Now that my senses have been triggered by another risk of severely illegal legislation, I’m writing this post about bad PR. There are some serious misconceptions about this concept I really have to point out.

Everything is PR

Following the definition Bernays gave in his Propaganda, I say that everything is PR. The term “PR”, public relations, was introduced after the original term, propaganda, got a negative connotation because of World War II. Propaganda, with a neutral connotation, is “transferring a message”.

A speech is propaganda, a news article is propaganda, “Don’t go to that restaurant, their food is not nice,” is propaganda. And so on. All forms of transferring a message are propaganda. Propaganda = PR. Therefore everything is PR. (There is a message in everything.)

The most classical forms of propaganda are “social activism posters”, news media broadcasts and the content of your school books.

This is, neutral connotation, propaganda.

PR came into use after direct government enforcement was starting to become less effective. This because the receivers of the message, “the general public”, were starting to feel too suppressed. PR gave them a sense of identity. They felt more like the higher layers of society had better intentions with them.

Bernays, a legendary propagandist, used PR to introduce bacon and eggs as ingredients of “the hearty American breakfast”. A breakfast made with simple nationally farmed products. Indirectly supporting your national farmers does not seem like evil propaganda to me. What did make it bad, was that this was sold to the public by having “a scientist” claim that “the hearty breakfast” is actually good for the heart. Eating a lot of bacon has the opposite effect, we know today. (Right…?)

In the end, PR is used to control the masses. This does not have to be a bad thing. There must be order. But it can definitely be used for bad purposes. Even today.

The “corona line” for public places is a result of propaganda. (Today was my first time seeing it in person. Je moet het een keer meegemaakt hebben haha. (To become a politician later lol.))

But today’s propaganda – teachers, news reporters, democrats – has caused PR to be a taboo by default. (While that too is PR.) This while actually – feel free to disagree – whether a message is good or bad depends on the intentions of the person who sends the message. It is neither good nor bad by default. People need to know this. That is why I’m writing about bad PR.

Today’s most popular Misconceptions

Read and judge.

Who makes the News?

If I’m sunbathing toplessly in my front yard, or if I tweet that everyone should go back to where they came from, that does not make the front page. But if Kim Kardashian does that, it would be on the news for a full week. Why?

In the context of making the news, I distinguish two parties: those who want to be heard and those who defend certain ideals. Those who want to be heard are the lower and middle class, who have no choice but to accept life the way the elite serves it to them. These people often vote democrat/labour/left.

Those who defend certain ideals find themselves in the upper layers of society. Some defend their family business or their family mission. Some are just born extremely rich, have never seen a vacuum cleaner up close, and need to find ways to keep money coming in.

What is often used to win people over for the left vote, is claiming: “Those right wing/rich/republican/… don’t care about you. But I do, because I’m a good person/I’m like you (because I eat burgers too)/I believe in science.”

They keep their extravagant lifestyle up by zooming in on a case of trouble in the middle and lower class. Nurses who are earning below minimum wage, or elementary school teachers earning less than high school teachers, for example. Or Eurobonds, or a contact tracing app.

First of all, they make sure that the cause of the problem is anything/anyone but them. Then, they convince the lower class of something they actually don’t want/need, using the greatest broadcasting networks. People the lower class can relate to, like the minority shop owner or the bold high school students, or “the only credible authority”, “a scientist”, are on the news, “the medium of public opinion”, proclaiming how good the democratic/left/labour solution to the (sometimes consciously created) problem is.

The miracle formula of the democratic solution is: set up some “independent governmental organization”, throw a shit load of tax money against it and say on the news that it’s working. Or say that it’s not working good enough and that more money is needed. Only 10% of the billions of tax money spent goes to the actual problem. Enough to make it seem solved on the surface. (This is why I want to revert privatization. Do you have an overview of which and how many external organizations make up the power of actual government these days? It’s so much that I have lost the overview.)

What have you noticed of the zillions that have gone into the EU this far? Have you seen how those people live? (Yeah, me neither. That’s why I’m asking.)

Chances are that every person you see in a viral video is either a paid actor or someone who can afford to enforce the coverage.

