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Liberal Oppression by Lil Fangs Paid Edition cover

The Debate of the Century.

Liberal Oppression is written to facilitate the discussion about popular sensitive subjects. I will be your chairlady, making sure your discussion will be peaceful.

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907, 2020

Introducing the Concept – Breaking Down Liberal Oppression [1/7]

By |July 9th, 2020|Categories: Reflections, Updates|Comments Off on Introducing the Concept – Breaking Down Liberal Oppression [1/7]

In a series of 7 videos, we will be debating about Liberal Oppression in the contemporary context. We start off by practicing my strategy for peaceful debating, with me as your chairlady. This is episode 1: Introducing the Concept – Breaking Down Liberal Oppression.

For the series, you need:

The next episode will be online on Friday the 17th, next week, discussing the preface. Be prepared. x

807, 2020

Preparing to break down Liberal Oppression

By |July 8th, 2020|Categories: Reflections, Updates|Comments Off on Preparing to break down Liberal Oppression

Something I miss in life is – no offense – cognitively challenging content. It is the reason why I exhaust myself putting out new content: the bar has to be raised urgently and I see no one doing something even close to what I do, when it comes to being challenging.

How long does it take you to read 10 pages? When reading Seneca, I can take a full hour to read 10 pages. Is reading quickly a display of intelligence? In the context of overall ability, of course, but in determining whether someone is of exceptional intelligence, I think not. […]

407, 2020

Fangyist Standpoints on Controversial Topics

By |July 4th, 2020|Categories: Reflections, Updates|Comments Off on Fangyist Standpoints on Controversial Topics

In this decade of enhanced division, a belief system that unifies people regardless of gender, race or religion/ideology, is more needed than ever. A system that is not adapted to modern times, but created for modern times. The new controversies thrown at you every single day, could have you feeling a persistent imbalance. You may have even seen manifestations of this imbalance that may have been almost undetectable a year ago. Without an election, the liberal movement has now (already) completed its capturing of the entire trias politica.

Their unquestionability is their strength. We need a similar type of power, if […]

2706, 2020

Liberal Oppression

By |June 27th, 2020|Categories: Ex animo, Reflections, Updates|Comments Off on Liberal Oppression

Paid Edition Colored Text Issue / Supplement

Liberal Oppression is written to add more depth to the public debate that is fueled by growing political tension. Racism, freedom of speech and the concept of elections are pointed out among the common factors that determine “left versus right”. From my “outsider’s perspective”, as provocatively as possible, I describe the political developments I observe and the conclusions I draw from them.

The paid edition includes two bonus chapters and it has statements underlined in red, purple or blue as pointers for your discussions at […]

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