisions. (Perhaps some Senate draft members could lead a local subdivision.)

I created the Senate because the people have been told that absolute power is the worst thing ever, but if there are people with a controlling function (which could be worse), it’s all good. But in reality it just slows things down. I do want to know how people find the policy, but still I can’t allow too many authorities in making the final decision, if we really want to get things done. (Yes, we want to get things done.)

Well meanwhile the sun has gone up. I’m going to eat some breakfast and take a nap haha. I’ll be drafting today… My next update will be on Friday. Dag liefjeee ♥ ♥ ♥


P.S. Isn’t it odd how before the Christmas break some people made such fools of themselves by how bad they lost that impeachment stuff and now we’re so distracted by that virus?

05:57 (AM) [CEST]; Kievitwijk, Antwerpiyae