My name and/or my face doesn’t get me to the front of a store line. When I do whatever, that does not end up in a news paper. Bill Gates, however, can practically buy global attention. The same goes for the Kardashian family. They all have their own ideals to defend and are paying a very high price for it.

News is made by the highest bidder.


PR can be used to display yourself, your business or your country positively. It can, however, also be used by your opponents to make you look bad. This type of PR is indescribably popular these days.

President Trump is, of course, the best example of this. Since the moment it was known that he had intentions of running for the Republican Party, his opponents have been investing in his defamation.

The likely consciously created corona crisis is the icing on the cake. After over 4 years of continuous anti-Trump propaganda, served by the Democratic Party, a democratic victory should be a piece of cake.

Every single day, hundreds of pieces of anti-Trump propaganda are ejaculated into the world. Families are fed with that shit. It has created a sense of community and identity. “Fighting against the enemy together”. Even my fucking professors have to throw in a “Trump is bad” every now and then, even though as far as I know none of my subjects is called “How to Vilify and Brainwash”.

Most democratic and republican legislation passed these 4 years remain a mystery. It has been overruled by anti-Trump propaganda. Because of widely accepted defamation through PR, people consider President Trump the cause of all of their problems.

Defamation is also a classic tool used to influence the stock market.

Defamafion is disgusting, if you ask me.


In the line of news media used for defamation, there is Wikipedia. News articles are a very often used source for a Wikipedia article. Anyone can write this. The bias in a source is transferred directly into the encyclopedia and – in this way only – becomes “a fact”.

Why the “No PR Act” is Severely Dangerous

Now that Eurobonds will be replaced by “junk bonds” and tracking apps that will go with police enforcement are about to be introduced internationally, the freedom of future generations is at severe risk. The “No PR Act” would seal this.

Speaking of being convinced of things we don’t need, why does “the minority leader” want to pass the No PR Act? This helps minorities how exactly?

The “No PR Act” has become an initiative “Because Trump makes everything about himself”, which is not a fact. It is democratic bias. How can PR that vilifies someone be used to initiate an act against PR? This act may never pass.

Not only because it is the legalization of fixing elections and another attempt to undermine the president. It would also give future republicans a huge disadvantage and that should never happen.

If the act passes in the US, the EU will copy it within no time, and then I lose the only strength I have left at this moment.

What I think Should Be

If I weren’t where I am right now, I would have been killed already. “What do you know about the 2016 elections?” I’ve been asked extremely often when I was interrogated by police and held captive in a psychiatric ward. I lied and denied knowing anything about it every single time.

I have proved that I’m not a schizophrenic, which is bad PR to the people who have put me through that diagnosis. (Ja had je dat maar niet fucking moeten doen man eigen schuld. Ik had je kanker vaak gewaarschuwd.)

If I’d have shared this information while in the Netherlands, they would have injected me with a deadly psychiatric drug by now. (Which is fascist.) If I shared this information while in the US, I would have either been shot or defamed in some way. (Which is fascist.) Where I am right now, I am safest. How safe this is, I don’t know. But at least I’m certain that my “friends” and relatives won’t snitch on me here. Or at least chances are lower that psychiatrists or police will kick in my door here.

If someone has a controversial message, that person should not be silenced if it doesn’t comply with today’s fascist standards. He or she should be able to defend her beliefs. The public should be enabled to formulate their own opinions. Instead of being fed their daily opinions by a newspaper.

End this democratic fascism. People should be allowed to express themselves on social media in any way they want. People should be allowed to dress however they want. If I want to go grocery shopping naked, for example, that should be allowed. There should be freedom of haircuts. (Bring back those “hitlerjugend” haircuts please meow. Because the haircut looks really good on anyone.)

In my opinion, president Trump should be granted a second term without new elections, in which government news broadcasts only come straight from the government. Because this was extremely unfair.

Do not mistake bad PR for free press.


They are also my reading suggestions to you:

Propaganda by Edward Bernays, with an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller, published by Ig Publishing.

The Establishment – and how they get away with it by Owen Jones, published by Penguin Books.


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