A Proposal for The Nosce Te Ipsum Thesis

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Project Nosce Te Ipsum is my initiative for the global improvement of our society. It starts as an idea on paper, followed by a small corporate compound, as a simulation of our potential future. After that, our corporate state – a parallel economic, political and social system – can be constituted in reality and our solutions could be exported to other countries.

For the acknowledgement of my insight in the fields this project touches on, since there are no degrees in my possession and the endeavor has an influence on many lives, it should be approved by selected specialists who will have a function in the parliament of the corporate state the thesis is the constitution of.

This is a rather colloquial approach to a thesis, which touches on multiple academic fields at once. If the right people see this document, we might be able to do something very unique together, and make a historic change to our planet.

The proposal consists of the description of the assignments within the thesis that leads to the constitution of the corporate state. The ideas summarized here, are, strategy wise, narrowed down a lot further, throughout the posts on my personal blog.

The Components of The Thesis

In my current proposal, The Nosce Te Ipsum Thesis consists of five components. Each one has its own purpose, subject range and timeline, in this endeavor to create a parallel system through a (new (type of)) corporate state. It is my intention to be ahead of any issues we could encounter in the future, so the components of the official Thesis will include strategies on, for example, how to prevent market failure when we cause the shift in the system, how to make sure that the existence of the new state does not lead to war (anywhere), how to ensure ourselves the construction of the new state does not disrupt the balance of nature and how to protect the state from overpopulation.

This section includes an overview of every component and its sub-components. This is written for the specialist, who could, for instance, point out errors in the concept of the thesis.

Constituting Planet Fang

(International) Business, (International) Economics, (International) Law, (International) Politics, Architecture and Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, Crisis Management, Design, Ecology, Engineering, Fangyism, Mathematics

Planet Fang is an independent state, which facilitates life in an alternative way, in comparison to other nations. The differences are in the way citizens have access to resources, in the way the citizens maintain their own lives, in the annual routine and in what parts of life are computerized. [Present tense is used, because it is intended to make this reality, so this is informative.]

  • A parallel financial system and access to resources
    The basic needs of the Fangyist will be covered by Planet Fang.
  • An alternative technocracy
    The leaders of Planet Fang are specialists, instead of politicians. There are many other things taken care of differently, such as that there will be no police on the island itself (the people for whom police might be needed are simply not welcome). Entrance to the island will be defined by the outcome of the Nosce Te Ipsum application survey. Life on Planet Fang will not be a fixed routine the way life is now a fixed routine.
  • Planet Fang’s Annual Routine
    For the sake of variation and more openness to the broad range of beliefs we know today, our annual routine will be different from what we know today. The exact routine also varies per year.
  • Automation on Planet Fang
    There’s more to life than working, which is why jobs on Planet Fang will be automated as much as possible. Other things which are currently over-automated in such a way that it damages our environment, such as the existence of a supermarket – buying directly from the farmer or a specialized shop (on request) is more eco-friendly – will not exist on Planet Fang (the island).
  • Solutions for other nations
    From the findings from the research for Planet Fang, I would like to export solutions to other countries.

S.I.P.O. and The U.S.H.R.

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Psychology, Political Science, Mathematics, Statistics

For the concepts I would like to put into practice, there is a lot of mass enlightenment that needs to be done, and, because of the great reform in which there will be no room for conservatism, a consensus needs to be found. For that, in the past, I have written the work Studying International Public Opinion and designed the template for the research project that relates to The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning.

  • S.I.P.O.
    New ways of getting my content out in an understandable way, should be put into practice on a far larger scale. For that, currently, donations are needed. For getting access to media on which a larger scale of people can be reached, for releasing more masses-friendly material and for guiding and putting into practice the recruitment that comes with it.
  • The U.S.H.R. 
    Along with the recruitment, there is a lot of research that needs to be done, to make sure that this idea in practice is something the masses can be at peace with. That’s why I came up with an indirect survey in the Nosce Te Ipsum I series, that seems too difficult for the masses to understand, so maybe a computerized alternative will suffice.

Introducing a New Way of Life

(International) Economics, (International) Politics, Artificial Intelligence, Cultural Science

The U.S.H.R. survey has a personal outcome and an interpersonal outcome. The personal outcome includes a new occupation in life that will truly suit you, when you officially become a Fangyist.

Fangs’s Anatomy

 Artificial Intelligence, Athleticism, Design, Medicine, Mathematics, Other creative forms of self-expression [playing the piano, singing, poetry, acting and dancing], Psychology, Statistics

There’s a huge controversy in my medical records and other files of mine. I would like to show you my side of the story, by guiding a research project on my anatomy. This time, I will be the one who indicates in what fields my body needs to be examined, instead of the health care professionals who have had a hand in the total hell my life has turned in. The research, of which I want to video tape everything, will include the following:

  • Private health investigation
    I can’t get medical assistance in my country of residence – the Netherlands, because they are convinced that I am mentally insane and that my health complaints are fake. I don’t trust them with my health anymore. I have done some private health research in Germany, where they discovered my aortic insufficiency along with palpitations, the biomechanical dysfunction in my spinal column and a urinary infection. This infection was treated with antibiotics, but still returned after the treatment, and there were white blood cells found with the infection as well. From the other health complaints I still have, I want to prove that those Dutch health care “professionals” were far off with their diagnosis, and that I do have a serious illness. If it’s not cancer, it must be a retroperitoneal fibrosis [which has occurred in the family] combined with something else. The infection is, to this day, uncured, and I would like a full body MRI to start the examination and solve my health complaints.
  • Physical abilities
    By means of entertainment within this self-research process, I would like to showcase everything else I can do.
  • The Head Cuddle
    One of the reasons why I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, is because I believe that supernatural abilities exist, and that other people and I possess these abilities. I was indirectly forced to talk about my beliefs, because my parents ordered them to speak to me. In the beginning, I kept everything to myself, because I knew that it could be used against me, but at some point, I couldn’t rid myself of their surveillance, so I tried to do it by being fully open with them. That back-fired even more. They didn’t listen to me with the intention to prove that there’s nothing wrong with the way I reason. They were looking for a ground to base the reason to continue their surveillance. So when I was honest about my beliefs, to them, it was a quick: “Oh, it’s supernatural, so it must be schizophrenia.” I have never had a chance to prove these abilities. There’s an experiment I’ve written out while I was held captive in that institution. If I’m able to raise enough funds, I might have a chance to prove myself right.

Touching the Future

Design, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Engineering

There are many inventions I have in mind, which are truly revolutionary. Do you remember the days when there were images made of what the future could look like, and there would be things possible with technology, which seemed impossible, then? They’re exactly those kind of things. But then possible to manufacture. In the categories of:

  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Assistance
  • And fashion, too 🙂